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  1. Probably both. Honestly, journalism has taken such a massive hit with the rise of the internet that every position is probably very competitive. That isn't exactly a market conducive to great pay either. Seems like the only way to make bank as a "journalist" these days is to rave like a maniac on cable news.
  2. Houston is a much bigger market than Charlotte though.
  3. Stew never really got his wheels under him. Best vs. best I'd take Davis over everyone on the list outside of CMC. I could hear an argument for DeAngelo. There's no argument for Stew IMO.
  4. Easily. Davis is the 2nd best RB on the list IMO. I'd take CMC at his best over Davis but CMC better get over the injury bug quick if he's going to have any shot of having a better career.
  5. Cam ($5) Davis ($1) Smitty ($5) KB ($2) Samuel ($1) Since he wasn't on the list, I guess he's free so my TE is Shockey. I still have a buck in my pocket, so give me Robbie Anderson just so I have the pleasure of cutting him.
  6. If he's released this would probably be the only place he could likely enter camp as the starter.
  7. You don't have to be rich but it is certainly extremely helpful. I bet the average net worth of the families of PGA golfers is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than that of most if not all other professional sports. Golf is expensive.
  8. Your personal experience isn't universal. That seems to be the disconnect you're having here. Based on what I can gather, it seems to be quite the exception in fact.
  9. Definitely possible. I mean, the entire league sat back and watched and laughed as the Jets got us to bid against ourselves for Sam Darnold.
  10. I just don't understand setting kids up for disappointment and failure trying to live vicariously through them. I'm all about getting your kids involved in sports. I think it's great for both physical, mental, and emotional development. But keep it fun. Having an eight year old kid prioritizing baseball over everything else and filling his head with bullshit about playing professional baseball is just wildly irresponsible parenting. Even if the kid was a prodigious athlete the odds of playing pro sports is still slim to none. All those guys in the pros were prodigious athletes. Tons of guys who never made it were too. It just never came together for them for whatever reason be it injuries, off field stuff, choosing other pursuits, or working their asses off all their lives just to find out that despite how good they are they're still not quite good enough. And that's the prodigious athletes. If you're an average athlete like this kid, you literally better off spending all that money you're pissing away on baseball development on scratch off lottery tickets.
  11. If your choices are here or Seattle that's an easy choice. Yeah, Seattle is going through a rough patch but they do have a coach who has proven he can win and win big in the NFL. I have no idea how I'd sell anyone on coming to Carolina right now outside of simply paying them significantly more than anyone else is willing.
  12. Yep, if you're sitting on cash your patience might pay off. If you're having to rely on a mortgage prices are going to have to absolutely crash for you to come out ahead.
  13. And honestly I wouldn't even blame him.
  14. If this kid is the real deal this might put Texas football back on the map. Outside of the Mack Brown (Vince Young) years they really haven't been a national factor during my lifetime and I turn 40 on a couple weeks. Their fanbase still thinks they're current Alabama though.
  15. I can't remember the details but I seem to recall the owners having the ability to essentially vote him off the island and they likely had the votes to do it.
  16. For whatever reason he owners REALLY wanted Tepper to have a team ASAP. The team was never really "for sale". It was only going to go to Tepper and they pretty much made that fairly abundantly clear throughout the process.
  17. Yep. It isn't just the obesity factor it's the overall size factor. The larger individuals of a species tend to be shorter lived. You don't see a whole lot of geriatric 6'5"+ dudes even of obesity isn't a factor.
  18. If the Seahawks are willing to trade for him and extend him we just need to walk away. I'm done with spending significant future resources (picks and cap space) on a coaching staff I wanted fuging gone.
  19. I wouldn't think they would but then again I wouldn't think they'd doctor cocaine with it and they are. The poo is so cheap it seems like it's going in everything. Well, that and it's so potent that even trace amounts of the stuff if it's near it can still be impactful. The poo is terrifying. I wouldn't touch anything off the street right now.
  20. I think it's a lot less a bar for Rhule and much more of a question of when Tepper will swallow his pride and admit his colossal mistake. Man, he sure was proud when he thought he'd pulled off stealing Rhule out from under the Giants' noses. He was trotting Rhule around showing him off like a proud new papa. That sure turned into deep embarrassment and Tepper hiding out from the public in record time.
  21. Hmmm... what else could've been happening there? Might it have had something to do with why those vaccines were developed in the first place?
  22. Yeah, a 55 year old morbidly obese man is exactly the same as a 26 year old in his prime professional athlete. C'mon man. You are REACHING.
  23. No, I'm not. I'm acknowledging that they're definitely a very small minority. Let's see the study. Let's also point out that you're ignoring the fact these vaccines didn't launch in 2019. Not ready in 2019 (possibly 2018 depending on lag time of the study being published) doesn't necessarily mean not ready in December of 2020 when the first COVID vaccine was approved after a massive yearlong global effort.
  24. That's all you're left with. Dismiss me as "woke". FYI, you're not going to find very many on the Huddle who will agree with you that I'm "woke".
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