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  1. His agent is a buddy of mine. He told me they weren’t expecting nearly what Carolina offered him, so they’re super grateful to the Panthers right now. I just hope the guy can carry his weight. We need the help!
  2. I make it to one game about every three years, and I just got my tix for week one! Coming with a Jets fan. I told him it will be nice for him to see Darnold win a game.
  3. Go Preds!! For the record, I don’t REALLY care. I just watch playoff hockey. Hopped on the local bandwagon a few years ago.
  4. Give me Jabril Cox or Trey Smith with our first pick of the day. Smith is being WAY undervalued because of health concern. He really is a great OL that is worth a shot.
  5. We can’t have DJ Moore, Elijah Moore, and David Moore on the field at the same time. Brady won’t allow it bc people won’t know who to cover.
  6. I like Jenkins but I also like Eichenberg and Cosmi. Elijah Moore would be hard to pass on, as well. And Dickerson is the best player available. It’s just a matter of how you feel about his injury concerns.
  7. Barmore is not a second round talent IMO. Please don’t take that guy!!
  8. Sewell Slater Fields Surtain Pitts
  9. I said it last year and I'll say it again, Jordan Love stinks! If he were in this draft class, I'd even put him behind Kyle Trask.
  10. When you look at value in this draft, it probably would be smartest to go CB in round one and then OT in round two. I think the talent-drop is a little more steep for CB after the top guys.
  11. Pitts. I say this because I was so convinced that OJ Howard, TJ Hockensen, and Eric Ebron would all be major game-changers. Pitts appears to be a stud, but I just don’t feel comfortable with taking a TE that high. It’s got to be OT or CB.
  12. I just don't love the idea of taking a TE at 8. We get convinced all the time that these guys will light the league on fire, and then they turn into OJ Howard, TJ Hockensen, Eric Ebron, etc. My list for the Panthers: Lawrence Wilson Sewell Lance Fields Surtain Chase Slater
  13. Did you watch the senior bowl? Leatherwood is not great. He was getting beat like he stole something.
  14. Sewell or Slater. There is a lot of OL talent, but there is no comparing second round guys like Alex Leatherwood with Rashawn Slater. Trade back is really what I’m hoping for.
  15. Now, the recovery could very well be some thing that is very uncomfortable, but the procedure itself it was a breeze.
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