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  1. Forgive me huddle, for I have sinned. Im on the opposite side from some of these comments though, I was fully on board thinking Daley would be a solid to very good guard, hes been bad. Im hoping the move over to a more natural side helps him, but so far he's been bad.
  2. As a catholic for the saints, she clearly took "eating the body" quite literally.
  3. Thank you, the current guards we trot out are getting smoked. Erving has outplayed the guards by a mile, hes done enough to continue getting his shot, the problem is a gape pressure and no interior push on run plays, that has to get fixed like yesterday.
  4. Dude...you're handle is trevor Lawrence time...you hardly have a leg to stand on. He and snake are good dudes even if i disagree from time to time.
  5. I'm scraping the zipper with excitement at this point.
  6. Its all good saints, yall have historically done well with black qbs who wear #2....its not like the last one was a turnover machine too.
  7. I'd leave kind words for saints fans, but we all know they can't read.
  8. A horn is still catching passes from saints qbs, all is right in the world.
  9. Thats stupid, so just throw ball backwards and its incomplete now. If thats the rule, its a terrible rule
  10. Hand was going forward motion but he threw the ball backwards, that should be a fumble.
  11. Its not about the hand, its where he threw the ball, it went backwards, backwards pass is a fumble.
  12. "Were thin" gee..wouldn't it be nice to have brown active...damnit
  13. Yup, its literally just his decision making, fix that and he can be elite, if he doesnt...well we know what will happen.
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