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  1. Tepper needs to throw as much money as it takes at Kevin Colbert to get him in the building to clean this mess up.
  2. Howell certainly doesn't look any better than Darnold. I was disappointed in how he played today. But that was the first full game I've watched of his. UNC's offense looks a lot like the Panthers offense.
  3. When Tepper called Marty the best talent evaluator in football it was like a punch in the gut for me. I was in the fence about Tepper up to that point. But I know then we were screwed at that very moment. My mind has not changed.
  4. I will say I wouldn't mind a complete color scheme and mascot overhaul. That black cat has cursed this franchise long enough. Sorry Robby, calling it a bear won't lift the curse.
  5. The rotting stench of Marty Hurney still lingers in this organization. If Tepper wants to throw his money around throw it at someone that knows how to run a successful football team. Start at the very top for goodness sake. Spare us all the misery of watching you flail around creating an even bigger mess until you figure that out.
  6. Alienated what little fanbase this team had left. Other than that I got nothing.
  7. Most likely. But with the way people love to go after someone they don't even know for the stupidest reasons it's scary to think about. Imagine the vitriol Rhule's family has to endure everyday. Just going to the grocery store must be brutal.
  8. Maybe because deranged fans can post his address on the internet for even more deranged fans to come over to his house and say or do horrible this to his family?
  9. He's snapped the ball once in high school I guess.
  10. This is a grown man's game, as Rhule has painfully found out.
  11. He's just like his father. Great player better suited in open space. These coaches don't know how to use him properly anyway. Trade him to Denver for as much as possible and never look back. The qb situation is FUBAR. It will be Sam, PJ and some other worthless turd next season. We can only hope whomever is drafted is worth something somewhere on the team. At least leave the next gang something to work with. It's a sad state of affairs in Pantherland.
  12. I don't boo coaches or players either. Referee's are fair game however. I will curse those bastards all game and into the parking lot.
  13. That sure looks like the plan.
  14. I think that take you out and put in front of a firing squad now.
  15. I wasn't aware it was up to you. You should be fired for cause. Sorry, didn't read. The title alone is ban worthy. I'm drunk, *** off.
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