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  1. How many times has this guy written letters to Cam?
  2. Yep. We aren’t smart enough to handle being the only bidder correctly. You have to be 100% ready to walk away from the deal and not panic. I will say we appear to be doing ok with the Baker rumors so far.
  3. We were the only bidder for Sam. That’s a red flag IMO. If an actually talented QB was available there would be multiple bidders.
  4. It would be good, BUT that means we are going to be bidding with ourselves for Jimmy G…. Here comes the “Niners are will to play Jimmy this year” rumors to boost his value up.
  5. Davis for $1 seems the best value. Cam $5 Davis $1 Moore $4 Walls $4 Samuel $1 Cam/Davis can bring the power, Samuel the speed, Moore can do it all, and Walls can block plus some underrated hands.
  6. I makes sense. They did something similar with Myles Garrett. He was suspected the rest of the year and indefinitely pending the following year.
  7. Lebron is now a billionaire and looking to own part of a team. I can already tell you how he feels about that. It’s pretty sad for someone to be so pathetic and predictable…
  8. Yep. Jordan is a billionaire but for some reason he isn’t a fan of him…
  9. Tremble was a rookie last year and pretty raw as a pass catcher. Hopefully he can develop in McAdoo’s system with a better QB under center. For some reason McAdoo was pretty high on Thomas and wanted him extended. They look bad on paper, but there is a little potential there.
  10. He has a fetish for old, rich, white men and they can do no wrong in his start-struck eyes. He is also a troll, just not a very good one.
  11. I agree. As a player playing for a coach like Urban would have been tough. Especially for a rookie. Pederson is solid.
  12. It was a little big different when CJ was playing for JAX. Replace Pederson with Meyer and Lawrence was still a rookie. I mean they were picking number 1 (again) for a reason... This year looks much different.
  13. I mean Urban Meyer was kicking kickers and parting in bars after getting his ass kicked. It's one thing to be bad at coaching (Rhule), it's another to be a toxic asshole to your team and be forced to resign midseason. Hell they also had the worst record two years in a row. I think Jax might look better THIS year with better QB play and a better coach, but when CJ was there it was a poo show.
  14. Fair point. I feel like Peyton grew the Manning brand exponentially to where they are going to be more concerned about where they are playing like Eli was.
  15. He would just pull an uncle Eli and refuse to play for us.
  16. Can we just burn this thread to the ground and hope it never comes back??
  17. You mean the entire world being exposed to a new virus creating a pandemic in which we still don't know the full long term affects of contracting could have led to an increase in deaths??? Or the forced isolation, loss of income/jobs increased depression leading to drug issue and other life threating mental disorders? No is HAS to be this FDA approved, studied and researched by some of the world's top scientists/health professionals vaccine. This thread is a damn disgrace and needs to be tinderboxed with a new subject. Let's not insult this man's name with this garbage under a thread about his death.
  18. I never stopped loving you
  19. So a young man died and this some how turned into some random conspiracy theory nonsense??
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