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  1. It is refreshing to not see an entire core of a bad team retained. Seen this move play out too many times, and dont want a constant moving of personnel, but if your not trying to get better you get a Hurney level of roster talent. Glad we are trying to make the entire roster better, and excited to see what else is in store.
  2. I read Paradis and thought wow they are getting serious. I guess the audition of the new kicker made Palardy expendable. Clear that cap and get this team back on the right page.
  3. I agree Hurney should've been gone before last year. It was a very odd sight to have him there. I realize last season was an awkward thing for all organizations, but it seemed even more so in our front office. Should've let Hurney and Rivera both go at the same time if not at the end of the season. Could've still had his guy outlined (Rhule) and hired a new GM to make it happen, but they way everything played out made things seem way off. It seems to be a weird structure of football operations, but that could be a misconception due to just how all the moves have corresponded. Gotta
  4. That's a big yikes list. Also, thought Freeman was going to be good. I have more faith in the front office now that Hurney is gone, but he hit that first round out of the park. If he was smart he would just take a job as a first round consultant, the rest of his drafts were as bad as that list, but that first round was always good. As someone that has no inside info or pretends to be in the know, I'm pretty stoked to see just how or draft unfolds.
  5. Really excited to see the step taken from all the rookies that we had last year. It will be interesting to see them all evolve and get better, hopefully, as we restock some vets in the mix. The defense was my biggest fear going into last season, and were not nearly as flat as the offense as the season went on. Encouraging, to say the least, the development of some of that side of the ball as well as having an actual WR corps for the first time ever. Here's to a robust future and rather quick retool/rebuild/what ever we are calling it.
  6. So you're saying, in a way hes a good motivator?
  7. Wonder how no combine is going to affect the draft
  8. The already aggressiveness of the new GM has me excited for the future. As long as we don't continue to overpay for past production, I am completely fine with grabbing whom they see fit in FA. I cant even begin to think I am smarter than the people in charge, I am hopeful to having to look up people we snag again, and being impressed midseason like I was with Coleman and even Greg when we first got him. Want to see some serious roster building and not just one splash move, because we are no where near ready for that yet.
  9. Basically just said no specifics into personnel
  10. Serious question, is Baalke the only GM worse than Hurndog?
  11. Enjoy the cellar Taints for years to come.
  12. This chart is really promising to his future. Can't wait to see his jump next year after a full offseason to train.
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