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  1. man this makes this whole year worth it. This is why I root for this team. It just doesn't get any better.
  2. some of you need a break. Go outside, play some fuggin shuffle board, SOMETHING!
  3. I was born and raised in San Bernardino. Hopefully you brought your strap.
  4. I thought about it, but I'm not paying to see PJ start. I saw him in Az with Cam last year and he had the game of his career. That's definitely not gonna happen again.
  5. I hope Wilks does well here. He definitely carries himself with a confidence that Rhule never had. This just feels right and hopefully if retained he can put together a better coaching staff.
  6. Baker Mayfield is a trash can. No one on this planet will prove otherwise. The browns dumped him for a reason. It's becoming obvious.
  7. you're not a good team if you need players to be hurt to win. We only beat the Saints last year because of Rona virus taking out half their team. Coach's included. LOL
  8. I'm done with this team. I tried to believe it will get better, but last week proved to me that is a lie. It won't. How many more years of my life are gonna be wasted before this team becomes competitive?
  9. can y'all shut the fug up and let the season play out now? Go outside, bang some broads, do SOMETHING. PLEASE?
  10. These normies gettin mad that the team over exaggerated this injury to stash Matt are cringe. Sports are entertainment. Always have been always will be. Its SO convenient isn't it? Ridiculous....
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