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  1. Oh my goodness Oh by the way, the Islanders still didn’t score on that one.
  2. We haven’t committed a penalty yet against the best power play in the NHL.
  3. Yikes by Jarvis there, first a blind pass out of the zone then a brutal turnover, can’t do that with McDavid on the ice.
  4. And Erving should not. Bad things happen when he’s on the field.
  5. Start Brown you cowards. Daley is not a NFL caliber player. Neither is Erving for that matter
  6. I don’t care, lose out and overhaul the O-line and coaching staff.
  7. Jesus what a choke job by the kings at the end
  8. Oh it's gonna happen, then we will pass on the remaining O lineman for another defensive lineman or corner.
  9. And Rhule and Meyer are playing “sorry!”, because they are sorry coaches that don’t belong in the nfl.
  10. Looking more and more like Howell will be a steeler
  11. Who tf cares. I want to win games, not make some pretty plays (which I also doubt happens but who knows). If this is the ultimate goal for this team, oooooh boy. Also, please tell this bot there’s times where it’s best to shut your fuggin mouth
  12. Calgary is really good, very good goaltending should be a fun one.
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