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  1. It's the Houston Chronicle. I mean, I don't follow the Texans at all and have heard of the Houston Chronicle. I only know the Charlotte Observer because of the Panthers. This is entirely about the paper and nothing at all to do with the team. Most likely, it's about money. Not everything is a dump on the Panthers. Surely you were joking right? O.o
  2. @Stumpy @4Corners NDA's are about confidentiality. Just because _______ is speculating on building an office building in Raleigh, NC, doesn't mean every idiot on the internet needs to, or even should know about it.
  3. NDAs are really common. I sign one probably once every couple months or so. In this case, you have a situation of "here's $1.6 million to sign this NDA." She had a choice. Was it shitty, yeah of course, but still a choice nonetheless. Perhaps there should be a law that NDA's are void if used to cover up a crime.
  4. I'm expecting another poor season. I'm not sure if I see 5 wins on the schedule. But I'm hoping for the best. I'm hoping a new offense is what the team needed. I'm hoping we have a new QB because we aren't a 5 win team the last several years with better QB's. I think we would have won more games last year with Teddy tbh. One thing I can say for certain though, we can't really get worse at QB. I mean, assuming they don't roll out a PS QB or a spring league guy or something....okay maybe there actually is worse than Darnold?
  5. What does Rhule have to do with Rivera's 5 win season? Why is that included in your post?
  6. How do these guys get vet days on day 1 of minicamp? Must be nice for them.
  7. It still works, just does it matter? I'd say that depends on the owner. Does the owner mind wasting the money on players that result in a poor product on the field? You can game the system forever with bad players just like good players, but you do have to be careful with players you might cut. Cut players dead cap can't be indefinitely kicked down the road. Out of your list there, the only player to get cut is Teddy. I am talking strictly about gaming the cap. When you say this "works," but that doesn't, maybe that's not what you are talking about? I mean capwise Ramsey=Donte because they are both on a roster and their salaries can be kicked down the road indefinitely. How they play is irrelevant - as long as they are on the roster.
  8. He looked good year 1 too. Remember the dline man substitution slow walk? That was one bad ass, dare I say Belichickian, move.
  9. Didn't Robbie have a career year the year before getting his deal? You've also got to assume Rhule was a hard YES on locking Robbie down and was pushing for a deal to be done as well. There is some logic on getting player in cheaper before their price goes up. We got lucky with DJ tbh. If we didn't get a deal done when we did, even just a few weeks later his price tag would have absolutely gone up.
  10. I agree with this. The problem with Rhule was how last season went. At some point, it really looked like the wheels fell off. And as the season progressed it just continued getting worse till the whole team was a dumpster fire. Considering the offense was okay at the beginning, and the defense was (more than) above average and they both fell off a cliff. I have to blame coaching. Rhule made changes this year, but he's gotta prove it now. He's gotta prove he's learning and growing. The only hope is there really is no evidence at all that he lost the locker room.
  11. Problem with evaluating any of these guys is we don't really know how much hands they have in things. How much of Darnold was Fitt or someone else? Who was banging the table for the 5th year option? Same with last year's linemen. Some questionable choices but hard to read how Fitt fit in with those decisions.
  12. How many does he need???????????????
  13. I'd rather have Cam than Darnold or Baker.
  14. Yeah in all seriousness, it's hard to tell if you should be excited or depressed.
  15. More of our defense getting ripped for 60 yard runs? No thanks.
  16. I would do that in a heartbeat, then dump Mayfield for a 4th or whatever I could get. Even if we eat his whole salary, it'd be like we cut Sam Darnold and got a pick back for doing so.
  17. Sure, of course. I don't disagree with "wanting to win". I didn't say anything about his ability. But I do, very strongly, agree with his "wanting to win". He's likely to be the owner for a long, long time so I hope he does figure it out.
  18. The question was "Do you approve of David Tepper’s actions and vision for the franchise?" Yes, I 100% agree with his vision for the franchise. Undoubtedly. I want the Panthers to be a perennial playoff team. Tepper has said that over and over and that is clearly the long term goal he wants. Do I approve of Tepper's actions? I did not approve of the field change to turf. I did not approve of the practice facility going in SC, which blew up in his face anyway. Beyond that, I can't say about much else. There are not enough FACTS to know what has went on behind the scenes regarding Rhule/Fitts. I'm not going to judge Tepper on a decision to not fire Rhule without more information. That's not fair and it's not right. To each their own, but I'm not a know-it-all dick. Beyond these items above, what exactly else are we judging Tepper on? Charlotte FC? Who cares, irrelevant to the Panthers success. Not firing Hurney sooner? Sure I can get on board with that. But honestly how much is nit picking? Nobody asked about leadership. The question was regarding Tepper's decisions and vision. But just to go on record, I have no clue what kind of leader Tepper is or if he should have any sort of leadership role with the Panthers. That's the HC coach and the GM's job. Tepper's leadership shouldn't be relevant to anything I care about.
  19. I think that's the rub. It definitely was a story, but is it still a story? Perhaps. I think this story goes away at the beginning of training camp if a trade hasn't happened by then. Any later and it's simply just not ideal to bring someone in like Baker that late. You are just setting them up to fail, kinda like Cam last year.
  20. It's a different story if he gained 10 lbs of lean muscle mass and lost 15 lbs of fat. That's a massive transformation for an average person
  21. Keep in mind we had fired the OC midseason last year. I can imagine, behind the scenes, it was a cluster on the offensive side after that.
  22. Whole article about conviction for 1st and 3rd round picks. Article pick is of Corral. Hardly any mention of Corral in the article. It's almost entirely focused on Ickey. The Corral hype/non-hype is weird.
  23. The whole thing felt more sanitized and scripted. Even at certain points in the draft room, I was wondering if some of the stuff was specifically for the cameras, particularly Rhule's talk about trading up for Corral, being #1 QB that we wanted etc, etc. Honestly, I felt uncomfortable all around the trading up for Corral part of the video. Something about it just felt awkward to me. I don't know if it was the seriousness of the situation, so to speak, but people didn't seem happy. That part just came across as weird to me. Also, I know Corral is 3rd round pick, but I'm surprised there wasn't more with him. I think Brady Christiansen was more prominent in last years video than Corral was in this years.
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