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  1. Oh and Jerome Boger. fug that incompetent moron.
  2. Ed "You're not old enough to get that call" Hochuli fug you Ed.
  3. This may be more cardio than Brown likes to do.
  4. Ticket revenue is only one part of the equation. When attendance is down that kills concession and other stadium gameday revenue (jersey sales etc). This is why NFL owners hate losing at home, because it suppresses the other revenue streams that fans tend not to think about. People who aren't at the stadium tend not buy 10 dollar beers and 8 dollar hot dogs from you.
  5. Communicating clearly to our fanbase that we don't have a realistic, coherent plan. Message received.
  6. And I got shitted all over for not liking the pick on draft day and insisting it should have been an OL.
  7. I'll just point out that the view of his home in the background is not the view you'd expect of a HOF RB who also made money in movies and endorsements. It looks like a fairly modest setup. Most of that money he made is gone. Dude's right about the plays though.
  8. I'm gonna need you to step up your posting. In some vague non specified manner.
  9. I am thankful for all the outstanding athletes and men who have made the Panthers worth watching over the years. No such list would be complete without the incomparable Sam Mills, who gave the new franchise everything he had and set the tone for all those to follow, and also gave it it's identity and motto with his unforgettable Keep Pounding speech. If there was ever an easier man to pull for than a 5'9" Pro Bowl linebacker who carried himself with grace, class and dignity in everything he did, teaching, uplifting and supporting all those around him even as he fought cancer to his very last day, I can't imagine who that might be. Steve Smith Sr.'s fearless play, otherworldly athleticism and world class trash talk made you wanna watch every Sunday to see what he would do. Luke's ungodly ability to diagnose plays and then go blow them up made us all howl his name like Darth Vader stoned on peyote. And of course Cam, who on top of having completely unfair and cheat mode like athletic gifts, made his teammates and everyone watching remember the pure love of the game with the sheer joy and infectious enthusiasm he still plays with to this day. May his heart never grow old like so many do. These are the first few that spring to mind but by no means the only. I've got food to prep, otherwise this list could go on all morning, but I'm thankful to have had the team to pull for all these years even when they're frustrating to the point of maddening, because also... I am thankful they are not the Browns. Or the Jets. Or the Jaguars. Or the perpetual slow train wreck in motion that is Dan Snyder's football team. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  10. whale snot? I think it was whale snot. At least I think I heard it was whale snot. I certainly didn't post this as an excuse to say whale snot. Because I would never whale snot do something like that.
  11. Agree and I thought Carter was doing okay for a while. Still don't think MLB should ever be a top priority. Do we need an upgrade at the position? Yes. Should it be a huge priority? no.
  12. You do realize that $75 is not remotely near the top end of pricing for wine right? Before I got out of the service industry I poured 2k bottles of wine, and in my last gig was routinely pouring 200 dollar bottles of cabernet savignon to higher end regulars. Just fyi.
  13. meh. Most great coaches don't have an impressive resume until someone gives them a chance. It doesn't particularly concern me that Tepper would leverage his wealth to ensure he got the candidate he wanted, regardless of whoever that may be. Don't get me wrong, I might be concerned about Tepper's ability to pick coaches, sure, and at this point there are things about Rhule that certainly look like question marks, but that is a seperate issue from how much Tepper chooses to pay said coach. I wouldn't be surprised if our head coach, whoever that may be, is perennially one of the highest paid in the league, regardless of their prior resume. Rhule is only his first HC hire. Don't be surprised if they next guy is seems overpaid too. IMO this only serves to create a perception that Carolina is a place you get paid extra to coach at, which long term would attract every coaching prospect, not just the relatively unproven Matt Rhule's of the world. What would concern me far more is if Tepper demonstrates a pattern of knee jerk firing and hiring of coaches, as any wide angle historical view of the league will show you that this is not the path to success. The Steelers have had only 3 head coaches since 1969 and are tied with the Patriots for most Lombardi trophies. Their division rival Browns have had 21 head coaches in the same period of time, including Bellicheck whom they gave up on after 4 seasons before he went on to win the most Super Bowls of any head coach in NFL history at New England (where he repeatedly cheated and was undoubtely the beneficiary of having a legendary QB, but I digress). The Browns are viewed as the very symbol of NFL futility. Perhaps there is something to this.
  14. It doesn't. On a team without a billionaire owner, a lucrative and long term contract could definitely be seen as a sign that their team is stuck with him. Tepper's situation in being orders of magnitude wealthier than all other owners means he could fire Rhule tommorrow despite said contract and there would be no meaningful negative financial ramifications to him. IMO we really shouldn't give a flip how much Rhule or any other coach for our team is paid. It's meaningless with regards to anything we should care about as fans.
  15. I don't know anything more than you but the notion that an owner falls in love with a head coaching prospect, hands him one of the most lucrative contracts in the NFL right off the bat, but then dictates who his OC is gonna be strikes me as unlikely. The right to pick your own staff is seen as pretty important by head coaches in the league.
  16. Not the only person who went to Buffalo that should have been kept....
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