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  1. Trade him or restructure that contract but the truth is CMC has to prove he can stay on field. He’s taking $15 million plus from the cap, sitting on the bench. It’s smart of the front office to consider trading him, especially for a franchise Qb.
  2. We need a new starting running back. This is like 3-4 seasons in a row now.
  3. I can’t wait to see what our GM does before the deadline. We need help bad.
  4. Sam has made mistakes and wrong reads but this oline isn’t giving him much time at all.
  5. We need a halftime trade on this oline. They are terrible.
  6. LSU has a pretty good kicker too with pop and accuracy. 8/8 on the season with a long of 56 as compared to 46 being the longest the WF kicker has made.
  7. Never seen so many crackheads in one area. One bad game and it’s suddenly, “we won’t win another game”, “this is an average defense”, “Tepper doesn’t deserve to win” Hand over you fanship cards, ripping them up on site. In fact should be banned from speaking on sports ever again.
  8. Love Arnold but get CJ and solidify the defense for years to come. He and Jaycee would be such a dynamic duo for years to come. We are an offensive line and running back away from being real contenders.
  9. Traumatized from the Marty days. I don’t think this front office will make the same mistakes.
  10. If this were CFB recruiting the Panthers would be walking into the next season with the #1 recruiting class. Our future looks bright. I just hope Coach Rhule has a creative offensive replacement in mind for when Joe Brady leaves for a HC job.
  11. Surprise! No one wants a 33 year old Qb. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are the anomalies in Qb career spans. A team for Stafford would most likely be in a win now mentality. Teams like Pitt, 49ers, Rams, Patriots.
  12. A list of all the Alabama Qb’s to succeed in the NFL: ___________ ___________ ___________ end of list.
  13. I have a hard time believing that this organization would stop its youth movement and bring in a Qb that’s 33 years old.
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