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  1. It’s last year Madden so no surprise. Coach may look like Canales but it is just Reich in disguise.
  2. It is just a hype video. I feel the same way. The video was fun but it is just team propaganda.
  3. Definitely seemed to be slower getting up as the season went on and we had that one injury scare that he came back that game from. Like you said, body can only take so much.
  4. I am excited for this season like I am any season. I love football and every year brings the chance for something fun. Like 2015, not saying we are gonna have a 2015 year. NFL is the greatest reality show.
  5. And you are annoying. STFU and go away.
  6. I’d be interested to know how tall the people making short jokes are.
  7. Hockey is one of the weirdest sports. If you do not know the score and read comments saying “We have been the better team during this game” you’d think it was 3-0. Then you check the score and it is 0-0.
  8. Good riddance Rangers. Couldn’t have happened to a worse fanbase.
  9. Reminder me of Darnold. Considering how he faired I would have been nervous if we drafted Williams.
  10. USC QBs miss more than they hit. So I would not be surprised if he busted. If we had of had our 1st overall pick I would have been hitting the drum for anyone but him. Like Alabama I don’t trust USC QBs. Williams is gonna throw a ton of interceptions I have a feeling.
  11. Well considering he is only in his second year good would be just better than last year. I have said before I am willing to give Bryce 3 years I’d there is improvement. But if it is same ole, same ole then I am glad Canales isn’t tied to Bryce long term.
  12. Just finished the series a few weeks ago. So good. Movie wasn’t half bad either.
  13. Fox has an Emmy winning commentator who they are treating like trash for a guy who has never commentated and may end up being terrible. Hope Olsen gets to flip the bird if a A team job opens up. Good job Olsen!
  14. I think, THINK, we’ll see see a team similar to the Texans last year. What I mean is no one had any expectations for the Texans especially not to be one game away from the AFC Championship. I think the team we’ll see this year will be what a rookie team should look like. Struggles at the beginning and they start putting it together as the season goes on. Would love a few quality wins this year too. None of our 2 wins last year were quality.
  15. There is always that one team that performs above expectations. So why not us?
  16. There is a reason why commentators like Olsen and Romo are so loved because is doesn’t feel like we are being talked down to. Same with a coach that talks and explains what he is talking about. Don’t know, as you said, if he’ll be good he is saying and doing all the right things.
  17. Love seeing our coach focusing on the most important piece on the field.
  18. Whatever cause us not to look like a completely different team in the playoffs. That is what he needs to change. If you are asking me to be a coach and give you a breakdown on what needs to change I can’t. But the same issue keep popping up year after year.
  19. Dakar teams have underperformed every time they made the playoffs. So I think I am good.
  20. Why is it when someone has the first bit of criticism fans like you say switch teams. I have been a fan of the Hurricanes since 1998 so why would I change? Also what I am suggesting and what you said is not the same thing.
  21. Guess we’ll find our but after 6 years of the same crap I doubt it.
  22. Yay. We get to have more years where we dominate the season and go limp dick in the playoffs. Because Rod will never change anything. I am aware there is no one better out there than Rod I just don’t believe he can change. Guess we’ll find out.
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