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  1. UNC OC Phil Longo is a lot like Mike Shula. Looks brilliant when his gameplan works right out of the gate, but don't ever expect him to adapt on the fly. Ever.
  2. The Falcons are playing the Giants. Somebody has to get their first win of the season. Definitely could be NY. The Rams look good. They could definitely beat the Bucs. The Saints are always gonna be tough to call with Jameis. He can look MVP caliber one week and not NFL caliber the next.
  3. Darnold has always had fumbling issues though, dating back to college. This is nothing new. He's just reckless with the ball in the pocket. Too much time with only one hand in the ball. That's where his fumbling come from. I'm sure everyone along the way has tried to coach him out of it but when he starts feeling good he starts holding that thing like a loaf of bread.
  4. You're not willing to bet any money on that.
  5. UNC's D has gotten their teeth kicked in back to back weeks in completely different ways. Meanwhile, their OL is straight trash. Five returning starters and they can't even slow anyone down. While I'm bashing, every WR on the team not named Josh Downs is straight trash too.
  6. Sam Howell is fumbling like Sam Darnold tonight.
  7. Good grief, man. People were spiking the football this time last year about how wrong I was on Teddy. If Darnold is still playing like he is now in a few weeks and not on track to fumble 20+ times I'll start to believe.
  8. Howell is throwing like Elway and running like The Golden Calf of Bristol this year. This is nuts. I know he said he wanted to run more this year, but I had no idea he could run like this.
  9. I've said all along that I HOPE he works out but I don't THINK he will. The only thing that's certain on this forum is you constantly posting to complain about what other people post. Try something new for a change. Offer something. Anything.
  10. The turf in Charlotte caused injuries in Houston? Damn, exactly how terrible is this turf in Charlotte?
  11. They're gonna need him to jerk his head out of his ass or they're gonna have to bench him. They haven't fielded an offense yet this season.
  12. There's a big difference between getting cleared to play and being in football shape. I can't see him rehabbing from this and being able to return effectively this season.
  13. I doubt he has much if any value. At this point, I'd rather just hang onto him than trade him for a 6th or 7th.
  14. My pipe dream is Darnold proving to be elite. I'm not convinced of it yet. Even if he continues to play at this level he still needs to clean up the fumbles. He's on pace to put it on the ground about 23 times this season.
  15. Half this forum thought the same about Teddy this time last year. Do far so good with Darnold but the sample size is still tiny... and memory spans very short evidently.
  16. The Malik Willis fans might want to ignore the fact he's playing tonight. Yes 1-3 for 13 yards at halftime and yes, he's been playing the entire time.
  17. So, we may have potentially lost three starters for the season last night? fuging yikes.
  18. When you're fatigued you're more likely to get injured. CMC got injured on his sixth touch of that drive.
  19. I'll just wait for the official report. We've all seen guys walk off to end up missing the season and get carted off to end up suiting up next week.
  20. Says the guy not getting pounded by NFL defenses 30 times a week.
  21. Nice. It would take a monumental snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory to blow this one now.
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