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  1. Naw man. It's a crap move but on the bright side, it should be hilarious.
  2. No one does and it's a great day to purge all positivity and embrace the incoming poo storm.
  3. Easily the best thing I have heard yet about Darnold.
  4. Sounds like you are a little too interested in my ass. Calm them horses son, try and focus on your football fantasies...
  5. I have been here since game 1. I get your need for positivity but I've been up to my eyes in crap with the Panthers and have no blind optimism at this point. We are looking bottom 10 qgain at this point. The draft will make or break us. Like I said elsewhere, I hope we lose it all and get that 2022 #1 pick with the moves we have made. We could be setting ourselves up for 10 years of success riding Darnope into the ground in 2021.
  6. Now we are all bad fans. Suck the teat you are given or feel shame! LoL. How soon can we fire this GM? He might have brain damage.
  7. Not really, ass or video games is always better than bad football. Going to be great for me.
  8. Lol. Welcome to the Panthets fanbase. Go check out some info on our 2010 and 2001 team season. Sometimes you have to embrace the suck. Those two disasters got us into 2 SBs and 1 franchise QB. We are in this for the first pick in 2022 baby!
  9. It has killed any excitement for 2021 whatsoever. If I could skip to 2022 I would not hesitate.
  10. Make him take Teddy, get a 2nd back next year along with a 1st and 2nd this year. After it goes through, send a picture of a blue waffle and tell him they will be on the continental breakfast tomorrow morning.
  11. But his film is some of the worst. Out of all of those guys we are tied to the one we know how bad he is on the field and still overpaid. In the end, we spent a 2nd and still need a better QB. If we have a chance at any of those guys we should take them and be prepared to play them in 2021.
  12. It's almost like the real NFL game film is something we shouldn't look at first...
  13. Yes, yes it is. When you have no good answers anything becomes a better option.
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