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  1. Robbie is the pothead dishwasher that just got promoted to line cook last weeks and is banging one of the hostesses. If he would shut up and just work his station you wouldn't mind him, but since he wont shut the fug up you think about firing him every day but can't cause you're short staffed.
  2. Are we keeping this one or is he getting traded to Spain or something?
  3. I'm not understanding. We need a big man, we get a big man, we trade the big man?
  4. I had so much fun listening to Smitty during the preseason. I swear he sounded a bit sauced a couple of times lol.
  5. I was just thinking about how they used to talk poo about the way Cam dressed. Now look at these kids. lol
  6. LFG... It's ben so long since we've had a legit line.
  7. If you take your pants off in front of me we're gonna have a problem.
  8. Good for you man. I wish you well in your future endeavours.
  9. I'm so glad we didn't get Watson. I'm so glad that we are actually making efforts to improve this offensive line. The defense is taking for and looking solid. We actually have a legit power back to take some of the load off of CMC. It's looking like we may be able to field a decent team this year. I'm loving Free agency this season.
  10. Just saw this. Glad we were able to secure him. Need at least one consistent weapon for whoever is gonna be the QB.
  11. I had to upgrade. My R9 280x died on me last year after 6 years of service.
  12. PCMR R7 5800x + RX6800... I'm an AMD fanboy.
  13. Matt Stafford be throwing the longest 2-3 yard gains.
  14. This Ram's offense is looking really Detroit in the second half.
  15. This is the last day of school and the Pandemic Panthers are ready to go home.
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