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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a team that was losing take a knee to end the game. We fuged them so hard they tapped out.
  2. Alvin Kumara looking like he's gonna go home listen to Drake and write a long text to Drew Brees about how much he misses him.
  3. Chandler is gonna go home and watch that replay over and over thinking damn that was my time to shine... XD
  4. Take CMC out for the rest of the game. Let Chuba take these hits.
  5. "There wasn't anything wrong with Teddy Bridgewater." - What the fug are these announcers talking about?
  6. WTF is going on. Matt Rhule looking like me right now. Why can't these kickers make an extra point?
  7. We have to start producing in the second half. If not we are quickly going to get exposed by real teams.
  8. Sam Delhomme out here ballin. Making smart decisions and good plays for the most part.
  9. all these stats are cool but we need to put more points on the board
  10. Marshall needs to get it together. He looked like a star in preseason.
  11. And this is why I selected our defense in every one of my fantasy drafts.
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