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  1. Yeah, FB Marketplace just completely replaced Craigslist
  2. If it wasn't for being able to keep up with people I'd otherwise likely lose contact with I'd delete it too. I do a LOT less on it now that I've moved back to NC. When I was in CO I was a long way away from most of my family, friends I grew up with, went to college with, etc.
  3. I do very little on it. Mainly because I hate the "better" layout. It's better for them. Their algorithm feeds you the content that keeps you engaged. But that means your social media feed ends up becoming a rabbit hole of confirmation bias and triggering content. Not good. No wonder why everyone thinks the world is so polarizing. Everyone's social media feed is.
  4. We'll see. Honestly, I'll be shocked but it would be a great thing.
  5. For the most part, social media just replaced forums the way forums replaced bulletin boards. Forums were just bulletin boards with better layouts and more features. Social media is basically just forums with better layouts and more features. Everything evolves.
  6. Shaq is an average starting LB getting paid like a future HOFer. When you're way overpaid that gives you a lot of tolerance for bullshit.
  7. Sure we could. You can always get creative with contract structure.
  8. You still have to acquire that next QB in the worst case scenario. That's why I'm for conserving future assets. We might need them to get that QB. If you don't have a QB you don't have a shot. Can Bryce be Brock Purdy in the perfect scenario? Maybe. But Brock Purdy will turn into a liability once the Niners have to pay him.
  9. I'm honestly not for trading away significant assets until we're confident that we have QB solved.
  10. Unless you need frequent use of the third row, the Tahoe/Yukon platform is infinitely better than the Suburban/Yukon XL in terms of driveability. That extra 20" makes a big different in terms of driveability. I've had three Yukon/Tahoes over the years. Love that platform. Sure wish they'd put better transmissions behind those beautiful LS engines though. They're ticking time bombs after 100k and it's really easy to build them stronger.
  11. Bronny's NBA career will last exactly as long as the remainder of Lebron's.
  12. Yeah, he seems like he has the personality of a 2x4. I just don't see how it's gonna translate to the broadcasting booth. I could see him doing some type of indepth analysis stuff on YouTube that football nerds like me would eat up, but that's something entirely different.
  13. I'm sure it does and social media is likely a HUGE driver of it. Seems like social media is dominated by "fake it til you make it" types. Then you have shows on HGTV and the like where the husband is a dog catcher and the wife is a stay at home mom for their two kids and they're home shopping with a $1.2M budget. Um... WTF???
  14. They just don't see like personality types that would be close buddies away from the game so I'm not surprised they kinda drifted apart. But then again, I have buddies who you'd probably think the same about me and them. Basically it's whatever. A lot of former teammates are gonna lose touch over the years. How many coworkers from past jobs from years ago do you keep up with? Now what percentage of former coworkers from past jobs does that make up? Exactly.
  15. There's no fixing it. We go through a couple times a day and clean them all out and ban the IPs. They just come back again tomorrow and do the same thing. *oh sorry, you meant the ads on the pages not the spam threads... eh, that's an Igo issue. None of us mods has any control over that whatsoever.
  16. To be honest the last time I clicked on this thread prior to today was on Sunday. I don't know what nonsense happened between them and now. LOL
  17. Well, you're wrong but other than that, nice article. As for the "Tepper simps" thing I honestly haven't seen it but over the past month or so I've probably seen 10% at most of the posts. I'm just not reading much right now. Not much going on. Off-season gonna off-season. It's almost always just useless sniping and dick measuring and it's worse when we suck.
  18. This. I sure wish we had taken the Rams' offer but that ship had sailed. I wish we had been able to get a better return for him but we were holding a much weaker hand at the time and we were basically in a position that we simply needed to move him for the best offer that we could get.
  19. A poster who literally only posts to criticize others' opinions complaining about toxicity. That's rich. Honestly, most of the toxicity subsided because most of the "cope brigade" packed up and left. There were some folks who just couldn't handle encountering a differing opinion and they finally realized it and left. It was for the best for everyone. Most of the folks left don't mind grappling with different opinions. Sure there's period of dunking and finger pointing and whatnot, but it's no longer every thread everyday.
  20. Yep, I was wrong on this one. But before dunking, maybe peruse your history of literally pure, unadulterated poo posting. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/profile/4377-icege/content/ You can't post without attempting the shot on someone else who has the fall to actually offer an opinion.
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