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  1. We need way more than just a wr we are 0-6 for a reason so why give up more draft capital that we really honestly don't have.... We have WRs on this team they are the best at what they do or they would not be in the NFL it comes down to coaching and play calling so if the coaches can't coach or coaches can't call the right plays they don't need to be here.... I miss the days of building through the draft and resigning our own players not this trading all of our draft picks for someone that won't work out, you have a better chance of drafting a great player than getting a super star from another team because who is to say he will do the same thing here with our play calling and after getting his payday....
  2. Man that was spot on! This is like the 1rst time I ever seen a sports show know what they are talking about when it comes to the panthers. But very depressing also.
  3. So who's getting fired after this game...
  4. Anybody know of streaming sites for the game?
  5. Who says you can't fire a new coach mid season? I rather tepper do that and show us he made a huuuge FUG up and not wait like he did with Rhule. Let Evero take over and see what we have with him. Its teppers team he can fire or hire anybody he wants at anytime.
  6. It's to smart of a move to make .... so tepper won't make the correct call here unfortunately.
  7. Kill Kill Kill .... Time to KILL this experiment with Bryce and Reich.
  8. Lmaoooo bryce suuuuucks I told yall earlier today, I wish he didn't I want him to be good and work out but at a certain point you need to take the homer shades off.
  9. Lmaooooo way to go young!! Your really showing us this Sunday how poised you are and stepping up.
  10. Do we even have a tightend? Is it hurst or the play calling?
  11. Delay of play on #9 he sure is showing a more confident in charge type of player today lol.
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