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  1. Regardless, just don't expect a sincere response for any issues you bring up with management. The individual is judged not the situation.
  2. But did chose to blame me when I mentioned it. I simply thought they might care to know.
  3. Good point. Regardless, the Huddle as an entity is not receptive to any sort of criticism. It's always been pretty stubborn and I don't expect this request to be given any sort of genuine consideration. The default response is to blame or be antagonistic toward the individual bringing it up.
  4. I know perfectly well how it works as that's the field I've worked in for the last 20 years. This is was Igo said too at the time but didn't bother to reply once I added the following: There is a simple way to test this by either clearing your browser caches or using incognito mode. Neither made any difference. The only thing I had been reading at the time was mainstream news sources.....and for my own development I have to clear caches countless times a day when testing certain things. If these ads were tightly targeted based on recent history I would get nothing but bicycle parts at th
  5. Air yards, not field yards. Geometry comes into play when the pass is not going perfectly perpendicular to the point of release.
  6. This is the forum that ran ads for tactical terrorist gear the week after Jan 6. Good luck
  7. I thought this might happen. If it's sticking then why mess with it and change yet another time to some dumb corporately created brand.
  8. Over 54 with ease. Don't make poo up
  9. When Growl poos you, you know you are on the right path.
  10. I am in favor of staying at 8 or trading down. Build this roster.
  11. Early Gettleman years there was a good amount of mid and low level FA activity that seemed to be a good approach given the cap situation. They didn't all pan out but they were low risk. For the most part they filled needs and set a baseline. I thought it was a great simple approach that allowed us to draft the fairly freely and acquire great pieces without needing to reach. I hope that is what we are doing now more or less.
  12. As long as the qb doesn't run super slow I don't think speed is what's going to make them a qb or not. There seems little chance Lance goes ahead of Fields. Nothing in their stories suggests that's a real thing. Fields played bug boy football while Lance barely threw the ball in minor league
  13. An owner is going to talk to the front office and coaches regarding blockbuster trades regardless of what you prefer. You don't live in reality if you expect otherwise.
  14. He hasn't weighed in on anything about Watson or even the QB situation since December. There's no chance he's going to say a word now
  15. Texans are likely kicking themselves for not trading him a month ago.
  16. I get the sleezy lawyer angle and the relevance of civil vs criminal but to fabricate something of this magnitude would never succeed in the long term.
  17. It will never come to that. He will be released or restructured again.
  18. I've been trying not to jump to any conclusions about this but this does not look good for him.
  19. Hopefully the staff builds for the future not the short term future. Could you imagine not picking a QB because you don't have good receivers? Using this logic you would be in a circle of doing literally nothing.
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