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  1. Y'all ready for Georgia vs Clemson game rn. It should be on ABC already but kickoff at 7:44pm and I will be watch D.J how does he doing on offense tho.
  2. They just call review on fumble.
  3. Miami have no chance to won against #1 Alabama and.... They are down by 27
  4. Didn't we know anything about this Like What? We just drafted LS from ALA but I know it was Replacement for JJ if He retired.
  5. I have no clues why they keeping draft Linebacker for?
  6. That was Big W for depth but FB Mikey Daniel is good versatility because of His speed is fast and Big. I wonder what we can do to him for?
  7. I need to see Darnold getting: Complete 60 or 63% Comp, 3900+ Yard, 28-31 TDs and 8-13 Int. Passer rate of 90% or more and least 4+ Rush TDs with 150+ Rush yard. We probably End up in Make playoff or Wildcard but I don't see make Divisional Round or NFC championship because of Tampa Bay and Tom Brady.
  8. Well Hornets definitely take this W against Bucks but could be Close game by 8 or 10 points Then I need Terry and D.Graham better gettting 20+ point Then PJ will get a least 15 point with Poor shooting performance. Who know that PJ definitely getting Struggle
  9. 8. Rashawn slater- He is very versatility because He can play OG or OT and could be Franchise LT for us. He has great Footwork and Amazing Hand placements Then He would ruin Any DEs Day. 39th. Liam Eichenburg- Someone Explains this to me? I don't really know about him because of I'm too lazy rn. 73th. Kelvin Joseph- He has Amazing Ball skill, Has great size and speed to play outside Then He can stay with Any size WR who against him. Plus He can defending on Run and good tracking ability. What y'all thinking about this? I probably got wrong I guess.
  10. Carson Palmer? I mean He did revive his career in Arizona Cardinals if I'm not wrong about this.
  11. I say this is cheap move but I don't think He is not too bad because of his 2 game suspension. I don't know about this? W or L
  12. Depend on Which one of LT should get: Sewell or Slater for 8th pick? If Sewell passed by Cincinnati Bengals for Protect Burrow. Just grab Slater rn TBH
  13. Taking Sewell/slater at 8th pick rn Build a wall around Darnold and Bring in Late-round Rookie QB at 3rd or 4th round pick to complete for Starting QB? I know this sound like good idea or nah to me?
  14. How about 10-7 if Darnold did developing from Joe brady and New QB Coach then Play well or solid.
  15. There is no need for draft QB at 8th pick because we need this pick for Slater or Sewell to Protect our young QB (Sam Darnold) but I would rather look at developing QB on late-round like Kelly mond or Jamies Newman on 3rd or 4th round Then Sit them behind Sam for watch and learn from Joe brady to Help and develop them. Prove me if I'm wrong for this what I said.
  16. This is good solid move for improving Our secondary But any good with those 2?
  17. Ahaha Of course I did throw one guy down in Panther Mock but I wouldn't be shocked if Dyami Brown did past by 3rd or 4th round then just grab him before 5th round. So we gotta wait and see what happen in draft night TBH.
  18. How about Dyami brown in round 3 with 73th pick? It sound like a Crazy to me or nah?
  19. Of course both of them are way better than Darnold and Like I said I would be Fool and Idiot.
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