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  1. One of the concerning things so far is that when he's tried to do this at the NFL level he's getting caught more often than not. He's definitely going to have to adjust to the faster overall defenses when it comes to his scrambling.
  2. It's definitely a soft Saturday of college football when duke might honestly be involved in the most intriguing matchup of the day.
  3. I was told by a good buddy who is an Eagles fan that Miles was nothing special and a product of that Eagles OL and that we'd quickly grow tired of watching him run into the backs of his OL when there's a hole to hit just a few feet away. I hoped it was sour grapes but it looks like he's right.
  4. I hope they do great in the $EC. I want everyone on UNC's schedule to kill it.
  5. Louisville might be the worst 5-0 team ever.
  6. Regular season, preseason, still waiting on something to get excited about bit there's no shortage of puff pieces trying to convince us he's a football savant. Maybe just ease up on the hype pieces and let the kid play and try to show something. Nobody's buying the hype anymore. It's go time.
  7. We've HEARD this same stuff ever since we drafted him. I want to SEE it.
  8. Achilles injuries are usually a career derailer. It is what it is.
  9. Definitely not stressing about it. Just saying that yeah, it would suck and it would demolish my logic for backing the move.
  10. I was onboard with the trade because I mistakenly thought we weren't going to be in a position to get a top 5 pick (or higher). After seeing how we played under Wilks I honestly thought we wouldn't be picking top 10 so if there's an opportunity to shoot your shot then shoot. But if we them turn around and actually earn a pick from true sucking that could land us a franchise QB prospect without a huge trade up? Ouch.
  11. Handing the Bears a top 5 pick would really sting.
  12. Some people made flat Earth level insanity reaches and somehow you put that on me and claim that I'm working back toward reality with the same take I've had the whole time? Okay.
  13. I don't think it's complicated at all. This organization being inept is pretty simple. I don't know why you keep trying to act like that is complicated.
  14. I think they legit wanted to go all in on Love this year and see how it goes. I mean, I don't think he's played anywhere nearly bad enough to bench him. We'll see how it plays out for them.
  15. Honestly, I'm not impressed. I do see the physical skills but I'm not seeing anything that makes me think he's likely to ever be a plus starter.
  16. I think the Lions were just a lot better tonight. If they hadn't taken their foot off the gas this might have ended up looking like the Dolphins/Broncos. Them going conservative in the second half was the only thing that allowed the Packers to briefly make this competitive.
  17. I've had sprained ankles and missed games with them. I wasn't strolling around like Bryce was on Wednesday. Hell, I finished a game when I literally couldn't tie my shoe. Yeah, it was dumb but 16 year olds do dumb stuff. If you're gonna have the guy miss a game, hell at least throw a boot on him in public. This all just looks like amateur hour. Nothing about this situation looks like an injury that normally causes an NFL player to miss playing time. That we seem baffled that folks have questioned about this is in and of itself baffling.
  18. He was walking around looking fine at practice on Wednesday. Like I said, I don't care if we wanted to lean on a mild injury to keep the kid from playing in a hostile road environment on a short week after MNF when he was off to a struggling start. I'm just tired of constantly watching this organization look incompetent. The messaging on this was clunky as fug. Do we even have a PR team? You have to realize there are going to be questions and speculations when your struggling #1 overall pick pops up with a mystery injury following MNF, then gets ruled out on Thursday with an ankle injury after strolling around looking fine on Wednesday then no one can explain when the injury happened or really anything about the injury other than yeah, he definitely can't play against Seattle on the road on this short week. Okay...
  19. When you sprain your ankle bad enough to miss games you know when it happened. That's all I'm saying.
  20. Yep. Pedestrian stats on a dominant D. Somehow the NFL keeps allowing the obvious UGA stud to fall into the Eagles' lap. It's happened two years in a row. Jordan Davis last year and Jaylen Carter this year.
  21. Good call. Packers down on the goal line to end the 3rd with an opportunity to potentially make this a one score game. Once you take your foot off the gas sometimes it's hard to get it revved back up again. I really don't understand why teams get away from what built them a huge lead. Force the team that's getting whooped to make the adjustments first.
  22. Travis Walker > Aiden Hutchinson last year looks like a big mistake. Hutchinson has notched another sack and a half plus three additional QB hits tonight.
  23. I have no doubt his ankle is tweaked. But no one goes into a regular season football game 100% after opening week.
  24. Seeing them getting after this GB offense, we might need to go ahead and identify a play on Sunday where Bryce tweaked that ankle again. Because good grief, I don't care who you have put there wearing green and gold tonight, it is NOT gonna end well.
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