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  1. Holy poo. Did you actually unironically include Columbia in that poll?
  2. It pains me to say it because I love the kid but he needs to go. He's not improving here and we're not improving as a team with him taking the lion's share of the shots. He needs a coach to help him with shot selection and decision making in general, not a constant green light. And as a team we need to move the ball and having two shoot first, shoot second, pass as a last resort guards playing nearly all the guard minutes just isn't working.
  3. Raleigh is awesome. Spread the word! Everyone looking to relocate to or within NC should absolutely be looking at Raleigh. Western NC is awful. Nothing but hillbillies and meth. Definitely don't move here... uh, I mean "there".
  4. LL as a top three rapper of all time...
  5. So you think someone like Justin Bieber is the GOAT? This take keeps getting worse.
  6. This is like the people who claim Cam only had one good season. It takes some seriously selective memory. When your best season was an MVP nearly undefeated season everything else kinda pales in comparison. Kinda like when your best album is arguably the greatest album in hip hop history. And everyone with two brain cells to run together knows Nas' best track was NY State of Mind.
  7. Easily one of the worst takes in huddle history.
  8. I honestly don't see Burrow as acting like a dick. This just feels like how opposing fans viewed Cam. Oh god, the guy is young and confident and has fun. What a fuging travesty.
  9. He backs it up though. And honestly I just disagree. Teammates often feed off of that confidence. The media and half the fanbase always tried to trash Cam but I don't think I've heard a negative word about him from a teammate yet.
  10. I honestly hope Love just goes into the draft and goes to the G League. It's what he needs for his development and it's what UNC needs as a team. Too often these guys get caught standing around waiting for Love to do something.
  11. Burrow reminds me of Cam more personality wise than anyone else currently in the league. Confident, doesn't mind talking a little crap, has some flare, but still remains likable IMO. Yeah, if there's a Joe Burrow in this draft gimme that fuging guy.
  12. Nah, that's part of what I want.
  13. And the #1 overall pick isn't/doesn't? They have it made and are treated like gods as long as they play well and win. Just like the NFL. They have to compete against a pressure cooker of talent within the program for playing time too. Just like the NFL. It's as close as you can get to an NFL environment outside of the NFL. What makes the evaluation process tough for these guys is just how much better their supporting cast is compared to the teams they're playing week in and week out.
  14. Oh, absolutely. The bowl system has just gotten outrageously bloated. You have to be completely terrible not to be bowl eligible. Being bowl eligible used to mean something. Now it's just meaningless. Honestly, all that matters these days are the playoffs games and then to a significantly less extent the NYE6 bowls. Everything else basically has high school game attendance levels and infomercial level TV viewership.
  15. Of all the guys in this draft though they've come the closest. Playing at a Bama or OSU type program is as close as you can get to NFL attention, pressure, media and fan scrutiny. And now with NIL, it's true from a $$$ perspective too. QBs at these programs are pulling in 7 figures.
  16. Honestly... I agree. I completely understand it from a perspective of doing what's best for them and their career but yeah... I mean, it is what it is. But the NFL has clearly shown they don't care. I don't feel like anyone's draft stock has been hurt in the least by sitting out of an also ran bowl.
  17. I doubt anyone outside of the organization truly knows. Hell, some within the organization probably don't know. But everything Fitts said about needing to be completely sold on a guy yada, yada, yada before trading up to #1 because you're essentially betting the house on the guy leads me to believe they likely knew who they were going to go get.
  18. Young very much seemed like a guy who thought he was locked into the #1 spot as long as he could check that 200+ pound box. Hell, maybe he is. I have no idea.
  19. Puff Johnson hits the portal from UNC. It's a mass exodus. I'm not surprised. If you don't play guys they're gonna transfer. Hubert better hope he can get some of these '24 recruits to reclassify or he's gonna get himself fired next year.
  20. Running or not running is a much bigger deal for Levis than it is for Stroud IMO. Stroud is the much more polished overall QB. Levis is a guy who is going to be a 24 year old rookie who is still asking teams to take a huge gamble on his physical talent and potential. Okay. Well then, show me.
  21. Neither ran. Levis just came to show off his "cannon" and it looked fairly average. He definitely didn't get the pop out of his throwing session he was looking for. Young just showed up to step on a scale over 200 pounds. Mission accomplished.
  22. I'll be surprised if we don't have strong representation at the pro days for all the top QB prospects.
  23. As of right now, we've heard people "in the know" say we're definitely taking Young, definitely taking Stroud, and definitely taking Richardson. Meanwhile, I definitely have no fuging clue who we're taking.
  24. I'd honestly rather end up with a bust than a Kirk Cousins type. You gotta have an MVP caliber QB to compete for SBs with any regularity.
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