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  1. OMG Im so fuging hyped up. I could juice a lemon on these nipples, fuging insane amounts of hype generated around BEN MACADOO! I hope I can contain myself, he's basically the only person I've ever wanted as an OC! I mean, I would let him sleep with my wife, its pretty much the best moment in panthers history and I cant contain my excitement....I might have been a little sarcastic...
  2. I'd love to take cousins if the contracts work and make sense, hes a much better qb that people give credit for. He's thrown for over 4k yards every year that he's started 16 games. He's a guy that puts up numbers and does win. Lastly, he is a vet who would demand respect in the locker room which right now I look around and we feel like we don't have enough leaders in the locker room, lord knows our coach isn't one.
  3. If we take a defensive player with our first pick, I, and probably 99% of the panthers fans here will absolutely lose their poo. No way on earth do ya go "we have one of the worst offenses in nfl histroy...we should stock up on more defensive talent." At this point, it has to be o line, qb, hell tight end, we can't keep kicking the can down the road and hope that somehow cmc can play more than 3 quarters of a football game.
  4. Best thing that could happen to Slater is him NOT being picked by the panthers to be misused by the paint chip eating moron in charge. Seriously, take a moment and realize that IF we had taken Slater (a 2nd team all pro LT as a rookie)...he would have been playing GUARD for us. Legitimately let that sink in, that is just how poor of a talent evaluator Rhule is...
  5. i would feel alright if it werent a double monkey fuging hucklefug as HC. Seriously Christiensen would have started since Erving got injured if he werent licking door knobs in his free time.
  6. by sipping his bojangles cup and shaving womens legs...oh wait...just the legs part.
  7. Yea, nah, I have no desire to have watson on my team anymore, he has no desire unless things fit what he wants. I mean, Wilson and rodgers both did what Watson couldnt. TBF, he, nor any qb that isnt brain dead will be passing hard on carolina, no reason to kill yourself behind this line with a walking dead coaching staff, but as for watson, hes essentially the leveon bell of QB's, so No thank you.
  8. We havent shown life since arizona TWO MONTHS AGO! Literally blown out every week. Jacksonville beat Indy who was playing for their lives, could we beat them, Nope, Next Detroit...did anyone in the poll see how they played down the stretch for Dan Campbell? No way on earth we beat that team, they atleast had pride and were wanting to build something. Houston and Jets are MAAAYYYBEEEs, I think Jets at this point would smash us, but Houston we could go toe to toe with. Giants? They skull drug us. Falcons? Same. We MIGHT not be the worst current team in the NFL, but we're for fug sure in the bottom 3.
  9. In his defense he had a longer statement prepared, but he got sacked before he could finish.
  10. He. Just. Said. Deonte brown. Played. Well. Please fire this dumbass, hes right but fuging poo, that's proof he needed to play!
  11. Please god fire rhule and hire Flores, guy showed he knows what hes doin. that team was the definition of keep pounding with how they fought back.
  12. TBF, and I'll prlly get some poo, but he's not ENTIRELY wrong. Cam has had issues at running QB sneak if I remember correctly, he's usually far better in short yardage starting off in shotgun and getting a head of steam and pushing line. I mean, most prolific QB sneaker is prlly Tom brady and he runs a 40 on a sundial. That said, Put cam in shotgun and run power and easy first.
  13. No, its an illusion and anyone who watched our Dallas or Washington games know that. When we play a team that plays bully ball (AKA, line up and use Road Graders to punch our front 7 in the mouth) we get obliterated. We have an inabilty to stop the run, meaning that EVEN WHEN we run an offense that isnt an insult to middle school JV, all the other team has to do is punch us in the mouth and own the Time of Possession by running the ball.
  14. Got it, just promote rhule to OC as well, like Sean mcvay. I mean he's brilliant, he's made so many brilliant roster moves and his ability to not sound like a dipshit is unmatched. He is our alpha and our omega, our beginning and end, ALL HAIL THE GOD KING RHULE!
  15. The first 7 weeks then lose out after anyone with a brain figures out that no one on staff has a fuging clue what they're doing.
  16. nah, he doesnt check any of the boxes, I looked, he didnt play at temple or baylor and wasnt recruited. Matt Rhule will decide on a hard pass.
  17. It affects no one, but Sunday I'm wearing my agent 89 jersey in hopes that poo changes. He's one billion percent correct
  18. Yup, I called that, and was pood to hell when I said he was in for that position for next year as soon as he was promoted. next year is gonna be one hell of a poo show.
  19. rhule will get a shot in college, and thats where he and his snake oil belong. He cant run his "I know more than you" bullshit with grown assed men.
  20. Its ok, he's puttin somethin on tape for Rock Hill JV
  21. If he's not on our roster, he literally wont make a single other teams roster. he is worthless.
  22. no way, he's too big, just like how christiensens arms are too short.
  23. byron bell had moments, miller has literally nothing. like, he wouldnt make another roster lol
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