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  1. Also Rivera not adjusting at all. He was the epitomy of “This is Fine”.
  2. And McCarthy’s team will beat our fraud ass.
  3. Those pathetic fans who think we will actually win a playoff game.
  4. Amazing how delusional this fanbase has become.
  5. The teams that beat Dallas those two times would beat the ass of this team. Do not disrespect those teams by putting them in the same category as this sorry team. How dare you.
  6. I wish I could lower my standards. I have tried but I just can’t.
  7. I miss being excited for this team. All this talk of playoffs and we all know what is gonna happen. Even if there are a ton of people here who want to deny it.
  8. Could say the same for you people who think making the playoffs actually means anything. Who’s to say you guys aren’t the real incels. Considering you only come out after the team has won. Like a virgin who only comes out to creepily hit on a picture of a girl on the internet. Pathetic.
  9. This fanbase is just so “ugh” right now.
  10. Your account is new so I assume you were banned. Darnold is a bad QB and thank god he won’t be here next year.
  11. Getting an OC as an HC is great because we never have to start over if our offense is great. There is always a baseline. Doesn't mean the baseline is any good, look at what happened to the Panthers defense when Rivera took over, but at least there is a baseline.
  12. Because home field advantage won’t mean anything against whoever we face. We have yet to actually beat anyone, all our wins how come against bad teams. All of our worst loses have come against playoff teams. We got blown out but the 49ers at home. I don’t think home field advantage will mean anything. Stop beating bad teams and actually win against a playoff team. Unfortunately after the Seahawks all we face is bad teams so we may enter the playoffs on a high horse only to be brought back down to earth.
  13. We'll see how exciting it is when we are getting our asses blown out by a team that actually deserves to be there and probably deserves to host that playoff game and only has a lower seed because NFL playoff seeding is all screwed up.
  14. Why do you want to go to the playoffs? You know we aren’t gonna beat whatever team we face right? Just gonna be “Whelp we are just happy to be here”. This team isn’t going to the Super Bowl.
  15. Actually make the playoffs while looking like you can actually make the Super Bowl. This team would limp into the playoffs only to get curb stomped by the first team we played. Make the playoffs isn't impressive, especially this year. We are essentially a 7th seen team that would only be a 4th seed because the NFC South is sucky this season. Of course I could see us lucking out and facing the Giants. All I care about is winning the Super Bowl. Making the playoffs isn't going to impress me at all. Also I don't think we are Super Bowl contenders with a rookie QB but we are definitely not Super Bowl contenders if we plan to build a team around our QB being a game manager. All I care about is going to the Super Bowl. That is it.
  16. Because with a game manager you can't rely on him to win you games and there will be a lot of those, we should of loss type of wins. Happened a lot during the Delhomme years. Guy was a combination Game Manager/Gun Slinger. That said, we already see what happens when you have a pure game manager, you get the Titans. Good enough to get to the playoffs, not good enough to get to the Super Bowl. Because you will always meet a team that can exploit your biggest weakness: The inability of you QB to be able to score you a ton of points, especially if it comes to a shootout where you need to throw the ball. This team may be able to make the playoffs if a QB plays a game manager role, but in the playoffs we will always meat teams that will force our GM QB to throw the ball and score more TDs. Last time a GM QB had success in the playoffs was the 49ers make the Super Bowl and that was a freakishly good defense and running game. But we all saw what happened in the Super Bowl. As so as the 49ers went down and Jimmy needs to actually no be a game manager he failed. TLDR: Game Manager QBs can get you to the playoffs but rarely will they have success in the playoffs.
  17. Also we have to get REALLY lucky on some wins.
  18. Panthers are not going to the Super Bowl so everyone celebrating a win for a 4-8 win losing record team show how pathetic and sad they are.
  19. It is obvious you are a troll. Can't wait for you to do something to get yourself banned.
  20. You enjoy pointless wins. So don't look down on someone who wants something better for this team.
  21. Is what it is. We are just gonna have to hope we can either build a team that can win in spite of our QB, like the 49ers. We get lucky and some QB comes out of nowhere and takes the starting QB job and holds on to it, like Jake Delhomme. Corral actually rises above the non-NFL friendly school he went to. We trade a bunch of picks to move up to get a QB. This team isn't going to be a Super Bowl contender until they fix the QB position and as of right now there is no answer for us.
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