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  1. He has the most potential, but needs the most work. I’m afraid our staff would ruin him…
  2. Yeah but your starting QB getting injured will make you drop a few spots. GB lost the one game Rodgers didn’t play (offense didn’t look good) and I’m sure teams like Tampa will drop a few spots if Brady was injured.
  3. We have Sam for $18.5 million plus lost our 2nd rounder which is going to be like a late first. I’ll take Mason and his contract over that. Also I bet the Steelers just draft one (they have been looking at Howell). You are spot on with the poop mountain reference…
  4. I don’t know how I feel about the QB coach for Rodgers. How much of it is the coach vs Rodgers?
  5. So Rhule can trade away what he wants for Cousins. No worries.
  6. Relax, Tepper is tanking this year on purpose. He knows what he is doing…
  7. Chinn, Burns, Moore, Brian, CMC, Horn, Moton, Shaq, Brown. There isn’t a shortage of talent on this roster, the huge issue is Rhule trading away assets on a busted QB and ignoring key OL positions. You don’t keep a coach on the hot seat for a year while you are wanting to tank. What’s to stop Rhule from drafting Pickett, trading away a future 1st to draft another player of his choosing and signing Reddick to a bloated contract. Our situation got worse from Rhule’s first to second year and it very well could even get worse after his 3rd. Tepper guaranteed Rhule 3 years like a fool and he is going to give it to him..
  8. What buffer? The same dumb ass is in charge and will extend shitty players and trade away future picks. Give a guy like Bienemy a chance to be a HC and start righting the ship now.
  9. Buy why not go ahead and fire Rhule before he hurts the development of our young players any further. Why let him handle another year of shitty contracts and bad FA signings. I get riding out a shitty year and letting your cap space settle and drafting your next QB the following year (kind of like the Pats did), but there is no reason why Rhule should still have his job.
  10. They will get more than Sam and his bloated contract for a starting NFL QB.
  11. Oh I agree on our staff not having time. They also don’t have the ability to develop a talent like Willis. Pickett could be a day one starter if he is eased in with a running game like Mac Jones was. Again I don’t want Rhule taking a QB at 6 and ruining his development. Had we fired him and had a new coach I’d be much more comfortable with it.
  12. A pure passer that can’t throw a deep ball. That’s a game manager and it’s what he is. He makes a solid backup though. Willis doesn’t share much in common with Teddy. He has to run a lot at Liberty because their OL was bad, similar to Howell this past year. Willis might have the best arm in this class. He needs a good coach though (something we don’t have). If he goes to somewhere like the Saints and sits for a while we will be screwed. I’ve heard Strong has a solid arm too, but I haven’t seen enough tape on him.
  13. FA Guard would help so much. BC, FA, ??, Brown, Moton would be worst case scenario.
  14. Exactly. Bad decision maker with a bad OL is a terrible combination. Luckily we locked in that fifth year…..
  15. Yeah Willis is the opposite of Teddy. Raw potential with a high ceiling vs a game manger with a low floor. Teddy is more like Mac Jones. I think of Willis as a smaller Trey Lance.
  16. The middle of our line was unacceptable. They would just backpedal into our QB. I don’t think Burrow, Brady or anyone can handle that constantly…
  17. Willis is in the mold of Bridgewater?? I hope you are talking about where he will be drafted not how he plays. He might be the opposite of Teddy. Strong arm/elusiveness, but is still very raw…
  18. The get excited about potential and college tape because it’s the most exciting position in sports. Talk about QBs and you’ll get views/clicks. It’s why this topic is getting traction. Again 3 “can’t miss” QB prospects in one class hasn’t happened. I get you don’t want us drafting one, I don’t want Rhule selecting one either.
  19. So if our line is subpar we can make it to the Super Bowl with a great QB (who lost to the GOAT)? Rodgers locked up the 1 seed with 3 backup OL playing. LAC had possibly the worst OL when they took Herbert as did the Bengals with Burrow and the Cardinals with Murray. A QB will always triumph the OL and rightfully so. I just don’t want Rhule picking/developing that QB. I’d rather keep it safe/boring and draft OL so it’s the least likely Rhule fugs it up. Let our new coach draft his QB next year. I do think this class isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. Strong, Pickett, Willis, Howell, Corral all have good traits and that WKU guy put up some crazy stats. Next year it’s Young and Stroud. Young is small with loads of talent around him and people are going to question Stroud because he played at OSU (I think it’s dumb, but it happens). Outside if those 2 who knows?
  20. Put this same Cam on the Pats and see how they do…. Oh wait.
  21. Can’t miss QB prospects??? Andrew Luck was the last one I remember. I’ve yet to see a class with 3 can’t miss QB prospects. Sure you can pull a hindsight and name classes with 3 that turned out to be great, but most of them have risks…
  22. Burrow had better stats/wins, but a much more talented roster. Then there is hand size, but that is overblown. The same people that complain about Rhule talking about arm length for a LT will talk about hand size for a QB.
  23. Plan B could be play the rookie at LG and BC at LT. If BC is solid and the rookie is the real deal we could trade BC like the Ravens did with Brown and slide our rookie over to LT the next year,
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