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  1. I see this mentioned about rookies a lot, but does it hold any water ? Is NFL really that far ahead, that college programs can't compete in that regard ? I mean, you have weights available in college too. Or are there any weight lifting restrictions in NCAA ? Or is it generally meant that in the NFL, you are expected to lift more and the floor is higher when it comes to weights ?
  2. I lost that game before it even started. Oh, you mean football ? Nevermind
  3. Fit and Rhule said that this is a deep OL (maybe even tackle specifically, don't remember) draft, so maybe the gonna pick OL in 3rd round or later and use pick in 2nd on BPA. Or trade down and add more picks. We'll see
  4. If we don't trade Teddy for reasonable draft pick(s) before the season starts, I see no reason to not keep him on the team for the upcoming season. Someone's starting QB may get injured and with that comes potential of trading Teddy to (possibly) QB needy team (may squeeze better compensation in that situation than now). Do we stand to gain anything financially by cutting him ?
  5. I see the question at this time as more like gunslinger vs Teddy. That would be gunslinger then. The only manager that Teddy is is checkdown manager, don't want that. But a game manager with some good arm and nice sack ? Yeah, I'd take that.
  6. fwiw, her name is Bridget Condon, the presser is available on the panthers facebook page (her part starts at 23:25)
  7. It was a name I haven't heard before. What did she say ?
  8. Rhule broke the news: we restructured contracts of Shaq and CMC
  9. Imagine signing that runninback to a monster extension when he still has 2 years left on his rookie contract. Sure we wouldn't be so dumb to do that, right ?
  10. I saw a couple of days ago that he signed with someone in the Fan controlled league
  11. Thank you, have a great week saX and ride that positive wave !
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