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  1. Teddy won’t be on the team week 1. No one wants him. No Panthers fan wants him. He sucks. Deal with it.
  2. Yeah it was so long ago I forgot how close the 2001 team was to being actually a fringe playoff team. So many close games lost. I remember being so bored during the 2010 season. I have never seen such a good offense be so boring. It is, frankly, amazing.
  3. Yeah I have gotten that impression from him too. It is a college coach mindset.
  4. I really do hope Sam does well. I am pessimistically optimistic.
  5. I agree. Get a fresh guy in here. Not a guy who has been abused by his former team and likely will not work out. Like Bridgewater Darnold has one season to prove he can be the guy. I wish the dude luck.
  6. What happens when Brady leaves? Darnold regresses back to being a bad QB?
  7. I am more interested. But when it comes to the season I really have no idea. we could be competing for the number on pick, be mediocre or be a surprise playoff team. Time will tell.
  8. I mean, why wouldn’t you be excited if you were leaving the Jets. Wonder when his press conference will be.
  9. Doesn’t mean anything. Contract isn’t against the cap it is Teppers own money. If Rhule continues this downward slide he won’t make it to year 4.
  10. Both aren’t very good. Doubt either will be a starters for much longer in the league. Could be wrong, but who knows. Maybe Darnold revives his career but I hope for the best and always expect the worst. Similar to Teddy I think Darnold is who he is. I know his situation was not optimal but if he was any good or even franchise caliber I think he could of made a mountain out of a mole hill. I mean look at Watson. Horrible offense yet he threw for 30 TDs and was constantly running for his life like Darnold. I think we will be looking for a QB every year until we hopefully find someo
  11. I still remember how solid he looked during his rookie seasons and though the Jets found their franchise QB. All downhill from there and the Jets FO are definitely to blame. Personally I think he is damaged goods and will struggle on any team just because of how much punishment he has taken. Hard for a QB to change his stripes once he is used to them. Just look at Teddy.
  12. Not because of Treadwater. Shows how good our WRs were that they could succeed with a sub par QB. He deserves no respect. Screw Bridgewater.
  13. No. Bridgewater is garbage. I am not going to support a player I don’t want on my team. Thank god they can release him after next season. He is so boring.
  14. Option 2 could get us a top 5 pick and a franchise QB. Ya know, because Bridgewater would be injured.
  15. I really really hate completion percentage. It is such and overrated stat. It is easy to complete 70 percent of your passes when you never take chances.
  16. There is something that just really irritates me about him. Never felt this way about any player on our team before. Also his face is very punchable.
  17. NFL is an entertainment product. Put a boring product on the field and see what happens.
  18. We’ll have to trade up next year as well. Unless the wheels fall off and we go 2-14. The QB prospects pale in comparison to the potential this years group has. Which is why what has happened is such a disappointment. Once again the Panthers are on the outside looking in.
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