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  1. I wonder who will be our Adam Peters
  2. Any idea why Lamar didn't run more on that run? I thought he was gonna pop a second gear but he slowed
  3. I would say we have one already in Andy Dalton
  4. plus their new GM, Adam Peters; shame we didn't get him
  5. we know what he and the rest of the line can do, we've seen it last year and especially towards the end of the season...they were a bunch of mothertruckers moving people and creating lanes; then Frank came and blew it up, installed scheme that did not suit the players and the rest is history
  6. on a related note, it's pretty admirable to be a team captain as a rookie WR
  7. you kept pounding and you won ! congrats, wishing you all the best and here's to your good health
  8. You love to see it. Great hustle, eyes on the prize, full throttle making it happen. Reminds me of DK Metcalf preventing a pick 6 last season against the Cardinals.
  9. Appreciate the effort. Have a lovely honeymoon 🫶
  10. Best of luck, calm nerves and enjoy !
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