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  1. I haven’t felt this detached since the Jimmy Clausen season.
  2. Why don’t we first try tanking for Stroud?
  3. Tannehill would be nice for the price that Tennessee got him. Not for what he’d go for now.
  4. Sure hope Cade can stay healthy. I wonder if he would have stayed at Georgia if he would’ve gone much higher in the draft.
  5. Given our draft situation for this year, I consider this a home run. He’s got phenomenal upside. Let him learn the league and the offense for a while and then let’s see what we’ve got.
  6. Howell reminds me too much of Grier. mid be happy with Willis, Corral or Ridder.
  7. I want Cross and I don’t want to trade back. I’m really hoping Fitterer can resist the urge to get cute. Draft the one real LT at 6 and feel good about it.
  8. I know it wont happen, but Kyle Hamilton is too good to ignore.
  9. CJ Stroud, it is. I'm really okay with that. Build a team that he can succeed with early in his career.
  10. Jordan Love stinks! I wouldn’t have given a third for him when he was coming out in the draft.
  11. I just can’t see greatness coming from either of those guys. I say draft BPA (won’t be a QB) and go after Love or Stroud next year.
  12. Gotta go BPA at 6. That won’t be a QB!
  13. I’m certainly hoping this trade doesn’t happen. I don’t see a way for us to do it without mortgaging the future. He’s good, but he can’t win on his own.
  14. No!!! Please just use assets to trade for a solid OL. Figure out QB in 2023 draft. Cousins is just another Bridgewater. Good enough to keep us out of contention for a top QB, but bad enough to where we will never make the playoffs.
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