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  1. 10 bucks gets ya 700 for division, just sayin.
  2. Stroud AND Bryce guys can definitely unite on this front. They’re both incredibly humble and thankful. Can’t take these kinds traits for granted.
  3. “I want _____ but I’ll support our guy” is the biggest crock of bull spewed on this website.
  4. It makes you think. Why can’t we do anything else at WR. Nothing feels impactful sans AT. Mingo feels like TMJR 2.0 and it’s not fair to label him as such. But we’ve no dogs. No divas at wr. Too and so many just quiet chill dudes. We need someone that wants to hit someone in the mouth.
  5. Why doesn’t the 65 percent of this fanbase…. Just go be Texans fans. It’s that simple. You’re this married to your guys who’s “clearly better and will be better after 5 games”, just go be a Texans fan. I’m sure they’re taking. There are 612 threads that slight Bryce and prop up Stroud. We get it. Strouds played well. Bryce is hard to measure. We’re beating a dead horse with this constant “get a stroud panthers card, where would bryce be taken, Bryce isn’t good at _____”. He’s. Not. Our. Guy. Get over it.
  6. Frankly funny that you’re were the first to respond haha. You know where you lie internally. Every thread is the same. It’s all the same bickering concern.
  7. “I’m accepting he’s here but I low key can’t wait to make these threads 2.5 seconds after the game and clamor about how awesome Stroud is, but don’t worry I still support our guy wink wink”.
  8. Oof another sick , awesome thread on a knitpicking thing for Bryce. Super original and awesome. Need more of these.
  9. Must say, he’s bounced back from all of those bad licks he’s taken. The durability has been impressive.
  10. We really need to fix this cb situation. Donte responsible for 2 of those td (terrible route taken on Tua).
  11. Who had this on their bingo card?
  12. I spent so much time on crapping on Chuba. I apologize to Chuba and the forum. Sanders contract has an out right?
  13. AR has size we want, meanwhile I’d be willing to bet his career is done long before Bryce’ is.
  14. I think if he has Jameson or Metchie in the Natty, he pulls it off.
  15. Yeah let’s totally discount what he did (almost) almost twice against the best college defense ever… smh
  16. I think we’ll be competitive with Houston, Atl again, Tampa twice, Indy minus AR (forget when we play them). Teams a few adjustments, internally, away from at least resembling just a bad team. Not an 0-17 team.
  17. I mean for what it’s worth I’m taking Luvu over a lot of LB
  18. I honestly had the immediate deflated feeling as soon as Horn went down. This team can never get a full head of steam before things snowball.
  19. I’m super sure that him on the field, at least making defenses think of his presence, adds a ripple that none of our other “just stay in front of them” players offer.
  20. Screens, motions, and handoffs alone have resulted in some of our best individual plays this season. Then they just stop happening. I don’t even want him out there being a WR. Just a weapon.
  21. He’s the only player on this team that has any kind of YAC semblance and we keep him off of the field, too often.
  22. One thing I haven’t grasped too too much, is Laviskas limited usage. Every time he touches the ball, he finds a way forward and he’s shown he’s capable of hitting a home run. I know his route tree is absolute garbage, but he’s so physical and tenacious. He’ll make a lot out of nothing, then get pulled until 2 quarters later for a play or two. Things work when he touches the ball and we insist on forcing bland garbage elsewhere.
  23. We spend all of these resources to trade up to number one, we spend all of this money on coaches that are pure specialists- old and new. There’s no reason the teams effort should he this poor. A junk team like Arizona tries hard every game, Houston seems to have a stable foundation and they’ve made Stroud comfortable with less options. Every single time Laviska touches the ball, something great happens, but let’s continue to use him 2-3 times a game only. Yeah obviously Bryce hasn’t looked great, but I don’t know many rookies who’d come into this nervous , nonchalant mess, and be successful. There’s no reason to hold onto Reich any longer. The team isn’t going to magically buy into his soft methods of coaching and we need a sideline guy who looks like he gives a damn.
  24. Standing there staring at your clipboard with a slight eyebrow tilt isn’t awe inspiring. The team needs a kick in the behind, not a slightly disappointed uncle on the sideline. I don’t think I’ve seen a team so confidence - less. Rhules teams didn’t look this bland and scared, and I’ve been the anti Rhule guy since day one. Stoic Ron is sorely missed compared to this oatmeal master. I’m right there with you on the Reich firing. It’s not the right fit. Teams shouldn’t give up by week 5. No one cares, no one’s accountable. No ones firing anyone up. We need someone with juice and inspiration. Now.
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