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  1. I measure my arms starting from the taint. That's scientifically accurate everyone knows that.
  2. Very LOW ENERGY posters on this forum. In denial of the GEQBUS' destiny. SAD!
  3. Now the the GEQBUS is the CONFIRMED WINNER of the 2021 Off-Season, we need a subforum to mimic r/The_Darnold to show support for our very legal and very cool QB You know you want it UNLESS YOUR NAME IS LYIN TED BRIDGEWATER.
  4. Dougie Hamilton is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but it's true.
  5. People are judging this pick based on their edging themselves over fields for 7 picks and not on the merits of the player we picked. That's on you. How many chromosomes do you need to figure out we weren't drafting a QB when we just gave up a 2nd round pick for Sam Darnold.
  6. The 1996 game Silent Hunter was so realistic I refused to start my career in 1941 because every other fuging torpedo I launched either failed to detonate or missed completely.
  7. Derek Anderson takes it the most seriously. Just ask him.
  8. They better be, damn it. I just got one of my tinder matches (Boston transplant) to agree to a blowjob if the Pats lose tomorrow.
  9. lol how ugly are you if you put that rainbow filter all over your big, dumb water head.
  10. No, but it's the bod you need if you want a girl to call you "daddy"
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