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  1. I'm curious about these "character issues." I don't get that vibe from him at all. Is there actual statements somewhere or just other people saying "character issues?"
  2. you would think he'd be better, being behind Greg for so long.
  3. Im an A's fan, if we move it's vegas.
  4. My guess is he prefers to be in Nor Cal as we both are from Butte county. He wants to go home. This isn't our kinda move. Y'all are wishfully thinking.
  5. Darnold the Ging is gonna be fine folks. Haters will cry for Cam to comeback.
  6. I'm just giving my opinion on what I see. I'm not rooting against him. He very well could get the job done. I am a competitive powerlifter, I am aware of weight room strength. That doesn't always translate to on the field strength though. I hope he does well, I just see why he dropped. We need depth at that position so im not complaining. I am just at a wait and see pov on this dude.
  7. After watching Brady, I don't think he's very physical and lacks foot speed and mobility. Hopefully they can do a good job coaching him up.
  8. The Golden Calf of Bristol retired from baseball in February. With his former college coach, Urban Meyer, now in Jacksonville, the Heisman Trophy winner apparently is looking at unretiring from football. The Jaguars recently worked out The Golden Calf of Bristol and have had discussions with him about signing, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. The team plans to try him at tight end. The Golden Calf of Bristol last played in a regular-season football game in 2012, only one season after Tebowmania took the NFL by storm. Following one season with the Jets, however, the 2010 first-round pick of the Broncos failed to make a 53-man roster despite opportunities with the Eagles and Patriots. He turned to baseball in 2016, after opting not to pursue the CFL or any other non-NFL football league. Both the AAF and the XFL sought to sign him
  9. Fields, Pitts, Sewell, Slater, trade back.
  10. Yo, I checked this out yesterday and I was thoroughly impressed. Visuals were dope, kept your attention the whole time, exciting and funny. They definitely will be doing more of these.
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