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  1. Who is giving a big deal to Donte Jackson? Even if he performs well this year, I doubt he would get a big deal from us given we just took a corner at #8. And Jackson on his best day ain't really worth that investment as a #2. He only comes back on a reasonably priced contract.
  2. What? If he wants to get extended, and we won't extend him, then logically he would like to be traded to a team that will extend him before he plays on a 1-year deal. I never said anything about him sitting out a season or forcing a trade.
  3. Julio is 32, was hurt last year, and has a fat contract. Sanu went for a 2nd round pick. Now granted that was obviously a dumb move by the Patriots when it happened but I don't think it's unreasonable that a team would trade a 2nd for Robby, especially once injuries happen.
  4. Joey Slye is definitely the most frustrating kicker we've had since Olindo Mare (another brilliant Hurndog move), right?
  5. I'm not an insider, but I think it is obvious he wants an extension or to be traded to a team who will give it to him. It would suck to lose him but at the same time when you are a rebuilding team, getting compensation for a guy who will leave in a year can be very beneficial.
  6. Rookie DTs rarely make a huge impact unless they are generational talents (Donald, Suh), especially guys who are run stuffers.
  7. As much as this actually hurts them even more, I also don't want to deal with defending Julio, Ridley, and Pitts. That's just dirty. No way they don't have a top five passing game if Julio stays.
  8. I think our defense is going to be great. The biggest advantage is the speed and youth of the unit. Remember how bad the 2019 defense was in Rivera's last year? We were too slow. Teams would beat us to the edge with ease. Teams aren't going to beat this team to the edge easily. So much athleticism and strength in the front seven. Last years unit was better than it had any reason being. No reason to think this defense can't/won't finish in the top 15 barring injuries.
  9. NBA isn't the NBA Hall of Fame, but the Basketball Hall of Fame. They consider everything you have accomplished outside of the NBA too. Sabonis has a long, long list of accomplishments.
  10. I mean, of course he has more All-Purpose yards. He returned punts and kicks for 14 years. He doesn't even have 9,000 YFS.
  11. In what world is Darren Sproles a HOFer
  12. You missed the 2 best years for offensive supporting casts - Delhomme in '08/'09 and Cam in '11 Delhomme had the best running game in the NFL (Stew and Williams), a monster OL, prime Smitty, and a great #2 in Moose Cam had a solid OL, still the best running back duo in the NFL albeit not as good as they were in '08/'09, the second best TE duo behind Gronk/Hernandez (Olsen/Shockey), and still a very great Steve Smith. Delhomme wasted the '08/'09 teams. Defense wasted the 2011 team.
  13. Ravens with Julio Jones would be unfair.
  14. Eh, he ain't a better deep threat than Moss but he's definitely top-5 minimum all-time (strictly talking about his deep threat ability). EDIT - Assuming he doesn't suffer a terrible injury or anything
  15. I'd be really surprised if Roy and/or Pride were let go. All things considered, Pride played well last year relative to his draft position. Plus, Bouye will miss the first 2 games. I think he'll at the very least be active until Bouye's return. We finished the year with 4 DTs and 9 overall defensive lineman. Brown and Jones are a lock. Nixon probably is too. But who would be the other DT who beats out Roy? And assuming Burns/YGM/Haynes/Fox/Miller stick, that would leave us with 9 DL. So I think Roy stays barring another person being signed.
  16. In what context? All-time bad as in, every NFL team included? Probably not. We still came away with Brian Burns. I'm sure there are drafts out there that came with 0 contributors. All-time bad in just Panthers history? I mean, it's terrible, but I think these drafts were worse: 2016 (Gettleman): We had 5 picks and spent 3 of them on CBs. Our 1st round pick was spent on a DT, which we did not need in the 1st. Bradberry turned out to be solid, but this might be our worst draft. At least 2019 has potentially given us good depth guys like Daley and Miller. Gettleman didn't mak
  17. Richard Marshall's career here made no sense to me. I could never tell if he was good or not. Him and Gamble were so, so good in 2009, but then Marshall decided to be terrible in 2010 lol
  18. Tyler Brayton is another guy I liked a lot that I haven't seen mentioned yet.
  19. Matt Moore. I loved him. He wasn't given a fair shake in 2010. Yeah he wasn't great and probably not cut out to be a full-time starter, but he had a lot going against him that year. You could say the same for Clausen, but the biggest difference is Clausen was physically overmatched. Moore, to me, just seemed like he was trying too hard to overcompensate for a lot of other issues.
  20. Nah, you can't trust a whiner like Teddy. This isn't the first time he's tried to deflect blame elsewhere too (the DJ Moore redzone situation comes to mind). I get people like him and think he's a good dude or whatever because he overcame injury, but man none of our QBs ever failed to take responsibility as much as he did. He just lacks that competitive edge. I mean hell, I seriously doubt Mike Shula was running practices better than Joe Brady, but you never heard Cam Newton say anything bad about Shula. Teddy is a whiner, and you can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth because
  21. I mean, he went 9-7 in his first season there. 6-10 in the second. Obviously not great, but they weren't TERRIBLE, they just didn't have a QB. I think Saban could have had success if he stuck it out, but I do agree he's a much better college coach.
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