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  1. Apparently we worked out 3 other RBs in addition to Duke.
  2. Yeah...some of these fans are calling us the Carolina Jets or the Jets South. Ugh. They think we have their coaching staff, their QB, their WR1. Makes me throw up in my mouth a bit.
  3. No poo between the refs then the injuries, it was frustrating to watch.
  4. Sure! Right after we shore up our oline with first round LT. We probably could actually throw a late first at another lineman the year after. About this time we'll want to put another high pick into the dline. And I imagine somewhere in those few years there will be a can't miss guy that falls to us that we take because BPA.
  5. She is incredibly sexy. Unless you look at her arms and realize she is a skeleton wearing skin. She needs to fuging eat something.
  6. It's more....9/10 missed 3 games, 1 guy missed 4 games, thus 3.1 games avg. (Don't check the math, it's close enough to get my point.)
  7. I think it just didn't make much of a difference. Sucks for whoever got the sack and their stats though. If we had recovered, we would have challenged for sure I think.
  8. This. For YEARS they had 5-6 gimme games even as a top ranked team, just because of their division. Look if nothing else, we beat up on easy teams all year and prove we don't belong in the bottom of the league.
  9. One bone or two bones, takes the same amount of time to heal. It's not like if you more bones break it takes longer to heal. He's going to be out 8 weeks minimum though. Maybe 6, but those bones are a bit thicker and I would think would take longer to heal compared to if was lower down on the foot.
  10. Regarding Horn, I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully Bouye can step right in to his spot. Depending on the break, Horn could be back in as little 6-8 weeks optimistically. Assuming the defense continues at a high level, the offense will have a chance in every game even without CMC. I'm hoping this is just a strain and he'll be back in a week or two.
  11. We can gameplan now without him. I think that was our problem in the first half last night, no plan for no CMC. Brady made adjustments and put something together for the second half that wasn't as reliant on McCaffrey being in.
  12. We dominated three NFL offenses. That isn't nothing. We'll see what we look like in week 4. That will answer a lot of questions. I don't know if we'll win next week or not, but I bet the Cowboys do not run the score up on our defense.
  13. They might just be being coy with cmc. He walked off the field. I don't think they would have let him do that if it was too serious. Or I hope not anyway.
  14. 3-0 baby!!!!! Hope the injured guys get well soon.
  15. Has the media jumped the shark with the Panthers? And I thought we were getting ahead of ourselves! Apparently Panthers fever is contagious. https://deadspin.com/the-panthers-defense-is-definitely-legit-and-sam-darn-1847732630 "Carolina could cruise to 8-0 start and contend with Tampa for divisional crown" "Believe it or not, there’s an excellent chance for the Panthers to be the last undefeated team standing in the NFL within the next few weeks." "An 8-0 start for the Panthers isn’t beyond the realm of possibility."
  16. Prime doesn't have games until week 3 (or 4?). Either way, Thursday games aren't streaming on Prime yet.
  17. This. Though they can lose to Atlanta as well as far as I'm concerned. But yes, beat the Bucs x2 please.
  18. I hope so! I'm on the playoff train right now, but I do see the weaknesses in our team and deep down I'm worried our defense will get exposed with more tape on us. But for now, CHOO!! CHOO!!!
  19. We're all drinking the Kool-aid. Don't spoil the fun. Reality will kick back in soon enough I'm sure.
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