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  1. Appreciate all the feedback, positive and negative. Glad we can have a civilized discussion with different points of views. I wish these players, coaches, staff, but most importantly fans all the best. Of course I hope there will be better days ahead, but I have no illusions this ownership is capable of producing anything substantial positive for this great fanbase. Tepp will continue milking loyal fans and giving them the middle finger at the same time. The decision to cut ties after almost three decades is extremely tough and I will have a lot of explaining to do to my social circle. But at the same time it feels right, it’s a new start. Most of you have been great and it will be strange going forward without the Huddle and the Panthers. But in the end, it’s just a game, a hobby and there are a million things more important in life. Y’all take care and keep pounding!
  2. Not sure I can do that. I like watching College Football but it is just not the same when you don’t “have a team”.
  3. 27 years bro. Been through all the misery.
  4. Iirc you’re from Denmark, right? I swear I was one of the first Panthers fans in Germany back in the 90s. Moved to Nova Scotia / Canada in 2015 and there ain't many Panthers fans here either. This is super hard for me, but enough is enough. I love Football too much not to watch it any more and I can’t watch a game being indifferent. The Huddle has been great over the years and I will miss some of you, despite I never posted much.
  5. That’s it for me. Been a die hard fan since 1996. Tepper broke this franchise. He wiped out our identity. Him and Nicole meddling with football operations destroyed the immediate future of this team. I spent tens of thousands of $$ over the years flying in from Germany and later Canada for games, home and away. Stayed up nights for prime time games. Just sat in my seat during the heavy downpour in Tampa last week, when 95% of the crowd went inside. Was trenched like never before. I never thought this was possible, but I am cancelling the Panthers with immediate effect. I will find a team that gives my family and me joy on Gamedays. Thanks David and Nicole, you probably have no idea what you have done to thousands of fans like me. To the Huddle, all the best!
  6. I would do it for that kind of money. Getting fired mid season with full pay for the remainder of the contract sounds like a deal to me lol.
  7. Speaking of, I happen to have one sideline ticket available in section 134. Our daughter was smart enough and deciding to stay home rather than going to Florida with her cool parents for that weekend. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
  8. Yup. Didn’t even watch the game. I’m so annoyed about how the Panthers are run. Been a fan since 1996. Not going to spend a single Cent on this product any more.
  9. Teams have first round grades on multiple players. They have to decide for one when it’s their turn.
  10. Transmitted fom animal to hunan in the 3rd week of November 2019.
  11. You so right......Timmie's kills Dunkin.....we have both.....

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      :-) Yeah, we have it good!

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