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  1. This is the last day of school and the Pandemic Panthers are ready to go home.
  2. Darnold running scared now. POP THAT DB IN THE MOUTH AND GET THE FIRST!
  3. Rhule's record in December = Embarrassing
  4. WTF did we ever do to Cam Jordan? I can't think of another defender in our division that seems to take such perverse enjoyment in hitting our QBs like he does.
  5. For real, at least make it entertaining. Players used to play so hard for Fox and Rivera in December. This Rhule team is shameful.
  6. Sam Darnold is like an awkward teen who is unsure of him self. If you're gonna celebrate the first down do it with flair. Don't turn your back and point like you're scared.
  7. Good job defending that pass DJ Moore, just get in there and knock it down.
  8. Robbie Anderson with the excellent block for DJ Moore.... /sarcasm
  9. I really wish these announcers would stop talking about how great these defenses are and speak on how shitty these offenses are.
  10. All you have to do to is rush Sam and shadow his RB and he falls apart. At no point was he looking downfield on that last play.
  11. One day we are gonna break the big one... Just not today.
  12. I'm not even mad. This Ron beat us in his style game. He loves them tight and close.
  13. Dude in the crowd just screamed a holding penalty is next. Refs trying to win it for Washington.
  14. I've never jizzed so hard as I did on that completion. My boxers are an absolute mess.
  15. Finally converts on the thirds with the Texas route to McCafferey
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