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  1. Yes, a certain detail slipped your mind but you and everyone else seems to be ignoring the short 'week' for influencing at least CMC's injury. Maybe Burris too.
  2. You nailed it Scot, and both are better than last year since last year he was a roaring failure, now he's much closer to being an NFL OC.
  3. Is it possible Brady is not calling plays that have Anderson as the #1 go-to?
  4. It feels like a REM sleep dream, don't wake me!
  5. ESPN has clearly been anti Panthers for several years now, for basically political reasons, or perhaps more accurately, moral reasons.
  6. Amen to your post Rags, for me it was still a win of sorts since the Bolts are the team I root for in that other Conference. Seems our GM was more concerned with trading down than drafting the best/most needed player.
  7. I was sooooo disappointed last winter that no one hired him to be their headcoach. The guy is somehow still living off that one season at LSU, certainly not off anything he's done with the Panthers. He needs to go.
  8. As i pointed out when he was drafted, the kid had a bit of a rep for dropping catches in college.
  9. That trick with the glasses is so accurate, another coach who can't get out of his own way, i.e. Grier in Dallas, Brady and Snow as coordinators, Walker as backup. And were Slye's problems a bad coaching problem? (he was very good today).
  10. The money is coming from the Drew Breeze contract gone bye bye. And Winston's being very modest.
  11. Morgan was in the '19 draft I think it was. I thought at the time he looked like a very good late round pick, glad he finally got here. Don't know how much better than Grier he is, if any at all. I guess there weren't any ex Baylor QBs available.
  12. But how many guys who finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th in the voting made it big in the NFL?
  13. Just think, we traded them a starting qb for a sixth rounder.
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