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  1. As long as it doesn’t impede our vision of what we COULD get in a falling lance or fields, I like the move. One of those two happen to fall, have yourself a Qb competition and be in a much better place.
  2. Which game made ya think that ? Which string of games? Or are we just going with the crap that you see on like Nfl network without looking at the other variables?
  3. I don’t get why everyone’s so mad about this? Losing a second sucks, sure, but let’s not pretend we picked up some hopeless bust. He was on the worst coached team in the league, with a garbage line, with always below average wide receivers. Hes coming to Cmc, Dj Moore, Robbie again- and maybe Pitts?! Marcus Maye is also not happy about the trade, because once again, he knows what’s in building. I highly doubt any of you watched jets games weekly (best friends a jets fan and I live in jersey so I had to). Darnold isn’t perfect but he’s super young and has redeemable traits.
  4. Doesn’t necessarily take us out of the Lance pick either, just makes us look less desperate and somewhat hopeful in something. Give em couple 4ths and take a 6th and darnold.
  5. Minshew or bust at this point.. I was one of the first ones upset at that WAS win and were seeing the fruits of that labor. No matter how good our team is, Teddy holds us at a ceiling of first round exit.
  6. This comment explains my sentiments perfectly. Ive been as harsh as anyone about teddy but his attitude and outlook should be applauded.
  7. If no more high price tag names come, we should extend Moton,Burns, and or Moore to front load a contract and have them not be astronomical numbers come 2-3 years from now.
  8. Id be highly happy with that. This OT crop is so stacked.
  9. I like the idea of taking leatherwood, radunz, Carman, or mayfield round 2. This is the rare draft to get a franchise ish piece at tackle in round 2.
  10. The baggage plus potential substantial draft pick jackpot they’d hit, no thanks.
  11. I think a trade up only happens if a blue chip does slip.
  12. If we sign em... I think our draft trajectory should go : Qb, then T, then DT(maybe Nixon falls here). Maybe take a shot on Brevin Jordan.
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