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  1. I'd like to repeat this part because it sounds vaguely important. Are you listening NFL? TNF suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
  2. Don't notice the fire hydrant on the 20 yard hash mark. What? You didn't see it either?
  3. Threads about punters always end well.
  4. Okay. Okay. Fine. I can be the bigger man. Let's deal with the elephant in the room. Everybody knows I posted over and over again what an ass Tom Brady is and how he could never be part of a great commercial. But even I can admit, that new Subway ad is fuging funny. /whispers "But you don't eat bread."
  5. "Power bottom 3" I'm pretty sure saying this in front of kids is at least a class 3 misdemeanor, if not a felony.
  6. I'd like to repeat this part because all the truth it crams into just a few sentences.
  7. There is an anecdote about a group of abolitionists complaining to President Lincoln that General Ulysses S Grant was nothing but a whiskey drinking drunk and asking for his removal. Lincoln's response was to ask where he could get more of the whiskey to send it to all his commanders. This is what comes to mind when one envisions Phil Snow passed out in his office at BofA.
  8. As much as I am enjoying the hell out of the moment, NGL, it's hard not to salivate over this prospect.
  9. I know against Phil Snow's D, Mills will feel like he's playing whack a mole trying to figure out where the blitz is coming from every play. He's not only getting his first NFL start against the best D through the first two weeks, he's having to do it with two fewer days to study film and prep for that D. Since I doubt there is much if any film to be had on Mills anyway and our D is relatively healthy, the short week looks like it's very much in our favor. I'd be shocked if our game plan was anything other than we're gonna bring it from the first snap and dare the 3rd string rookie to beat us.
  10. Given that Anderson has been targeted less than most expected coming into the season given his time playing with Darnold at the Jets, and the fact that one of those targets resulted in a 56 yard TD bomb, this stat is probably just low sample size and one big outlier at this point. Watching the games, it feels like CMC is picking up a ton of targets for dump offs and short completions that they probably jury rigged for Anderson last season when CMC was out. Right now Anderson seems kind of in a holding pattern production wise in that he's best used for the deep ball, but our OL is suspect to say the least holding up long enough for the deep ball to develop. With the additions of Marshall and Arnold and CMC's return, there just are a lot more options for shorter passes.
  11. Sir, I just have to say I admire how your hatred cannot be distracted, forborn, or muted by little things like relevance to the thread and topic at hand. True hatred shines through, even when it is only tangential to the topic being discussed. I see your fug Joe Person and salute it. Also fug Jerome Boger. That is all.
  12. Overall, this is how I feel about it as well. When looking at the league as a whole. The Saints, with their specific history as an organization, get no such benefit of the doubt, nor should they. He should have been ejected. That is still Sean Payton on the sideline, the same HC as when the team got busted for hunting heads, and Payton has never demonstrated that he's got an ounce of humility or regret over it. Nah. @#$% that. The Saints get zero benefit of the doubt on headhunting calls til Payton is no longer running the place. Actions have consequences. I would be perfectly fine if the league sent a message by not giving that organization any benefit of the doubt on such calls until EVERYONE associated with it was no longer a part of the team. This is how reputation works. You made your bed, now lay in it.
  13. If we're talking about the same play it was the last few minutes of the game. You don't punt down by multiple scores late in the 4th, you go for it. You're not going to win, but punting makes zero sense in the context of even pretending to try to win the game. Hence it would make at least some sense for Kamara to go out of bounds in that situation. Not a lot, but some. The point is there's a plausible reason other than cowardice.
  14. *stares intently at the numbers* *consults his slide rule* *consults his high school chemistry textbook* *consults the Mayan calendar* *looks at the numbers some more* *consults the measurements of every Playboy centerfold from back in the days when people kept their porn under the bed* I give up. I cannot break your Sam Darnold National Treasure Operation Overlord Da Vinci Code. What does it mean?
  15. Nah the Jets would never be dumb enough to trade us ANOTHER top qb prospect after sc... .... Yup. Might be us.
  16. Something to think about: We're 2-0 and putting points on the board without even really trying to throw deep. Darnold had the one deep TD to Anderson last week. This week he attempted deep passes only 2 or 3 times, and the deep ball is supposed to be one of his strengths. I really like that our coaching staff understands the limitations of our Oline right now and doesn't put them and the QB in bad situations asking them to hold 4 second blocks like Rivera's offense constantly asked mediocre lines to do for Cam. I feel like down the line either when our rookie OL's are ready to play or next season, that's a whole new wrinkle to work in and make this offense even more deadly. Anderson hasn't gotten a ton of looks despite the chemistry of prior experience playing with Darnold. Imagine what happens when we have the Oline to let Darnold and Brady open up the deep ball. The long dink and dunk possessions keep the D off the field, fresh and ready to attack, so the present gameplan compliments the D, but when teams start cheating their D further and further towards the line, at some point we're gonna start making them pay.
  17. Yeah you're right. It's like they always say...when a team loses it's starting center it just folds and has no fire and the QB usually starts throwing INT's while the tackles get beat for sacks all day long. Every team has to deal with losing players, whether it's COVID or whatever. No excuses.
  18. We've had back to back seasons since 95. I've watched every one of them. Okay maybe I gave up halfway through the Pickles year because I couldn't take it anymore, but we did play the whole season. Oh you meant winning....
  19. Think Kamara did that to preserve the clock late in the game. Couldn't say for sure but is possible.
  20. We have played a rookie on a bad team and a bad vet on a team without key players, but one thing that should not be overlooked is the Saints are supposed to have an elite O line and our pass rush absolutely bested them today. I think that translates no matter who you are playing against. Towards the same end Kamara is an undeniable talent and we shut him down running the ball. Will we face stiffer tests as the season progresses? Undoubtedly but based on the first two weeks the D looks legit.
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