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  1. I hope we can keep him one more year. I think in 2022, if he continues to improve, he will be that really good OC.
  2. I am talking from a purely passing touchdown not rushing. In terms of passing touchdowns he is projected 16. I hope that goes up to 25 to even 30.
  3. I am just going off of ESPN. Says he is currently is projected for 16 TDs and 2 INTs.
  4. I really hope we can get a 3 or 4 passing TD game outta Sam. At this rate his end of season stays will look similar to Teddy’s over the years. Barely 15 TDs. I kinda wish Brady trusted Sam to throw the ball in the endzone when we are at the 10 or closer.
  5. I hope this latest injury makes the coaching staff take a long hard look at how they are overusing CMC.
  6. This is what I get for letting myself possibly get hurt by this team. Thursday night games suck but this collapse is just pathetic.
  7. I saw that. I am not used to good coverage since old Panthers defense relied so much on a good pass rush to make our meager secondary better. Now our d-Line can just do its job and feast.
  8. Just gotta make it through the work day and hope I don’t get any calls tonight since I am on call.
  9. Yet the Chargers found a way. That said, special teams needs to be fixed if we are to make a deep playoff run.
  10. I am glad I am back to fully hating the Saints and their terrible, disgusting trash fanbase. Last year felt weird. Also, she probably had to sell her trailer home to afford the tickets.
  11. So many salty, butt hurt Saints fan are making the “coaches and players being out” the excuse as to why they lost and we are still a bad team. Wish we were playing them again soon. When we beat them again what will their excuse be this time I wonder?
  12. If this was Rivera I would be worried we would lose. We always liked unprepared after a big win. I feel like this Thursday night game is gonna be different.
  13. To the Saints fans on reddit calling the Panthers a crap team after losing: This crap team just kicked your butt up and down the field and we will do it when we play you in the Dome.
  14. You would think it would happen by now. I mean most back up QBs look good til there is tape on them and their flaws are exposed, like Kyle Allen. But Heinicke keeps playing well. Who knows maybe the Washington QB coach unlocked his potential.
  15. Agree. We need to take the training wheel off and treat Darnold like and adult and see if he can do then job. I expect we are going to need to score at least 30 points to win. Cannot do that with constant check downs to CMC. We. Need. Points.
  16. I also noticed that they stopped giving away touchdown balls. Unless I am forgetting it. Old ways are dying. Sad.
  17. Kinda seems like he doesn’t trust our QB or kicker. If true that is a bad look.
  18. After the “Get the eff off our field” crap I will forever hate him.
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