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  1. I am still holding out hope he was just unlucky the last 2 seasons but if it happens again then I will consider him injury prone. That is why you don’t overpay RBs.
  2. Apparently I was watching a different game yesterday. If their goalie wasn’t so good we could of scored multiple goals in the first period.
  3. We didn't score on a 5-3 or 5-4 and was very sloppy. That was not ideal.
  4. YES! YES! YES! We have them on their heels. Freaking bury them.
  5. If the Rangers goalie wasn't so good we would be leading by 3 by now.
  6. Feel like I'm listening to the Rangers broadcast with how biased the ESPN commentary is.
  7. Best case scenario I see is 8-9 wins. Worst care 2-5. Not gonna fall for thinking this is a potential playoff team like last year. Will wait and see.
  8. They are not gonna stop so complaining about them does nothing. You are pathetic.
  9. You could stop visiting the board. But at this point I think your are a bit of a masochistic. You Rhule fans love pain apparently.
  10. May end up missing this game as well, got a potential family function tonight. Hope the boys can play as well as the did in the 3rd for the entire game. That team that played in the 3rd and overtime are gonna be tough to beat for any team.
  11. Hire a money man and this is what your get. He does not care if Charlotte FC or Panthers win. As long as they keep making money he is content. That is why I am kinda worried Tepper will keep Rhule on even if we are the worst teams in the league.
  12. Was Working so I missed the game. Seems like I missed a good one. Gonna enjoy watching those highlights.
  13. They could make a sub-Reddit like The Darnold. Of course that sub-Reddit is pretty much a joke and these Matt supporters are 100 percent serious.
  14. Just one game but if Tampa makes the Stanley Cup for the 3rd year in a row I may riot.
  15. Dude shut up. Getting real sick and tired of your negative crap and this is coming from a really negative person. You don’t like Corral we freaking get it. The stuff reported about his struggles was old. Really man, be better.
  16. Yeah, but I could hope. I knew the Leafs would let me down. But I was really hoping they wouldn’t.
  17. Crap. I was hoping TB would get an early exit. I guess even during a “down year” (They still won 50 games) the Lightning are dangerous. I really don’t want to see ANOTHER TB Stanley Cup.
  18. Why bring a vet in? Another freaking castoff QB. I am so sick of this sh-t.
  19. If we win, whoever we play can't have ice as bad as Boston. I am still convinced that god awful rink is to blame for the losses.
  20. You can go away. No one wants you here.
  21. Pot calling the kettle black. You Rhule stans are funny.
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