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  1. RIP BigKat thank you for the Panthers and a couple great seasons and memories.
  2. Unfinished business in carolina... It's like one of those fairy tales where all the stars aline
  3. LMAO!! I actually could see CMC play another 10 years and never miss a game again kinda like the other 49ers rb Frank Gore.
  4. It's getting crazy over at the 49ers board lol it seems like half the people are ready for Shannonhan head man I would love to have him as our coach.
  5. Looks like philly vs Cincy Superbowl
  6. Trust me I wasn't looking for it, I was looking for videos about our new head coach, because I'm really excited about coach Reich and you know how YouTube is lol I went down the rabbit hole.
  7. This is one reason I just can't watch sports shows anymore because of skip and Shannon and especially Stephen a smith EVERYTHING is race involved EVERYTHING. And I think the most racist thing there is in the NFL is the Rooney rule , oh you HAVE to interview so and so before you can hire who you really want. I think we are at a time now that the owners are going to hire the best person available now no matter if your white , black, Hispanic or Asian.
  8. This is getting nasty about not hiring wilks for the head coach position everywhere online and on t.v, of course I just seen Shannon Sharpe and skip Bayless going back and forth and skip always brings up the race card he thinks it makes him look "cooler" or something idk but.... If you are a true panthers fan you will know that from the very beginning David Tepper wanted a offensive head coach from the get go! So the whole point for this post is, I KNOW deep down the NFL is like the WWE and its all planned out so... I want this to go down so in the next three years or so when it happens everyone knows I was correct that Steve wilks will get hired this year as a defense coordinator and the NFL will make sure his unit is one of the best so the next year he will get hired as a head coach and then the NFL will make sure wilks wins a Superbowl. So it's a win win for wilks and the NFL. Oh yeah and 1 more thing alllll that crap skip Bayless was talking about us not hiring wilks because he's a black man is all B.S and guess what! His "Cowboys" have never had a black head coach ever.
  9. I just hope Tepper don't fug up and hire Kellen Moore.
  10. What time is tepper meeting with Payton today ?
  11. Then Shannonhan will go do as one of the coaches that can get you to the dance But Never win a ring.
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