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  1. Much deserved! One of my favorite players of all time.
  2. I mean you can have discussions about things without overreacting. I’m on several other boards/groups where the conversations are more calm. Was the firing at a weird time? Yeah. Who will his replacement be? How do we feel he did on his brief time etc etc…. The options aren’t overreact or nothing at all.
  3. Honestly it was just a lot of nothing from the beginning. VP of Player Personnel under Fitt was let go. People on here made it into a big issue and now they look silly when the reason is a legit one. It’s doesn’t redeem Tepper or anything. It’s just a situation where there was no need to overreact from the beginning.
  4. It’s people mocking others for overreacting. No one is happy at Wilson for getting accused of that. To even suggest that is a pretty twisted thought process IMO.
  5. I kind of feel like this is why we drafted Brooks where we did. Once healthy he has a pretty high floor IMO and should give us some sort of identity at minimum. Was it high for a running back? Yeah, especially for a team with so many needs, but I think Morgan just wanted picks that will be solid players at worst with high potential as well. As weird as it sounds he was kind of a "safe" pick.
  6. “Consistent with our organizational policy on employee matters, we will have no further comment.” Is is a pretty standard response. Keeps HR pretty clean in the off chance he is found innocent in court or anything other potential lawsuits that could come there way. I think you are just grasping here....
  7. This is why people shouldn't overreact. I thought Nicole wanting Stroud would have made people a little more hesitant but I was wrong....
  8. Didn’t the Commaders just bring MB in for a practice/tryout this Spring?
  9. Yeah I’m not a fan of keeping Caldwell either. Unless Canales absolutely wanted him as an advisor which I doubt. No one from the offensive side of the ball from last year should still be here.
  10. Just bored offseason nonsense. They should be looking under every stone to try to upgrade this roster. Our team shouldn’t be looking down those noses at any potential player at this point.
  11. It looks like halfway through the season he had 12 receptions for 146 yards and 0 TDs. Doesn’t look good for him… https://steelersdepot.com/2023/04/martavis-bryants-debut-xfl-season-has-been-disappointing/
  12. You think @TheSpecialJuanis going to do that? Just let Juan be Juan.
  13. Oh I doubt he gets offered. I’m just saying his style of play with his size brings more injury concerns with age than drop off of skill. I also doubt he is in NFL shape anyway. If we threw him a minimum contract he probably doesn’t make the 53 man cut.
  14. “Consistent with our organizational policy on employee matters, we will have no further comment.” Makes it appear it could be a personal issue of some sort. He could even have a sick family member he wanted to move closer to, hindering him from his job. Who knows?? Again I don’t think this is anything groundbreaking despite some of the reactions on here.
  15. Lol oh you are certainly upset. Sorry we aren’t keeping the same front office as last year. You will be ok though, I promise.
  16. Just because we think you are overreacting and being dramatic like you always do, doesn’t mean we are “simping for the teppers.” You are literally proving my point in this response about promoting Morgan and firing an “up and coming dude” from the Cardinals and our staff last year. Some people are just wanting to be mad and whine/complain. We promoted Morgan who was “up and coming” and it was a bad idea. We fired another VP from that staff who was also “up and coming” and it was a bad idea. Tell me what did Wilson do with the Cards and our last season that makes you want us to keep him so bad?
  17. Right “we stole him from the Cardinals.” Lol that was you right? I think you are just mad at so many things it’s hard to keep up. So we have a new GM and VP, now an old VP from last year’s staff is gone. This really isn’t news.
  18. “He was GM material” “I’m sure we made the wrong decision” Blaming Tepper. Blaming Young. Yeah we are all good here. My bad…
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