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  1. We've had 7 different guys start at QB in 3 years, we are in QB hell.
  2. I liked mayfield, but our oc clearly doesn't. If we're gonna have any success, its with darnold/corral and maybe garroppolo.
  3. Interesting individual stats of note, dj moore-91, brian burns-88, and Christian McCaffery-IR. I'm joking obviously, we know they Won't give any respect to dj.
  4. TAKE THAT to all the haters who said we didn't improve from teddy when moving on to darnold!
  5. I could be wrong, but I don't think Kurt and Jake had any issues with each other, in fact they were teammates and split time in nfl Europe with I believe the rhein fire.
  6. I dont get the saints hype, that roster is old and allen sucks as a coach.
  7. Gonna put this out there now, saints are a bottom 5 nfl team. That roster sucks and is old. Reminds me of 2019 panthers.
  8. Man, the 7 quarters he is gonna be healthy for next season is gonna be lit!
  9. no to Monday or Sunday night, but I dont know why, but I have a feeling that we could have a Thanksgiving game vs like Detroit. Edit to Add: I'm wrong, we play detroit at home, so nah, I dont think we'll have a thanksgiving game either.
  10. Cant wait for derrick brown to poo on fans again for him sucking at his job.
  11. 3 games after cmc gets injured and darnold is again exposed as a dumpster fire behind planned parenthood...so prlly week 5 or 6.
  12. If only he only sexually assaulted a female trainer in college, then it would be alright... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/02/22/report-manning-accuser-called-sexual-assault-crisis-center-on-day-of-incident/
  13. I know I've seen many say "we just need a LT and a QB and we'll be alright", welp, you missed all of last season. there were glaring holes, we need talent, and best way to do that is more picks.
  14. I'll get behind him in hopes that he's good. I also remember many on here hating the idea of mac jones and he was the best rookie qb of the bunch from last season. I've braced myself for him, imo they will trade back and get pickett in the middle of the first.
  15. I've been trying to find out the actual injury and I cant find much, but I do know Brees had a labrum and rotator cuff injury that was operated on. That said, Im not saying Garroppolo is Brees, you're right, He's a unicorn, but moreso I think its fair to say you can find many situations where the surgery went well and the player went back to playing at pre-injury efficiency, but I also understand the hesitancy because any little hiccup in the recovery could permanently damage the player like what happened to Jake.
  16. In fairness, Drew Brees also had Shoulder surgery before signing with the saints and went on to be arguably the most prolific passer of his era.
  17. Yup, kind of reminds me of moose. Moose had 3 dominant to great years and a bunch of meh, 2nd receiver type seasons.
  18. I really wish we had signed tyreek Hill so we could run him at nose tackle and wonder why he can't stay healthy.
  19. I do think its kind of a weak draft class but was listening to a bit with ryan leaf the other day and he had a great take, the reason the draft is "bad" is the guys in the mid to late rounds are just non-existent. So looking for a backup QB to groom in the mid to late rounds...yea good luck with that. I also dont think theres high TOP END talent, but there are good QBs that could be great starters in the NFL. So, all of that to say it only takes one. Think of hurricane season, hurricane season can be "weak" with fewer storms, but everyone will remember if that one cat 5 wrecks poo up, so if even 1 QB is a home run, thats the only thing that will be remembered about this class.
  20. Half right, tbf we have a solid team with decent weapons so qbs should be chomping at the bit to come...but it doesn't quite seem like it...almost like they know the coaching staff is shitty and the owner is a dick...seriously, a decent qb should be able to look at this roster outside of a LT and think they could make some noise, but rhule is a completely incompetent hucklefug.
  21. Yup, you could get Josh Allen, or you could get EJ Manuel.
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