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  1. theres kickers who are gonna lose their jobs over this. Why keep a kicker with a big leg so that he can guarantee touchbacks when you can keep a more accurate kicker. Now kicker debates will be purely about accuracy and much less about power.
  2. Eh, I think the players could have pushed for a full active roster and more flexible IR situation IE have like 3 or so Weekly IR positions to allow for healthier players and less forced use of injured players. I mean Baseball in a much less physical sport has 15 day IR for short term injuries while the NFL is like a month long IR for "short term".
  3. dude, I've thought this for a while and Im shocked that the players didnt fight for this when they expanded to 17. The active roster has desperately needed to be expanded for a while.
  4. I dont know about teams with 3 qbs, but also this rule has never been in place so I think this is going to be a more common discussion among front offices.
  5. Pff, I never had doubts about that. Young is QB1, no matter what without a doubt, and most likely Dalton will backup as a steady vet. The problem to me is Corral would get caught in a numbers game, but I do think he still has long term potential. With the new rule I think its more likely than not that they keep 3 QBs just to be able to utilize the new rule in case of emergency and meanwhile continuing to develop Corral who I think if he develops becomes our Backup next season.
  6. So I saw the story going around about them allowing an emergency qb after the 49ers had to use McCaffery briefly at QB then going back to a guy who legitimately couldn't throw. I mention this because I think this all but guarantees that the panthers will keep Corral on the roster at least. If you're gonna have your inactive list, why not narrow that inactive list down by one and allow for the 3rds string QB in emergency without worrying about losing an active day roster spot. Anyone else get that feeling after seeing that this rule change happened?
  7. Oh I know and I agree, I just think its absurd for the starting lineup from the article to not have him in it. I mean he has guys like Gross Matos and CJ Henderson who barring injury will not be on the field as much as Chinn will be this upcoming season.
  8. so....Does Jeremy Chinn not exist?
  9. Dalton will start a game or 2 in preseason, and it will br good for bryce to see how a vet prepares. Otherwise, he's gonna start the season barring something tragic.
  10. Hopefully Matt can have a full off-season and look amazing, I'd love to have 2 great young qbs. No need to bury him, he is still an intensely talented dude.
  11. he needs 4052 pass yards to overtake Cam for the panther rookie record, so Im going with that. 4052 yards, 24 TD, 12 INT, 200 Rush yards, 2 rush TDs.
  12. We did a lot of research on ickey last off-season, wouldn't be surprised if this guy jumped off the tape and surprised them and was the reason he got targeted.
  13. Im SHOCKED, I thought we were all gonna be putting mayonaise in our coffee! Im hertberken.
  14. And to think, they were a 2 point conversion away from it happening, but they went and won that game and ruined their offseason.
  15. bingo, its also why they are not going to announce the pick until draft day, it would be the most boneheaded move from a PR standpoint ever. We are the first topic in the NFL right now without a question, so call your pick and give up the publicity to Houston at #2? Young is the pick, its that simple, we arent going to announce till draft day, its as simple as that.
  16. he is. I dont know how people dont get this. Young wouldnt cancel visits unless he knows hes getting picked. Also it would be stupid for us to announce the pick now, its simple marketing. As long as we dont commit to it, we're still the Prime talk of the NFL, so you keep people talking about the pick and your franchise. Young will be the pick, and we wont announce it until we're on the clock, its as simple as that.
  17. Dear lord no. I was ok with him at 9, but at 1? I'd rather guzzle a bottle of bleach. Stroud or young, its that simple.
  18. If AR is the pick, theres gonna be riots here especially after the move to #1. FWIW, I'll be pissed off for a day and then get on board supporting because I want my team to win, but that dude better be some sort of world changing talent.
  20. Think about this for a second. IF you told me that in 2023 we'd have a QB from the 2011 draft on our roster and it WOULDNT be Cam Newton, I would have laughed and said no way.
  21. I've been saying that hes a good player. Like I said, I've done a little research and the one thing I've noticed where the dividing line between good/manager QB's and franchise is the 2:1 TD to INT line. The further someone breaks over the 2:1 the closer a QB comes to being a HOF level QB (aside from Eli in modern NFL, its something I generally see). Carr is not a HOF QB, he IS however a franchise QB. He's along the lines of Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins. These are QBs that YOU CAN win with, and generally speaking will win more than they lose (good ole Raiders managed to fug that up). Carr is a solid/good direction we could go if we dont like the options or what it would take to get an elite qb in the draft, it would allow for us to potentially win quickly.
  22. Matt ryan was 37 last year, Phillip rivers was 39, and everyone knew Wentz sucked. This is a different situation with a guy who has some tread and longevity left in him by modern nfl standards.
  23. please god no, I know hes amazing, but Im tired of runningbacks getting drafted early with their NFL lifespan that can only be measured in nano seconds. Just resign Foreman please and build a modern nfl roster.
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