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  1. Not an Alex Leatherwood fan. I watched some video of him getting BEAT off the edge pretty badly at the senior bowl. If anyone cares, I have a podcast where we just talk NFL Draft. Have done it for about six years. This was episode 110. It's called the UDFA Podcast, if you want to look it up on iTunes or SoundCloud. Just did an ep earlier this week.
  2. I could get behind two first rounders and McCaffrey...or three first rounders (period). Not both! That's so much! Watson doesn't want to come here and have a team that struggles because we gave up everything for him. We're not in win-now mode. Giving all that up will make it harder to build.
  3. I think Cincinnati will be our trade partner. Atlanta could be who easily trades up to 3.
  4. I think it's more likely we trade up to five than three. Someone ahead of us will trade up to three. It could be Atlanta, Philly, or Detroit.
  5. Hurts HARDLY lit the league on fire. He had a couple of decent games, and then he got figured out. His last outing was pretty bad! I don't think he's someone the Eagles will give the ball to, if they have a chance at drafting one of the top four guys available. Trey Lance is such a better prospect than Jalen Hurts.
  6. Completely agree. The Eagles and the Lions will need a QB...and that's after NYJ, Atlanta, and possibly Houston had already picked. We need to be aggressive if we want one of those three guys.
  7. I don't think he will like the line we have in Carolina much better.
  8. If we trade a first for Wentz, I’m not going to be fun to be around for a while.
  9. I’m the same way. I’ve got a real draft crush on Lance. I think I’ll be disappointed if he’s not our pick, no matter who it is. Maybe Sewell could get me over that, but that’s it (assuming Lawrence is impossible).
  10. We make pepperoni rolls. They are easy to make, so my boys like to help. Then we will make a big bowl of guacamole.
  11. Anyone else hearing Jim Gaffigan in their head now?
  12. Whew! Close one!! I'd obviously love to have Watson, but I don't want to mortgage the future to get him. We're not in win-now mode. Still hoping for Lance at 8, but I predict we trade a king's ransom to get up to 3.
  13. I don't love giving three firsts AND a second. Would like to get that pick 39 back, but I understand. He's a top QB in the league, but we have a lot of other holes.
  14. Kind of disappointed, but I don't know how much better we could have realistically done. He's fine, I guess. I was hoping for Tony Elliott, but I think he was scared off by the impending NCAA investigation. Heupel definitely knows how to put up points, and we haven't had a good offense since Joshua Dobbs.
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