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  1. At least they didn’t play Kitna too much… https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35149554/florida-qb-jalen-kitna-jailed-child-pornography-counts
  2. The young man has a lot of arm talent and played well last season.
  3. No he isn’t Cam at all. Cam came out the gates hit with a 400 yard passing game week one as a rookie. We would either need to let AR sit for a minute or really simplify the offense at first leaning on his athletic ability.
  4. If they are saying he runs a 4.6-4.7, that’s far from a “statue.” I don’t know much about him, but I see him going in the 2nd and a couple have him sneaking into the 1st on some of these mocks.
  5. What's the latest on Ward? I feel like he is staying another year....
  6. The brief times I have viewed a Stanford game he was constantly having to avoid pressure and either dumping it off or throwing it away. Maybe there were better games, but it might be hard to get a read on him because they didn't have much around him.
  7. He looks like McLovin from Superbad. That's a plus!
  8. You know he is checking out the transfer portal for a couple long snappers.
  9. I'll take Stroud at 5 all day long!
  10. Anyone subscribe to the Athletic? Looks like Brugler released his first mock draft.
  11. Tepper will just buy Nebraska and fire Rhule… again.
  12. I do like the the whole, “oh they wanted me to win sooner, I could have done that but I thought I had 4 years to just duck around?”
  13. His pride is probably hurt that Wilks stepped in, fired some of his boys and the team immediately looked better.
  14. It's like he is a young player that's developing or something right??
  15. I mean it makes sense without even listening. The players had given up on Rhule and his system/strategy because it was obviously not working against other coaches. A new guy steps in with some experience in the league and they will buy in and are excited to have something different that the previous ineffective system. If he is the guy next year he will have to do more than simply motivate his guys, he will have to "outcoach" his competition and make adjustments when needed. That's a whole different thing than lighting a fire under these guys who were tired of Rhule.
  16. As an Auburn fan I was never impressed with Nix. He got benched for a game for Finley (who is terrible). Oregon’s system makes him look better than he is IMO.
  17. I heard Stroud is an alcoholic who doesn’t enjoy football and has migraines. He can’t read a defense either. All the teams ahead of us should pass on him…….
  18. Check out his 5th round tackles that have been starting most of the year.
  19. I don't really agree with associating players with their schools as most of these schools have different coaches/different offenses. Alabama has evolved from a defensive powerhouse with game manager QBs like McCarron, McElroy, Croyle etc.., but lately they have been an offensive team with Hurts, Tua, Mac, and now Young. OSU went form Tressel's power running gimmicky offense to more of a layered passing offense with Day which is where Haskins and Fields came from. It's why they actually got drafted in the first vs every other OSU QB that went later or even switched positions. I do agree with the "buyer beware" comment about them having absolutely loaded teams. A lot of these guys will struggle for a moment as rookies because they aren't experienced or equipped to play through adversity.
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