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  1. I read somewhere or heard somewhere, may have been on Sirius, that coaching = 30, 40%. Basically a good coach will have 30% more points per game or 30% more wins vs same team with a bad coach. Something along those lines.
  2. In comparison to last year, with whatever the hell they were doing.
  3. I tried to sort out that sentence, with more commas then should be in sentence when there is no list involved. Anyway, this section here needs quantified, because I'm reading as "Fans" are the subject of this sentence. Is that correct? As in, "Fan's belief that things will be different here...." If that is the case, I'm super curious about how Fan's believing something leads to....well, anything tbh. Are you saying hopeful fans is how we ended up with Darnold, and if we were just less optimistic we would have had Mahomes? Is this like a metaphysical thing or something to do with essential oils maybe? I'm just so confused.
  4. Isn't that fairly common? Idk about an every year thing, but I thought first game of the season being a repeat of the super bowl happens very often.
  5. I'm expecting the team to not look so great at the beginning of the season with great improvement by the end of the year.
  6. I wouldn't have used Darnold for SF personally. I don't think that's really fair. Trey Lance is supposed to be good to go by training camp I believe. I highly doubt Darnold will beat him out.
  7. This is supposed to fun. Entertainment even. Why bother if it just makes you miserable?
  8. I was actually kinda surprised to hear Tremble's age. Dude is still very, very young. He had to have been barely 20 when he was drafted.
  9. I've heard they didn't like when the Jags turned in Trevor Lawrence's name so quickly in that draft.
  10. Idk how early exactly, but definitely in the 6th teams are calling. Pretty much have to to get a leg up on other teams also calling. Teams are trying to get guys locked in as UDFA's before other teams get their claws in em.
  11. This I agree with every word. Was not getting a a random EDGE in this draft really the end of the world? I just don't think it was necessary to panic.
  12. I don't like the move. If you are going to trade up, do it for someone you really really want or bpa. This feels very out of character for Fitt. I'm guessing he was the last guy at the position on their board and they said f it. All in all I don't care, but seems like a dumb move.
  13. Last year's draft proves you wrong. People aren't taking 2nd round QB's in the top 10 willy nilly. If that was the case, last year's draft would have gone very, very different.
  14. I've been hearing witherspoon or Gonzalez to Seattle all week, so I guess I'm not surprised. Though many folks may be surprised that Pete Carrol didn't take Carter.
  15. where's @TexansGOATfan to celebrate????
  16. This is awesome. Has the Panthers responded? I remember we use to have a social media team.
  17. I think folks on the huddle just really like fire sales. I don't think we'd have players on the roster if the huddle was GM. But! We'd have a lot of draft picks.
  18. I made it to pick 5. They are all white. Does that continue through the whole mock????? Edit: I scrolled down and no it does not continue. Still interesting all the top picks are white men.
  19. It's pricey full price. Often you can get 1 year deal for cheap. If you cancel after 1 year, they will offer $6.99 per month, which is what I'm paying. I'm on my 2nd year of my subscription.
  20. He said in an interview at one point he wants to retire a panther. I think the thought process is, this is his last extension and then he will retire. I think it's mostly putting 2 and 2 together, Shaq mentioning retirement and the contract structure, that is what it looks like.
  21. They actually add up to 9, if taken individually (200 block). 1+1+2+0+0+1+2+1+1 Edit And then I read more posts past yours and saw some twitter guy figured it out first.
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