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  1. By the way, you ever find that post where I called them dominant or celebrated a 5-12 season yet?
  2. LMAO Is this not the biggest cop-out ever seen on the forum? Guy makes a statement, gets called out for how BS it was, and then instead of admitting he was wrong, tells me that I have to explain and defend 12 games all for him to defend 1 (which he probably won't do anyway). You are hilarious, dude. Never change.
  3. "2000 Ravens defense would have won it"
  4. But the Giants isn't true. The defense wasn't at fault that game. And I literally just showed you why. So no, they aren't "one of several." But give it a shot. Explain to us how the defense was the problem that game. I would LOVE to hear that argument. All you do is spout BS. The only one who is reaching here is you, considering you have twisted my words on at least two occasions already in this thread. So if I am reaching, then go ahead. Tell me how the Giants offense put up "big points" on the defense and why it was the defenses fault. I gave you reasons why I didn't think it was on the defense and predictably, you didn't respond to any of them. So if I am reaching, then it should be pretty easy for you to counter, right? Also, why didn't you respond to me asking you for when I referred to the defense as dominant? Since you aren't reaching and I am, it should be pretty easy for you to find where I called them dominant or even great, right?
  5. What an absurd statement. Giants didn't score their first touchdown until there was 59 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. The only other touchdown they was scored was late in the 4th after the Panthers turned the ball over on downs on their own 18 yard line. They also had a 53 yard field goal gifted to them after the Panthers punted and gave them the ball on their own 46 yard line. Giants only needed 19 yards that drive to get into field goal range. Panthers that game had 12 drives on offense. 1 ended in a safety. 1 ended in an interception. 2 ended in turnovers on downs. 7 ended in punts, including an astonishing 6 3 and outs. But yeah, the Giants offense "put up big points on us." I mean seriously dude, out of all 17 games, it was that game you tried to use to slam the defense lol?
  6. You are such an idiot. Here you go twisting words again. Am I the only one around here who notices how much you consistently do this? Please show me one post, just one, where I referred to the Panthers defense as dominant. When have I ever made that assertion?
  7. Bro, what kind of dumbass logic is this? Nobody is celebrating a 5-12 season This is why talking to you is so infuriating lol. You change goal-posts constantly. You do realize you can both be unsatisfied with the performance of the overall team and yet still acknowledge the defense was good, right? The Panthers gave up a lot of leads primarily because the offense was hot garbage. Was the defense perfect? No, of course not, but they were good enough for the Panthers to contend for the playoffs had the offense been above average. Just because they couldn't will the team to the postseason like the freakin' 00 Ravens doesn't make them bad, and the fact that you would try to create that parallel is exactly the kind of idiocy I would expect from you. And honestly, I have no problem calling you out in the manner that I am because you consistently belittle others on this site.
  8. Panthers allowed the 8th fewest first downs in the NFL and led the league in shortest number of plays per drive allowed. "Wasn't a good defense"
  9. My mans is really using the 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense as a way to slight ours.
  10. Lol. You are such a sh*t poster. By this logic, no team with a losing record can claim to have a good defense?
  11. Saying it as if this isn't a major factor is laughable. The Panthers defense had the worst starting field position in the NFL. They ranked 6th in net passing yards per attempt and 8th in rushing yards per attempt. The consistently terrible field position is absolutely the main reason behind the failed leads.
  12. The defense had far less talent in 2020 and still managed to finish in the top 20. How can anyone possibly think a bottom-5 finish for the defense is likely? I'm not saying we'll be great or anything but I'd be shocked if the defense was one of the 5 worst in the league.
  13. Why are some of you guys acting like the Panthers are the only team that has ever overlooked off-the-field issues for a superbly talented player? Yeah, no crap the Panthers were likely more willing to overlook any issues Watson would bring vs issues Mayfield could bring, given Watson is a much better QB. And who says the Panthers didn't do their due diligence on Watson, given they weren't willing to fully guarantee the contract? Clearly they had their own reservations, however far they went. It isn't like Tepper couldn't afford to guarantee the contract. But sure, yeah, let's push the narrative. And this is not me defending anything Watson has done. Obviously it was terrible and he deserves a full-year suspension. But stop acting like the Panthers stance is unique. The fact of the matter is, in all sports, the athletes at the top will be shown more leniency vs the athletes at the bottom. I don't find it surprising at all they wouldn't want to bring Mayfield in if he's going to bring a lot of baggage, because guess what? He's not as good as Watson and likely never will be. And if you have a problem with that, then I don't know what to tell you. Sports have always been like that and they always will be. The better you are, the more franchises will let you get away with.
  14. Probably just something to do with
  15. The NBA embraces players with over-the-top personalities. They market those players better than any other league does. That in turn leads to a higher social media presence which in turn attracts younger viewers. The NFL and its fans vilify anyone who acts different. Cam would have been adored in the NBA. In the NFL, he was the "villain" for so many people. Could you imagine the reception if Draymond Green was an NFL player holding a weekly podcast during his teams playoff run?
  16. Matt Corral's best comparison, in my opinion, is Dak Prescott. I think that is his upside if he reaches it. Similar games, although Prescott was more of a running threat in college but it hasn't been a huge part of his game in the pros. Similar size. Similar athletes, Prescott is a bit stronger. Similar strengths and weaknesses coming out of college. Dak is the guy I go back to every time I watch Corral.
  17. I get people don't want to trade future capital, but I would be absolutely okay with trading back into the 2nd or 3rd to snatch Willis or Howell. It will depend on the compensation of course, but that is a lot of value at a major, major position of need. I'd probably prefer Howell. I like Willis more if you are talking 1st round because you want that upside when you are picking that high, but Howell's floor is FAR higher so I like him a bit more in the 2nd or 3rd if that logic makes sense.
  18. I don't even know why people complain about not hearing certain people speak and then complain when they speak and give PR answers. What would you expect an owner to say about his employed head coach? To say he's on the hot seat? To say we need to make the playoffs or he's done?
  19. He's just giving his currently employed head coach a vote of confidence. People crying for no reason. Sure, if he actually ends up here for 5 years, then complain away. But what is Tepper supposed to say? "Yeah, I think we'll fire him if we have another down season?" "Yeah, I'm not sure how many years we've got left in this partnership?" Come on now. It was a PR statement, nothing more, nothing less.
  20. I mean, to be fair, they played him in the correct role his rookie year. I don't think it is a matter of them not figuring it out, so much as they felt like he truly was the best option as our deep cover safety last year. And they were probably right. We did have a top 10 pass defense after all. It feels like last year they played him more in a traditional zone safety role more out of necessity than anything else.
  21. There is nothing wrong with Chinn at safety He however should not be your best safety in coverage
  22. Robby Anderson is a clown. I don't care if he doesn't want Mayfield, but don't make it known like this on social media. So stupid. It puts the entire team in a pickle and creates a toxic environment in the scenario that Mayfield does end up here.
  23. If Sam Darnold truly in his mind believes this, then it explains why he sucks and probably won't get any better.
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