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  1. I don’t know anything either way but I would be surprised is he does not play. First, he loses around $900,000. Second, you take your distraction to the next level which impacts your teammates and staff. This tends to make people a little less understanding.
  2. This is a very good point. The FO has created quite the headache for themselves whichever direction this goes. Doubtful you keep him without giving him what he wants, and doubtful you find what was offered to you last season. There is a chance you could hold on to him until the deadline (which I highly doubt will happen) and trade him off to a team who loses a pass rusher or feels they are a pass rusher away from the postseason. I don't see this dragging out for an extended period. Tepper just gave a lot of money to assemble this staff and mortgaged a fortune to draft a QB 1st overall, he isn't going to have it distracted by a holdout player that could have been extended or traded by the GM over the past year or so.
  3. Not hearing anything new. Was reported that the Panthers are letting Burns decide whether or not to play Sunday. To reiterate what I heard earlier, I've been told that if he doesn't play the FO is going to take it personal but who knows? Things change daily. I haven't heard anything on the trade front either except for the couple of teams that called sniffing around earlier in the week. Everything is pretty quiet.
  4. Conversations last night stopped at GTD money again. Closer but still not there. Have been told if Burns holds out Sunday it is highly likely he will be found a new home.
  5. The tentative deal is right at 140m over 5 years. GTD money still the issue.
  6. That is up to you. In the particular situation you are referencing, the information given to me was that the Panthers were interested in Carr which was shortly followed by a scheduled visit with said player and prior to the trade with the Chicago Bears. (Which I personally believe was entirely a David Tepper move and nobody else- no evidence just opinion). I will be clear with folks that I do not work in the building, and my information is not always firsthand so there will be discrepancies. If FOs and GMs can fake other GMs and FO's out, they surely can me as well and I apologize for any inaccuracies I may have posted previously. On the Burns situation my information has been pretty clear on the following. A) originally far apart on annual salary which is tentatively agreed upon now. B) Guaranteed amount is the main roadblock, signing bonus isn't there but that can be worked out in different ways. For those unfamiliar with contract negotiations, there are multiple dials that get turned to create a suitable deal for both parties. Length, Annual Salary, GTD amount, and bonuses are typically those dials. So perhaps, GTD money went down because annual salary went up, I don't really know. I am just passing what I have been told. A poster last night said that the Raiders are moving money around in a bid for him. I still have not heard anything on this. I have been told by a different individual that teams have called but that is it. I imagine this is information that will stay pretty close to the FO until if/when it happens. I will say that from my PERSONAL point of view if Burns misses a game(s) his probably of being traded increases significantly. I do not the impression from this staff that distractions are going to be entertained very long.
  7. No deal has been made. There is a tentative agreement on the yearly salary as I said last night but still too far apart on guaranteed amount and signing bonus.
  8. distracting environment* Pardon my grammar. It is past my normal bedtime.
  9. Have not heard anything about the Raiders. I have heard that teams have contacted the Panthers but they haven’t reached out to anyone regarding BB. Have also heard that the discussion is not about annual salary but rather guaranteed amount and signing bonus which is still far apart as of yesterday. I would be very surprised if this drags on longer than a week or two as it is creating a distracting for a brand new coach and rookie QB in their first season together. I imagine the front office will cave or reach a trade deal with another team soon.
  10. I think too many people are blaming a coaching staff that hasn't coached their first regular season game. As a poster mentioned above, I think the results from this season is more reflecting on the GM. I have been in multiple circles that infer that Scott Fitterer values getting "deals" over the right player for the team. You can see this with the number of guys that get signed with injury plagued careers or coming off of questionable seasons. I have also been told (and I believe it) that the entire Baker Mayfield ordeal was orchestrated by the front office as the Darnold and Corral duo was the vision of the coaching staff. So before blaming the brand new coaching staff with years of NFL experience, I would look at who is supplying the players. Frank Reich does not have the roster control that Matt Rhule had. I see multiple people complaining about players such as Jordan and Erving. However, Frank Reich did not bring them back. He also didn't draft Keith Taylor and trade for CJ Henderson. Give the new coaching staff a break, these guys are professionals and a complete 180 turn from the previous group.
  11. People use Vegas to represent their opinion when it's convenient, similar to how people cherry pick statistics. This is just the lines correcting themselves in favor of Levis' increased popularity and Stroud falling. The Reddit article is likely BS but may have accelerated it, it was going to happen anyways.
  12. This is just the "draft market" correcting itself to make Levis the #2 QB. I have heard since February and even mentioned on here that they like Levis. However, he is not their #1 QB. The only way I see Carolina taking Levis is if they make some deal to trade out of the number 1 slot-which could happen if there is a tempting offer. OR something very damaging is released about Young- which I highly doubt.
  13. I wouldn't believe much on the Young hype, everything I have heard indicates CJ Stroud (even before FA). Stroud checks too many boxes for the Panthers and people are looking too far into it when the answer is right in front of them.
  14. I would if I could, but I was only told that they did not really want to change the uniform drastically, only "update" it to make it appear more modern. A few years back they took the logo off the pants and changed the shoulder numbers, I imagine it will be more than that.
  15. There is something in the works that will be released soon. I have been told it’s more of a “modernizing” update with the same uniforms than a complete overhaul. The summer after Rhule was hired there was a plan to make the blue jerseys the primary home jersey with white pants and switch to white helmets that would also match the white away jerseys. The black would become an alternate that was worn up to twice per season per league rules. This idea got pigeon-holed. I don’t think this is the direction they are going, especially with the release of the black helmets last year, but who knows.
  16. There are about 5-7 people in that building that see the actual draft board (which is electronic). It’s probably the most guarded thing in that building right now, anyone who says they know, is making an educated prediction. I can tell you from what I have seen there is much more hype around CJ Stroud from the staff.
  17. Panthers have reached out to representatives of Zach Allen to gauge interest. Adrian Wilson connection.
  18. Panthers are expected to kick the tires on Jakobi Meyers (no rhyme intended). Will depend on his interest and willingness to structure his contract to suit them.
  19. To be clear this is where it started, I couldn’t tell you where it is at now. I have a hard time believing that Carolina can go higher than their initial number of around 8 million/yr but who knows? I personally believed they would try to get a team friendly first year and then pay out the remaining years higher, and they still may but I haven’t heard that. It really boils down to how much the Bozemans’ want to remain in Charlotte.
  20. They are still working on a deal but were very far apart in the beginning. Panthers chose not to franchise tag him because they do not believe his market value is what his representatives are claiming (Appx. 16 million/yr) which was right at the value of the franchise tag. Panthers feel he is more in the 8-9 million/yr range. It is a good possibility that they keep Elflein-which is why he has not been released yet.
  21. Chicago wanted Moore. Burns is completely in play.
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