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  1. You're too kind. He isn't cut out for flag football at his local park!
  2. Bieniemy, the Chief's OC, is who I hoped for instead of Rhule. So fire Rhule and grab him Monday afternoon already, Mr. Tepper!
  3. This may be the case, but the other part of his ego that wants so badly to win and make the playoffs is hopefully going to win out. Rhule screwed up the draft last year by not picking Parsons or Slater,(whom I rooted for to pick)and both ruled in their rookie season. It was obvious this was going to happen, so how do football guys miss the obvious? Because they aren't very good! Both he and Fitts need to be fired Monday morning!
  4. But this is exactly how Fitts thinks, two for one, no matter to him the two are lesser talents, only, look mom, two for one, that's what counts. Trade the 6th for no lower than 12th and draft the best lineman. If no wants to trade go for that top center.
  5. I have rooted for the Chargers for decades but never followed them, but if the Rhule clown show returns I'm going to root for the Panthers and follow the Chargers.
  6. Eric Bieniemy, I second that pick, he was one of two I wanted last time.
  7. How to this point has no one mentioned coaching? DL coach Okam is a Baylor transfer, no NFL coaching background before coming here last year with Rhule/Snow. Is he able to coach up Brown should be a large question.
  8. Not drafting Slater was a hideous gaff. Then cutting Greer in favor of his Temple boy was another silly gaff, boy, could we use Greer now. Fitts needs to trade Brady for Greer before the deadline.
  9. Saying you're ready for PJ is the same as saying you're ready for a 3-14 season. Suck it up!
  10. Well champ, Henderson hasn't even played yet so lets give him a few games before we judge that trade. As to Arnold, seems he has a lot of relatives on this website who think of him as Greg Olson Jr., he isn't so move along.
  11. We all know Rhule was the wrong hire, it should have gone to the guy who went to the Browns.
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