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  1. 3rd is too premium of a pick IMO. Just build and offense around Young. If he struggles he will lead us to the top pick and we can replace him next year. We keep trying to throw money/assets at QBs without fixing our offense.
  2. But who were these mysterious qualified coaches that turned us down to the jobs else where? Morris? Dan Quinn??? I get being skeptical on Morgan but we also hired Tilis away from one of the best organizations in the league. How were we able to do that if no one wanted to be here?
  3. MacDonald took that Seattle job when every other job was filled aside from Washington. Hell Seattle brought in Evero for a second interview. I'm not sure you do that when you already have a guy in place. Regardless he interviewed here and didn't refuse to talk to us or work with us like what is being suggested. The Seahawks just forced Carroll to retire. They appear to be starting new. Hiring a guy that coached under him for a decade wouldn't necessarily do that. They also didn't hire his son for any position as he came to work with Canales. I'm not saying Canales is a rockstar. Ideally you would have liked for him to do it again as the play caller. He is definitely a gamble, but most are. I'm just confused at this notion that no one else would come here when he interviewed the guy you saw as the top candidate who is also very green. He has been DC for two years for a team that is loaded on defense and always has a solid defense. Before that he was the DC for Harbaugh's loaded Michigan defense who didn't really miss a beat when he left. Personally I kind of like Slowik, but he was very raw and green as a playcaller as well. I like Johnson too, but who didn't? I wanted an offensive guy because DCs seem easier to fill and keep steady than OCs.
  4. MacDonald interviewed with us. Harbaugh's camp reach out to us. You could probably argue Harbaugh wouldn't have taken the job he was just trying to increase his demand, but MacDonald is super green and not really turning down anyone. He was one of the last ones hired if I remember correctly. So there wasn't some line of potential head coaches that refused to coach here because of one player or the owner. That's all I am saying. MacDonald is as much of a gamble and Canales. Who know who will work out?
  5. I think he was as good of a candidate as any of those other ones. Gambling on one a year before he is ready isn't the worst strategy. It's always a gamble. Seriously why are you just avoiding the question? Which one of those newly hired coaches turned us down? Which one would you rather us have hired?? Let's hear it. You literally said Canales was the best we could do.
  6. "There were a plethora of coaches and players recently saying how positive and fun it was working for/with Canales. I dont recall one saying how he out schemed or put together a lights out game plan to beat some team. His offense last year was kindof "meh" and there are a few other red flags so I guess we will just have to wait and see and be patient. Like I said, this was probably the best Tepper could have done at the time." You seem to think he was the best hire we could have made? Sounds like they did their job.
  7. So which NFL potential HC candidate outright refused our job that you wanted us to get? The Ben Johnson thing happened last year but apparently that is a Ben issue more than it is a Carolina issue. Jim Harbaugh reached out to us before to which we ignored, Vrabel interviewed for the job. This year we had Harbaugh, Macdonald, Canales, Morris, Pierce, Callahan (interviewed), Mayo, and Quinn take on new HC jobs. Which one of these guys is the mysterious high potential HC that refused to work here??
  8. Dave Canales especially fits the mold of coaches they have recommended before. Young offensive minded coach that just has a solid performance as an OC. Canales was less experienced as a play caller but it was a tough job to sell as well. I mean Dave and Nicole being in the mix makes sense. They are paying the firm after all. I’m with you on the Caldwell thing though. I’m not sure why he is still here….
  9. They were picked by a separate Sportsology Firm. Tepper does a lot of things wrong, but to his credit he tries a different approach each time. Or at least he has so far. Hiring a 3rd party to help with interviews and hiring was the right call. The next step is for him to actually stay in the background and let the football minds that were hired handle their business. Maybe it will work? Maybe it won’t?
  10. Or any WR than can get YAC. I swear ours fell over half the time they actually caught the ball.
  11. I don’t think anyone is “fanboying” him lol. It’s more of “give him a chance” vs “he will be terrible because he worked with Fitt.” Remember Beane learned under Hurney and all his blunders. Like I said if nothing else he has seen successful and non successful franchises be ran. Hopefully he can know what the difference was.
  12. Regardless if Morgan somehow changed from Seattle and Buffalo to being horrible here, let’s hope he is logical and learned what works and what does not. He had great examples of both.
  13. Fitt was bad. No one is arguing this. We are trying to see if their are signs of Morgan insisting on these picks.
  14. Morgan also went to Seattle with Beane who turned their franchise around. They didn't really follow the Seattle blueprint (huge raw QB who they molded and trading for a top WR to help him grow, never really got a good running game with their RBs). People like to compare Young to Wilson because they are both short, but honestly Seattle got lucky with Wilson in round 3, they had traded for Flynn for that to be their guy. Young and Russ also have two pretty different playing styles. Canales talking about the offense he wants to run seemed similar to the one he just ran in Tampa. He was just speaking basics IMO. Yeah PA, running game, and bootlegs helps take pressure of the QB especially with a bad OL.
  15. Ok the 22 draft had Icky ( up and down but the Huddle seemed to love the pick ), Corral (McAdoo wanted). Honestly the problem is we were missing another high pick because of that Darnold trade. We need to be acquiring picks not sending them off right now. I’m not sure who that falls under but I’m betting Fitt.
  16. For the “all talk” crowd. It’s the offseason. There isn’t much else to talk about aside from what our new staff is saying…
  17. It all really depended on how the draft fell I’m sure. The last one was the only one without Rhule overriding. Did Morgan’s guys fall to our spots or was it more Fitt’s guys? We know Fitt was all in on Bryce. I’m not sure who was pushing for Mingo, but Evero seemed hyped about DJ Johnson. Outside of that you have some late round guys.
  18. For me it's just football. There are many way important things to be worried about. A new GM and HC is definitely something to look forward to. I want to see how they try to steady the ship and what moves they make as a priority, who they draft and why etc, etc.. I follow other groups who aren't nearly as down on Bryce as this place seems to be. Don't get me wrong many didn't like what they saw and honestly they have every right to express their opinions. It's the overexaggerating and trying to rewrite history that can drive me crazy sometimes. Anyway if we completely suck with Bryce this year and he looks the same or worse, we should have the top pick again and simply try again for another QB. If he progresses then we can continue to build around him and see if we can get a competitive roster. I'm not too attached to any player currently. My Auburn fanhood and his great play on the field does lead me to like DB a lot and I hope we extend him, but even if we traded him for the right package I would entertain it to see what happens.
  19. I’ve heard Pitt as well. Tomlin seems to really be high on him. @ToomersHave you heard anything?
  20. Mac had a great last year too. I think sometimes the NFL player gets lumped into the college player by us fans. Your ranking almost projects to where they were drafted just flip Bryce and Tua. 2021 Young when he had NFL receivers was as good as any. 2022 had weaker receiving targets compared to other years for Bama. His best WR was his RB.
  21. You could argue a lot of things, but all of those names he mentioned didn’t follow a pattern. Losing Jamo and Metchie definitely hurt but that’s just part of it. With them he was statistically one of the best. His career is still statistically one of the best. Rating under pressure is nice because it kind of takes away the solid OL he usually had.
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