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  1. I voted for the uniforms because whoever voted first bypassed all of that awesome stuff just to go down and complain about the uniforms must really dislike them. I will 2nd your vote whoever you are sir.
  2. Rumors circling that Bucs at BOA might be week 2.
  3. A, B, and C, A- shows improvement and people forget about last year. B- Hit and miss with serious questions going into year 3. C- Horrible performance that leads to early benching or perhaps sustains an inuyry.
  4. I don’t think Tepper meant anything malicious with the interaction. He’s a billionaire who is very forthcoming in his social moments,
  5. TBH, I thought they would go CB or C. Frazier and the kid from Oregon was still on the board. Even still, Cooper Dejean was available. This kid was ranked 8th on PFF's draft board and is literally exactly what you want at CB if you run a heavy zone scheme like Evero runs. Really looks like they are just trying to mimic DK Metcalf from Seattle's offense with the Legette selection.
  6. Well, I knew if he was there that they would take him. I really thought he would go to Baltimore or KC though. Really, I had a 3rd round grade on him. Those interested should check out his completion % per the route tree. If he doesn't have inside leverage he doesn't win, so digs, slants, drags, etc. Personally, I think there is a better chance that Jonathan Mingo develops in this new offense than Legette turns into a 1st round prospect.
  7. Really good insight, Bear Hands. I appreciate the breakdown. I am very interested to see who pulls the plug on the Tier II WRs.Of course, we all know the top 3, but when the 2nd tier of talent starts to go will determine who is left at 33. If it happens before 27 or so, I can see Carolina trading down or going BPA. If it happens later around pick 30, I could almost foresee a WR going at 33 to Carolina. thanks for the insight!
  8. You’re overthinking it, he was referring to a unanimous consensus, not a comparable example.
  9. You know there is a lot of things pointing to Legette and Carolina (most notably Legette himself). I also think about it this way. If there is a lot of preverbal smoke around the Panthers taking him at 33. Would you not share this in an attempt to get one of the teams late in the first to pull the trigger on you. Personally, I think Legette is overrated and closer to a 3rd round talent. Unfortunately I do think the Panthers really like him. If you're Legette and you know this, then maybe you announce it in an attempt to get one of the competitors to draft you late in the 1st. You get a small salary bump and get to play for somebody who was just in the postseason. Arizona, Buffalo, Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Kansas City are the last 6 picks in the 1st. All of them can use a WR.
  10. There are two reasons why a trade down this year could be more valuable. A) There are a lot of teams needing a QB this year. If Penix or Nix makes it down to 33, you could bid that pick off. B) There will be 4-6 QBs taken in the 1st round. This means there will be a few "1st round talents" make it into the start of Day 2. I don't recommend the Panthers go far past 33 if they do trade down. There is a talent drop off around pick 40-42.
  11. The Faucet’s Only Mock Xavier Legette would be my selection for the Panthers at No. 33- However, I don’t think he makes it past the Ravens or Chiefs on Day 1. In my scenario, the Chargers offer Carolina 37, 110, 140 to move to pick 33 to draft Jer’Zhan Newton to start the 2nd round. On Day 3, the Panthers trade back again as the Jaguars move up to 142 in exchange for 153 and 212. 37. Zach Frazier (C) – West Virginia The twice All-American center has anchored the center of West Virginia’s OL since 2021. Frazier is a big, nasty, physical blocker who can play downhill and move people against their will. With the only Center being Austin Corbett who missed most of last season due to injury (and who has yet to play Center in the NFL), Frazier gives the Panthers a solid option to compete for the starting role right away. 39. Troy Franklin (WR)- Oregon Franklin brings height (6’3”) but lacks the size only weighing in around 180lbs. He has the ability to get open fast and is a deep threat down the field. In an offense that will be Play Action focused, Franklin’s speed will give the Panthers a home-run threat and explosive weapon. 65. Edgerrin Cooper (LB)- Texas A&M Cooper is very explosive and has demonstrated the ability to control the field horizontally. He is an interesting depth piece that can sit behind Thompson and Jewell this year as he develops into a long-term starter and potentially replacing one of them in the near future. 101. Renardo Green (CB)- Florida State Green hasn’t exactly blown anyone away with turnovers, but he has played physical and has no problem wrapping up or playing down hill against the run. 110. Cade Stover (TE)- Ohio State Stover has been a solid pass catcher for the Buckeyes the last two years. He has demonstrated the ability to get open in the 2nd level. While likely not a sure starter, he will probably compete with Tremble for the starting role down the stretch of the season. 140. Brendan Rice (WR)- USC Solid route runner and son of NFL Legend, Jerry Rice. Panthers double dip at WR. At 6’3” and 210 lbs, Rice brings some much-needed size into the WR room. 141. Maason Smith (DI)- LSU A very large and versatile guy, he can move around the defensive line and can even play the outside if needed in some situations. He adds valuable depth behind Brown, Robinson, and Tuttle. 153. Cody Schrader (RB)- Missouri At 5’9” and 215lbs, he is as physical as they come. He managed to run for 1600 yards and 14 TDs in the SEC last season. 212. Myles Murphy (DI)- North Carolina He fits the defensive end role perfectly for a 3-4. Will make for solid depth competition in the front rotation. 240. Joe Milton III (QB)- Tennessee Milton is 6’5” and 235lbs. He has showcased some impressive athleticism and speed. I would not be surprised if he sits on this offense as a Taysom Hill type and holding various special roles.
  12. Yeah, I don't know what to make on Young. I really didn't/don't feel like Young is what Morgan & Co. is really looking for. He has earned a reputation for not giving a damn in his last two roles. I feel pretty confident that Fuller will be signed. He has a good relationship with Evero and Cooley among others. Clowney on the other hand.. I think both sides want him to be here but it just comes to down to money really. Wonnum? eh, I don't really know.
  13. So according to the "Fitzgerald-Spielberger Trade Value Chart" they had Sam Howell valued at 199 points. Basically the value of pick 251 (late 7th) in the draft.
  14. Panthers have about 33-35 million in cap space, so it’s not a cash problem. Hunt only counted 6 million or so this year and Lewis was less than that. Plus they could get some more off of restructuring Moton, even though they aren’t wanting to.
  15. I imagine Carolina will still spend one of their Day 2 picks on a C. Corbett has played the role but seems to perform better at OG hence why he has been placed there by the Browns and Rams prior.
  16. You guys should check out Giants fans right now. They just made a 5-year commitment to pay a guy 30 million per season who can't defend the run and averages 8-9 sacks annually (and gave up draft capitol to get him) There were no winners in this trade, you all should relax.
  17. Where's the guy that told me it was going to be a 3rd or less? 2nd, 5th, and 24 million in cap space isn't bad. I wouldn't be upset if I were a fan, the Giants made him the second highest paid Edge- I don't think this fanbase wanted that.
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