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  1. It is easier to bat down passes when you don't have pads on.
  2. To be fair, if Byrd had any intention of calling for a fair catch, he could have let the ball roll into the endzone. That is an example of someone who would have brought it out for a return regardless of the rules.
  3. If you don't think the Panthers win 9+ games, fair enough. But you do realize plenty of rookie QBs have won 9+ games before, right? It isn't that uncommon and certainly not a prediction that is "silly". Matt Ryan won 11 games with 1st year Mike Smith. Flacco won 11 games with 1st year Harbaugh. Russ won 11 games with Pete Carroll. RG3 won 10 games with Mike Shanahan. Kyle freakin' Orton won 10 games as a rookie. We know about Dak's rookie year. We know about Ben's rookie year. Mac Jones won 10+ games. Luck won 10+ games. LIS, if you don't think the Panthers win 9+ games, then I can see the argument. But you make it seem like rookie QBs are incapable of having great team success and that just isn't true.
  4. Fans doubt Bryce Young far more than NFL teams/scouts seem to.
  5. Tempted to make the drive down for the Week 1 game against Atlanta.
  6. I have no expectations for Tremble, but I think Marshall is going to have a really good year. I'm thinking 800+ yards and 5+ TDs.
  7. I actually love the nosebleeds at BOA.
  8. Should be a good game, but not looking forward to being the first team to have to try and stop that run game.
  9. No. Cowboys always play at home on Thanksgiving.
  10. I'm skeptical he even watched highlights. Who watches Bryce Young and comes away thinking he has average mobility?
  11. "Average mobility" is such a bad take.
  12. Richard Marshall deserves consideration. I know he was inconsistent here, but what Panthers CB hasn't been? His 2009 season was great IIRC. Certainly better than any season Munnerlyn had. Ken Lucas was SO bad in 2008 that I think it bars him from any consideration in an "all-time" list. Ken Lucas in the second half of that season to the playoffs might be the worst corner play in Panthers history and that is saying a lot.
  13. Unless you believe that much in Derek Carr or are that low on Bryce Young, I don't see how the Panthers aren't the favorites in the NFC South. I think it is between us and the Saints for sure. And I can say with 100% confidence that isn't me being a homer or anything like that. Look at the rosters. Not to mention the Panthers, at least on paper, have the best coaching staff in the division by a country mile. Although I do like Arthur Smith.
  14. He has plenty of talent around him. Ridley, Kirk, Jones, Engram, and Etienne.
  15. This is a HOG molly All our picks so far share one trait and that's toughness.
  16. Clearly there is a reason Simpson is still on the board despite his "first round grade"
  17. The same Ron who benched Cam for a drive because he didn't wear a tie?
  18. Damn, I forgot how stacked our coaching staff is.
  19. I'd like this. We need a pass rusher and the 5th-year option can be valuable as we see with Brian Burns.
  20. Nothing wrong with being concerned. That is reasonable and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to me it doesn't make sense that some people (not you) write him off because of his size when as Panther fans two of our most iconic players were undersized. Despite his size Young has often been the best player on any field he's been on. That doesn't guarantee NFL success, but what it tells me is this man must be doing something right off the field to be putting himself in a position to be the best despite his non-traditional side. Everything I hear about his mental and preparation gives me so much hope. Either way. I agree with you - Young has the potential to prove size doesn't matter like greats such as Mills before us. And I'm rooting so hard for him to succeed. Just seems like a likable guy who just wants to play football at the highest level.
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