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  1. You don’t remember Richardson insulting Manning during the lock out? Andrew Luck staying in school when we had the first pick?
  2. If you think a Manning would play for Carolina, you are kidding yourself.
  3. I think we have a talented roster that could string together 7-8-9 wins. what we lack is a head coach. He alone will keep us in the 4-5-6 win range.
  4. Jimmy G is a perfect qb to mentor Corrall for a year. The guy seems to always be on a winning team and has been around some of the best to ever do it. I wouldn’t expect him to come in here and set the world on fire but he is a definitive upgrade over Sam and a third round rookie. id expect us to be a fringe wildcard team if he were the starter, barring injuries or course.
  5. This type of talk may have worked 20 years ago but it’s washed out now. The process is to produce wins. Rhule is incapable of that, thus the process is failed. when a process has failed, it’s time to find a new process.
  6. I’d like to see an alternate helmet introduced that has either the blue eyes or a claw scratch as opposed to the panthers head.
  7. If we were even average on the pp, this series would’ve been over in five.
  8. This is very true. Our defensive prowess at home hide him a lot.
  9. This is gonna be a four goal game for NY. Raanta can’t handle the road.
  10. Probably the most insane thing I’ve seen in hockey with those four goals in a little over a minute. Just insanity.
  11. We are about three inches from leading this game 4-1
  12. How we not stopping play for that but stopped it earlier when the rangers player was boarded?
  13. We calling that bs, but letting all that garbage that went on in NY go uncalled?
  14. Team is intimidated by good goalie play. Exact same thing against Tampa last year.
  15. I’ll be damned. We were finally included in those commercials.
  16. Had all kinds of momentum before that penalty.
  17. Yeah, we need him shooting that for sure.
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