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  1. I think we have different definitions of turning points. It'd only be a turning point if we were 1-2 or something. We're 3-0. A win just means we're still pointing in the right direction.
  2. That tweet going around is terrible. https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2021/09/27/jags-safety-rayshawn-jenkins-on-c-j-henderson-trade-we-have-everybody-that-we-need/ He was asked if it was difficult working with Henderson because of how quiet and reserved he was. Then Jenkins says nah, everyone learns differently, and that he's been in plenty of situations where he's had to work or interact with someone who was different. The tweet makes it seem like Jenkins called him "different" unprovoked. He was answering a question about his quietness.
  3. I knew Gross-Matos was injured but didn't realize it was going to be a multi-week injury. Oh well. Let the big man rest up.
  4. What it means is there there is literally no excuse not to go OL with the 1st pick next year unless an absolute stud, I'm talking STUD, falls to us. Otherwise why would OL not be the 1st pick? CB, no. WR, no. TE, no. RB, lol. QB, probably not unless Darnold face-plants but even if he does... the QB class is horrendous. DE or DT, not unless a stud falls and I only say that because you can never have enough pass rushers. LB, nah unless it is a stud. Really the only other position that I would say right now might warrant a 1st round selection is safety. Otherwise it has got to be OL, right?
  5. We just have too many other things that will need our $ though. I know we can afford to keep Jackson but the question is does it make a lot of sense to do so? Reddick and Moore definitely deserve to get paid and need to. Brian Burns is likely going to need an extension soon. We need to upgrade the OL. I just feel like in terms of importance, Donte Jackson will be a little ways down the list. Maybe if we could afford him at the going rate for #2 CBs but Jackson will get #1 CB money.
  6. Jackson isn't being re-signed. It just ain't happening. Love him and I'm so happy to see him maximize his skill-set this year like I always knew he could, but it just doesn't make sense for this team to re-sign him at the $$ he'll be worth. And schematically, I don't think you are getting the best out of any of our 3 corners (Horn, Jackson, Henderson) if you put them at nickel. I'd much rather us use that money on the OL. We also need to extend Moore and Reddick.
  7. Marty sucked, but to be fair he still is responsible for the best trade we've ever pulled off so far Darnold and Henderson have the potential to change that but it'll be hard
  8. #1 priority is making sure Horn is healthy, so I'm cool if we don't see him again until next year. But if he's back for the playoffs? Oh boy. OH BOY.
  9. Oh I'm pumped. I love Henderson's talent and he fits this defense so, so well.
  10. Talent isn't the issue. Him and the front office and coaching staff had a falling out, and neither side wanted to work with each other anymore. That is absolutely something that should worry us as Panthers fans, but at the same time we also have no reason not to trust Rhule and Fitt. I trust Rhule to get a player's head on straight. By all accounts the team loves the guy.
  11. It was just a groin injury. And like I said in the Sherman thread, he just wasn't an ideal fit for this defense. IMO we'd have only signed him as a last resort. Solid corner but just not a smart fit in a press-man defense at his age. He's gotta be in heavy zone.
  12. Injuries. He has freakish talent and can play man.
  13. I don't know how he's done in Jacksonville but he was a fantastic prospect. I heard he had a falling out with the team though. Possibly an Urban Meyer thing. Either way he's got unbelievable talent.
  14. IN ON EVERY DEAL I absolutely loved CJ Henderson as a prospect and Matt Rhule and co. have done an outstanding job developing guy since they got here. Sucks to give up another 2022 pick but Henderson is without a doubt, easily better than any 3rd rounder we could have drafted and he's still on his rookie contract. We could potentially have an elite CB duo a year from now if Henderson lives up to his potential. This all but guarantees Jackson isn't being re-signed though, right?
  15. Lol yeah but the Saints have played pretty good defense all year, even against the Packers. They are 100% legit. But yeah the Patriots offense is horrendous.
  16. But it doesn't need to be public. And you have no idea if he has already apologized or not. I feel confident that he probably has apologized to them. He's probably still with his wife. I just feel like this is something that as a fan we shouldn't care about. It isn't our business. And it isn't like Sherman sexually assaulted someone, shot someone, punched someone, etc. He just had a horrible night of drinking and made a mistake by driving. It happens. As long as he is doing his best to fix what he's got going on, and by all accounts he is doing that, then we shouldn't hold a bad night against him or expect him to publicly apologize.
  17. Why does it have to be public? What does anything that happens in Sherman's household have to do with you? Sherman made a mistake, he's in therapy to try and fix his mental. Even his wife on the phone said this wasn't Sherman's usual behavior. Sh*t happens. Not sure why we need or deserve a public apology. Especially from a guy who, prior to this, gave us no reason to think he was a bad dude. He's done a LOT for communities too.
  18. I'm still a fan and think he has a lot of potential given there is absolutely a learning curve for a new-ish OC, someone who is only 32 years old. And I hope we stick with him for a long time. But honestly, at this present time, I think he is a tad overrated. Not because I don't think he's good - I think a lot of problems people see are just him having to try and play-call around a terrible OL. But he's also not this genius whiz that the media sometimes paint him as. He's a solid play-caller with potential to be great one day. Is he ready to be a HC? Probably not but who knows. Nobody can really know who is gonna be a great HC.
  19. Robby Anderson has always been a guy who goes stretches where he isn't making a noticeable impact on the game. This isn't on Darnold - it is just the kind of player Anderson is. Anderson had a hot start last year, but I think it makes everyone forget that by the second-half of the season, this was the Anderson we were getting. In his last 8 games last year, he only averaged 50 YPG. Yeah the 34 he is averaging now is a lot worse but really he's always been a boom-or-bust #2 kind of receiver. And that is okay. We have DJ Moore. We don't need Anderson to be a #1. He's still good. That is also why they drafted Terrace Marshall, so that when Anderson isn't able to get open deep, we have another option to throw to underneath. If anyone should expect to see a lot more touches with CMC out, it is Marshall.
  20. Is that Joe Person asking all those dumb as hell questions?
  21. Yeah, but he's 33 years old now. I'm not saying Sherman couldn't play man, but his bread-and-butter was in zone. And now he's old and had some lower leg injuries. It is just a risk to ask him to do the same thing our younger corners are asked to do.
  22. Sherman wouldn't really make a lot of sense. From what I'm seeing, we're asking our corners to play a lot of man. That is what is allowing us to play so free with our blitzes. Sherman is a good, veteran corner, but he excels in zone. He wouldn't fit here. But, I mean, it is maybe worth a shot.
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