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  1. Who you got at the best QB of this draft?
  2. Yeah he is a top 10 if not the top QB drafted.
  3. I know he did in college, but did he with the Jets? https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/3912547/sam-darnold This shows 1, 6, and 4 fumbles over his previous 3 years? Is this just fumbles his team didn’t recover? Even so the odds can be THAT skewed in his favor… Regardless, if we get him better protection he will get hit less and fumble less.
  4. Come on now. Part of the fumbling is due to our terrible line. Most QBs will fumble if they are constantly being swatted by defenders all game. Not saying Darnold is the answer yet, but he has played well behind the what 31st ranked line?
  5. Erving has definitely not been our weakness. LG and C have been worse.
  6. As long as we are able to extend Burns at some point I’m good with it
  7. Mayfield is pretty funny though. I love his commercials.
  8. Sign him with Brandon Wegher for our new 1-2 punch!
  9. He seems to be adjusting based on what’s working and what players are available. Started calling more down field throws when CMC went out to open lanes for Chuba and Royce. Called a beautiful zone read where Sam walked right into the end zone because teams kept stopping our runs up the middle. Honestly if he had a better line to work with I think we would be more impressed, but I’m sure you can say that for half the OCs in the league.
  10. Bring back He Hate Me to replace CMC.
  11. You would think they wouldn’t have had so much trouble running the ball then right? Just run to Burns side and watch Tunsil throw him around…
  12. Burns got a sack, multiple pressures, a TFL and a PD. I hope he gets “tossed like a rag doll” more often.
  13. Saquan, Kamara, and Cook all have been injured too. Definitely need to limit touches with these explosive players. Saints were smart and used multiple backs with Kamara these past few years.
  14. If Bouye is depth, what FA can come in and is a starter?? I think Bouye is the answer while Taylor is developing.
  15. Makes me think of what Luke could have done with this defense.
  16. I was very skeptical about Darnold and he has been proving me wrong. I hope he makes me look like a damn fool throughout the season!
  17. Hamstrings can definitely linger. Hopefully that’s not the case for him.
  18. Weren’t you just complaining about people complaining about the OL last week? On a bright note, Paradis was making it happen on the QB sneaks!
  19. It’s all the talent around him. It allows him to roam free and make plays.
  20. Played well as someone stated hasn’t been truly tested. Week 1 against Wilson getting killed behind his line and Week 2 Winston getting killed behind his line. I was looking forward to him covering Cooper next week…
  21. I’m honestly more concerned about Horn’s injury than CMC. I think Chuba had his first game on the road without playing significant minutes before. Him getting better as the game went showed he was capable. Chuba and Royce aren’t the worst combo to fall back on, plus other players got worked in like Marshall, and Tremble. We have a lot of weapons on offense plus Shi Smith should be coming back soon. CMC’s injury stings but we should be able to adjust and he should be back this year. Horn’s injury makes DJax slide to the 1CB and who knows (I hope Bouye) plays 2CB. I’m not sold on DJax at the 1 due to his size, he is great at the 2. That’s a drop off in two spots on the secondary and it takes away valuable game reps for a rookie, plus he could be out for a while. Let’s hope ole Snow has a few tricks up his sleeve (and I bet he does).
  22. There were definitely frustrating moments. I understand.
  23. On a positive note. Should Shi Smith be coming back soon? That could help the offense until CMC comes back. He is a fast/shifty player with good hands.
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