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  1. I see the question at this time as more like gunslinger vs Teddy. That would be gunslinger then. The only manager that Teddy is is checkdown manager, don't want that. But a game manager with some good arm and nice sack ? Yeah, I'd take that.
  2. fwiw, her name is Bridget Condon, the presser is available on the panthers facebook page (her part starts at 23:25)
  3. It was a name I haven't heard before. What did she say ?
  4. Rhule broke the news: we restructured contracts of Shaq and CMC
  5. Imagine signing that runninback to a monster extension when he still has 2 years left on his rookie contract. Sure we wouldn't be so dumb to do that, right ?
  6. I saw a couple of days ago that he signed with someone in the Fan controlled league
  7. Thank you, have a great week saX and ride that positive wave !
  8. As in his skills, experience, stats (not td:int ratio), the competition he faced at the college level and such, yes. But we know that the market for QBs is crazy and he will be picked in the top 10 because he has big upside. I doubt he will fall as far as Jordan Love or Lamar Jackson, but anything is possible I guess.
  9. Dolphins and Bengals know very well that any team they will trade with will take a QB, so the draft trade value chart will go out the window I'm afraid
  10. Is he ? I did a quick google search and haven't found anything
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