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  1. I’d add Erickson’s heads up play on the muffed punt to the fame category. Had he not jumped on that, the game could have swung in a big way.
  2. Kinda want to see Darnold run the read option once. They aren’t respecting it at all.
  3. Watching Gano go out there in pressure situations and just straight rip a couple 50 yards makes me really sad.
  4. It’s been one game and I’m ready to see Tecklenburg, Brown and Christensen.
  5. I should also add that this isn’t the type of team we are going to be able to punt from our own 33 and win. Whatever “analytics” Rhule was leaning on for that call, he needs to scrap immediately.
  6. They have the best offensive line in the NFL. Our front four will have their work cut out for sure. With that said, them missing Davenport and Lattimore is a big deal. The offense will need to put up 24+ this week to win. I expect a close game with the Saints seeing a little more realistic side of Jameis this week than last week.
  7. I’ve criticized Brady a lot, but Sam missed a td to Ian Thomas and to Marshall. Brady’s play call had both of those guys open for six.
  8. This defense is fun to watch. Sam looks composed in the pocket. Great to see.
  9. My biggest complaint is that they’ve neutered the defenses through the rule changes. I don’t mind high flying offenses, but I think they should have to earn it without benefiting from defensive holding every four snaps.
  10. Both of these teams are gonna give us problems.
  11. Putting Moore or CMC back there in a regular season game is the type of thing that gets coaches fired.
  12. This game goes as CMC goes. If he can get loose, we win this one pretty comfortably. If the Jets bottle him up, we’re gonna lose.
  13. We struggled to protect him against backups. Any team with a pass rush is going to be a problem.
  14. Buckle up boys. This is gonna be a rough ride on offense. We’re gonna need CMC to be otherworldly at all times. Any team with a good middle linebacker is going to work us over. in other words, we’re not touching Tampa this year.
  15. Joe Brady clams up in the red zone. It’s now a trend.
  16. Figured you all would enjoy this. Titans linebackers describing their first ride on the CMC experience. Just a warning, has some language so nsfw.
  17. Darnold needs to get comfortable with the fact that he’s going to be uncomfortable behind whatever line we trot out this season. Even if our oline is at its best, it’s maybe a middle of the pack offensive line.
  18. The offensive line is a major concern but Joe Brady can mask that in three series by calling short pass plays, bubble screens, RB screens, etc in a preseason game without getting Darnold hit Him getting reps in a red jersey is completely different than him making decisions on the fly against dudes that are trying to get to him
  19. I get the rationale the staff is using in that he’s getting all his snaps against the other teams ones in the joint practices, however there is something to be said for sitting back there in a semi-real game knowing you could get hit. I figured he would play about three series last night. Having him in there for only one drive that started on the 35 yard line and ended in a four and out at r goal line, just confirms my thinking that Rhule is in way over his head.
  20. Defense is going to be fun to watch this year. Offense is going to have some moments but is going to be very inconsistent. Joey Slye is a huge liability. our back up QB situation and oline situation is among the bottom five in the league.
  21. Luvu looks like a keeper. Like his energy.
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