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  1. I’m not the hugest fan. Not saying he shouldn’t be on the team but I think he’s much better served as a third back. Hands are terrible, blocking is about average, power is below average, speed is (overrated) fine. In a world of todays RB, we can do a lot better. See what Kareem Hunt is up to. Or Fat Lenny.
  2. Not necessarily a need. He’d take snaps away from Mingo/TMJ. Let alone what I think is in store for laviska. I think we honestly have the “best” 5 wr room in the nfl. It’s very not top heavy but if Chark is profiling as our 4 and Laviska as 5, not many teams have that much deep quality. The only thing I’d “ask” for would be a pure small speed guy, which seems to be Byrds destiny. (Sorry Shi).
  3. Really not worried about two throws in OTAs. I wouldn’t have even commented at all honestly. Those throws were barely deep. It’s clearly communication issues. Much ado of nothing.
  4. Can’t wait to see BRYCE YOUNG featured. The topic at hand here.
  5. We didn’t have a welcome parade and party to prop up Andy Dalton week one. Bryce’s biggest strength is his head and that’s the part that slowly adjusts to the game. Can’t wait until September.
  6. I personally love him as qb2 of the future. Does SOME things Young can do and the system can cater to both just incase Young has an unfortunate injury.
  7. Which is why I praise caution to Falcons fans getting overly excited about wins. Nothing changes until ya actually change the QB position, which they seem disinterested in doing.
  8. I’ll take it. Any coach loss means the team was a success. No ones plucking dudes from a team that went 5-12.
  9. Circumstances matter more than statistics. Traditionally, teams that pick qb at one overall have a ton of holes, non competitive, worst in the league talent. We are nowhere near that and I think heavily improved compared to last year. That’s why I’m honestly EXPECTING less of a grace period for success compared to others. Youngs biggest strength to me, is his brain, and that’s usually the part that needs “catching on” for the nfl game. Carr and Jessie Bates don’t make me fear these other teams all that much. Obviously anything can happen but it’s amazing to think we could be the WORST team in the league.
  10. Thank you for having expectation! Personally I’ve had none with this franchise for over 5 years and maybe it’s jumping the gun but I’m not limiting us to mediocrity.
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