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  1. This could be an all-time stinker. Like 2011 except with Bryce Young instead of Cam Newton.
  2. As of right now? Worse than nothing. Like we would've literally been better off to have just sat it out. Gave our picks away. At least we would still have DJ Moore and #1 overall.
  3. Pretty much where I'm at. We wanted to pay him like Crosby and he isn't as good as Crosby.
  4. I don't think anyone is arguing that Burns isn't good. The issue is that he's merely good and wants to be paid like he's elite. In a hard salary cap league that's a problem. We have holes all over our roster. We can't afford to tie up a good chunk of our cap in an overpaid player who is a one trick pony.
  5. Different leadership now. That gives them the out to trade him for less. Fitts couldn't.
  6. Bullshit. They're not gonna care if the Panthers are offering THEM big money. Burns hasn't played on the field to match his hype. He's a good, but one dimensional pass rusher. The same thing he's been since he was drafted. He just hasn't developed as a player.
  7. Chicago just seems to be a black hole for QBs. I mean, Jay Cutler is probably the best QB they've ever had in their long history. That kinda says it all.
  8. I'm just past the point of emotionally caring anymore. If we give him a massive deal I think it'll be a mistake but fug it, hope he earns it. I'm just to the point of fully expecting us to do the dumbest thing possible at every juncture.
  9. I trust Bryce to put in the work. Unfortunately, I just don't think he has the prerequisite talent.
  10. I'd take a 1st for Burns on a heartbeat. I don't want to pay him huge money but letting him walk for a 3rdbround comp pick would suck too and we'd have to handicap ourselves in pursuing other free agents to protect that pick. Double whammy of suck. With that said, I'd rather let him walk than cripple ourselves with handing him a massive deal. So I'm basically down to tag and trade him for anything more than a late round comp pick.
  11. He's like 6'8" and pushing 400 pounds. How is Bryce gonna see over that mountain of a man?
  12. I'm honestly just not sure that it even matters. He can't do anything about his height and arm talent is largely natural. You can't coach height, you can't coach speed, you can't coach arm talent. It just is what it is. His best bet is to do what he can to improve his arm strength and work like hell to fix the dumpster fire that is his footwork.
  13. Either way they're sitting great, largely thanks to us. Fields would likely get them some pretty decent trade value if they want to move on. Sucks to be Caleb. Getting drafted by the Bears at QB is brutal.
  14. And 15 more TDs. That's really significant considering we only scored 23 TDs all year. Add 15 and we're only one short of the 49 we allowed.
  15. If you could combine my arm with his maybe we'd have a reasonable expectation of being able to complete a 20 yards pass with at least semi-regularity.
  16. Oh, there will be one. Bad QB play abounds.
  17. He still threw for 3000 yards and 26 TDs. Someone is gonna pay him way more than they should.
  18. A lot of it comes down to who gets hot at the right time. A team that might not be playing great right now might win it all and a team that looks like a sure-fire contender probably will get bounced in the 2nd round. Just the way the tourney goes. Not even the biggest of homers would've predicted UNC's last championship game run. Now THAT team was inconsistent.
  19. Yeah, what a great idea. After cratering our draft capital on a trade up to botch drafting a QB, let's crater our cap space on an idiotic signing of a past his prime vet living off of name recognition and past performance. Wait... this seems pretty damn on brand for Tepper's football organization. Now I'm kinda worried.
  20. Ideally a tag and trade scenario but realistically those situations are a relative rarity.
  21. Yeah, I just don't really feel like dealing with all the talk about what Chicago is going to do with our pick. Draft Caleb Williams? Draft Drake Maye? Stick with Fields and take another king's ransom for #1 and move down a few spots to draft another stud WR to pair with DJ Moore? Ugh. No thanks. Not a lot of enthusiasm to talk about what we might do with the leftovers at #33 after all that dick punching.
  22. Its just like getting punched in the dick and then asking for a harder one. The reward for sucking ass is a top pick. We EARNED the #1 pick one year after trading up to #1 and then shitting the bed with it. I usually love draft season. It's the playoffs for fans of bad teams. But not this year. It's just extra salt in the wound.
  23. To be honest, I just haven't paid a damn bit of attention to mock drafts, the Senior Bowl, probably not the Combine either. It's just hard to get into it when we've sucked for so long and don't have a 1st round pick.
  24. Maybe it's just a false memory triggered by this post, but I do feel like I remember one of those weird troll or truly bat poo crazy posters years ago who was bizarrely obsessed with the kicker position.
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