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  1. I couldn’t contain my tears. Also. crazy to see the Jaguars turnout vs ours.
  2. I miss the huddle days of constant tweets and people just soaking in the information without crying.
  3. Who’s going to Canton August 6th? Hope we get a huge keep pounding chant goin
  4. I’d say Luvu for us honestly. Anytime he sees the field, a play is made. Excited for him.
  5. I don’t really wanna look ahead, but, if Corral happens to show real real growth and we take his leash off.. end up with a poor record anyways, just take Will Anderson (the real best player in this class and honestly the best pass rusher I’ve seen in college).
  6. Yeah I guess you’re right, it just sucks seeing damn near everyone else improve and I have to force myself to get excited about guys like Xavier Woods or hope that Resigning Donte makes him take that next step. I feel like Reddick is going to be a huge loss and nothing was done to try to fill the hole. I have a slight hope that Luvu will get a couple more looks on important Blitz packages etc.
  7. Plenty aware, but you’re gonna tell me we couldn’t sweeten the pot a LITTLE more than they did? We’re gonna have fun on the inside with him and Vita. Super amped we were able to secure the Drew Jordan though..
  8. Hicks is a vet piece that’s elite against the run. If we’re sitting on 25 million, we should be open to spending to improve weaknesses. Like run defense.
  9. Meanwhile Tampa picks up Hicks. I’ll never understand this front office sometimes. Ok, ya lost out on Watson, you’ve got this cap sitting around and Hicks took a 1 year deal, why not offer him a bit more money? Cool to know we’re content with sitting on money. Disappointing.
  10. Pound Foreman and Chuba, sprinkle and gadget CMC in the a mold of Woodhead/Edleman/Deebo.
  11. I know how it works lol, I’m speaking sarcastically.
  12. If we’re gonna sit on this cap- let’s unroll these contracts lol. I mean we have the cap, might as well sign hicks to a 1 year or front loaded contract.
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