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  1. I will take any opportunity I can to ditch direct tv and stream out of market Panther games here in California. POS company I despite them
  2. Awesome, Bourdain is the reason why I wanted to be chef and a cook. I love him and I'm sad he is gone.
  3. I think it was you Dex or somebody on these forums that told me about "The Boys" on amazon, and I dig that one, so I will check this out.
  4. Reminds me of boxer Edwin Valero, who was dominating the competition even was expected to get a fight with Pacquiao but ended up killing his wife was arrested then killed himself.
  5. I thought he was going to pull through there for a min. Bummer
  6. compared to the Jets we do have a offensive line
  7. I dated a girl that looked just like the actress that played Sonya blade, every time I would call her that she would get pissed wouldn't get the reference even when I showed her she wouldn't admit to looking like her which is basically generic white girl
  8. Well Said and totally agree, I will always watch waterward if its on, at the very least its Original and Originality is something lacking in movies today, fifth element same. Just good fun I also love the Riddick trilogy, great mix of sci fi / action, love the character. I will only turn something off if I'm not being entertained, then off it goes and I will find something else to entertain me for x amount of time.
  9. Scorpion Baraka I'll still watch the first movie for the nostalgia, but F*ck is it bad
  10. Had mine done 9yr ago, easy nothing to it, small incision then a laser to sever the tube then a titanium clamp. Pain for a day (1-2 advil), then some general soreness for a few days, but thats it. I experience a few shooting pains out of the blue for about a year then that went away entirely. I did it for the wife, and now that my marriage is ending, and I'm in the dating world again, ABSOLUTEY the best decision
  11. You would think with everything the dude has been through with Cars, DUI and his body breaking down he would drive more carefully or hire a F*cking driver .....
  12. Not that it really matters because its so well written and acted but the especial FX get better as it goes on IMO and really peak once it moves over to Amazon. I thought Julie Mao was sexy in the early seasons, but Avasaralla is growing on me.
  13. Amazing show, I'm on the latest season on Amazon Prime
  14. I use to listen to Sileo here in the bay area back in the 90's he was always pulling unfounded sh*t out of his ass.
  15. Draft picks are Russian roulette, whatever it takes to get a proven QB in his prime Opportunities like this don't happen often.
  16. Wash your hands people, keep clean Lather up
  17. Yeah same here my personal chef business is on hold, I have contracts so I still get paid for the rest of the month but after that nobody is renewing for April so yeah. I'm lucky my wife works in tech and is able to work from home and still draw nice paychecks so we will be OK, but the rest of my service industry friends are taking in the ass hard. I have friends that just opened a brewery and now are closed, they're beer rich and cash poor and are now trading beer for food and other supplies.
  18. My county just issued a "Shelter In Place" order Nor Cal is taking it hard.
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