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  1. Not only was it uncatchable. He ran directly into Jackson and had Jackson not used the smallest amount of support, the momentum would’ve knocked him over. One of the worse calls I’ve seen lately.
  2. Man what a reach it’ll be to read “Texans safety misses game and that’s the reason why the panthers won the game”.
  3. Absolutely this. Lose nothing and pay them well, while not mortgaging the future cap.
  4. I’d prefer to not have extended him, but it does line up well with Marshall’s first contract ending, so let’s just keep the band together.
  5. I’m down! If we’ve too many for one league, let me know if we could set up a second one.
  6. Absolutely not. I won a game 24-17 and when the game completed, it said I’d lose 17-0. And it plays like garbage.
  7. Tremble, Marshall, Chubba, and Shi are balling like crazy, love to see it.
  8. Every time I see him with an opportunity, the LT holds him. It’s amazing.
  9. It’s joint practices guys.. let’s not pin the seasons future based on this fluff. Yeah, some rough patches, this is the time to really work on them.
  10. This Texans trade just keeps making more and more sense. Reunite fuller with watson, throw a farm led by Howard and Tua and picks at Houston. The stars align for those teams!
  11. I really think the whole world has no idea about Dj Moore. No one knows what he excels in, besides us. They don’t see the elite get off of line ability, being an absolute physical YAC machine. Evident by everyone assuming that robbie is the number one, which is absolutely false.
  12. When’s it Carolinas turn to open up about Teddy Bridgewater?
  13. Thought the same thing. I’ll admit I’ve never watched one of his interviews but that one rubbed me the wrong way. Hope Lock beats em out for the job too. Don’t try to fool the people that got you paid and then released you when they realized you’re as good as any backup.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s gonna be a dynamic, fun, competitive defense.
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