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  1. Having previously been a part of one of the best ran organizations in the NFL I can fully understand why not.
  2. We suck and Gilmore will age out before we don't suck. I didn't want to re-sign either of them.
  3. Yikes. Bad time to completely blow a coverage.
  4. When he puts that braided leather belt on it takes him back.
  5. I'd rather slam my dick in a car door.
  6. Look at those QB stats!!!! I tried to tell y'all in the first half that this feels like watching Mayfield vs. Darnold
  7. A 9-9 tie after OT would be the perfect ending to this poo show.
  8. Of course this terrible game looks destined for OT.
  9. Russell Wilson is complete ass.
  10. They converted that but that was a dumb call. A FG forcing the Colts to need a TD basically seals this game. I'm not sure the Colts could score a TD with no defense on the field.
  11. Somehow they're probably gonna be 3-2 after this game. Yeah, it's fool's gold and they'll end up drafting top 10 if Wilson can't jerk his head out of his ass but still. They're right in the hunt currently despite looking like complete ass.
  12. Oh, we don't deserve any credit. Russell probably said no and Watson ended up saying no. We failed to land them based on no shortage of effort on our part.
  13. They traded all that and backed up the Brinks truck for a guy that looks like complete ass. Like yeah, I'm super bummed about our QB situation and have been for years, but damn... at least we didn't do THAT. And don't forget, Deshaun Watson looked about like Matt Corral in preseason so the Browns might be right there too.
  14. To hide all that money he's stealing from the Broncos.
  15. The Colts' offense is honestly even worse than ours as unbelievable as that is to say. The difference is CMC.
  16. Niners will rack up points in the second half as our D gasses from being on the field all game and they make halftime adjustments.
  17. Russell Wilson headed into the tent. Whoever Brett Rypien is he can't be worse than what we've seen from Wilson tonight.
  18. Oh my god... THAT interception
  19. Watching Wilson and Ryan tonight has honestly felt like watching Baker Mayfield vs. Sam Darnold.
  20. Matt Ryan might actually be worse than Sam Darnold at this point.
  21. There's a classic horseshit Wilson prayer. Sling up an ill advised ball and somehow a receiver comes streaking out of nowhere to out-battle multiple DBs for it.
  22. His OC isn't throwing the ball. Wilson is missing a lot of open guys. That ain't the OC's fault.
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