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  1. I like Moore and I would prefer we keep him but I don’t understand why so many act like he’s some superstar WR. He’s probably a top 20 but that could be argued. He’s definitely not a top 10. He’s never taken over a game, I’m pretty sure he’s never scored a TD two weeks in a row, rarely blocks and he’s not a red zone threat. He’s a good WR but if a team offers a first round and something else I think you have to trade him. It’s not that hard to find a WR who can get garbage yards and score 4 TD’s a season…..
  2. I hope I’m proven wrong but I don’t see us winning this one. Atlanta usually has our number and they’ve been competitive all season with the exception of the Cincy game. Atlanta 24 Carolina 16.
  3. All the talk about tanking and we’re whipping the Bucs and are about to be 2-0 in the division and one game back. I can actually see them winning this awful division at 7-10.
  4. I would rather grab a couple of free agent running backs and just do committee instead of drafting a running back. I would try to get someone like Alexander Mattison, David Montgomery or Josh Jacobs in the off-season and use the draft picks on other spots.
  5. I agree 100%. There hasn’t been a running back traded for a first rounder in about a decade. That RB out of Texas or Alabama could probably get taken in the second round this year and be very productive as well at a fraction of the cost.
  6. I don’t understand why so many really thought CMC would bring back a first round pick. He’s had one great year. He’s barely played for three seasons and the best ability is availability. He’s a great talent but running backs are probably the easiest position to replace. Multiple picks for a guy who averages 7 games a season and probably didn’t even want to be here anymore doesn’t seem that bad to me.
  7. Between the two of them I’ll give Stroud a slight edge because of his size. With that being said I like Levis more than either of them.
  8. I agree with a lot of this but I would definitely put a top 3 QB out there on day one and see what he’s got.
  9. I like both players a lot but I would trade either for a first round or a high 2nd round IF they could make it work with cap numbers and free up money to spread around to get more players in free agency. CMC is always hurt and running back is one of the easiest spots to replace. I understand Moore has had awful QB play but I don’t see him as some superstar WR either. I can’t think of a single game that’s he’s ever taken over and he averages four TD’s a season.
  10. That’s my preference too. I think it’s a perfect fit. As a former player he would have a lot of respect plus he’s young and can relate. Besides Rhule who was basically a rah rah PR guy every single head coach we’ve had was a defensive one. It’s our culture.
  11. I would be shocked if we win. I could see us hanging around for a half but ultimately lose by about 14 points. I just can’t envision PJ Walker rolling up into LA and upsetting the Rams.
  12. I don’t think he’s a sure fire superstar but I would be ok with Levis. He has a lot of upside. Great size, big arm and pretty athletic. Stroud and Young both scare me. It’s so hard to get a gauge on how good Alabama and OSU QB’s are because they always have a stacked roster.
  13. Cam in Arizona. Then it all went down hill.
  14. I like Ron a lot. Seems like a good man and I still think he’s a decent coach and pretty good motivator at times. However that’s a big no for me as well and would prefer someone else. I don’t want a retread. I want someone new and hope we get lucky and get the next big thing.
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