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  1. I wonder if jet gas is as high as car gas?
  2. Y'all are just mad that we already know who the bachelor is choosing before the season finale.
  3. D'Onta "has never felt like he belonged anywhere till now and would love nothing more to come back to Carolina," if the bag is big enough.*WinkWink
  4. that's merely conjecture. You'll never know cause it will never happen.
  5. he'll get it when everyone who watched Jordan play, dies. ESPN created this monster, sorry not sorry.
  6. I'm not a fan of the "he may only be here a year talk." Especially because it's probably gonna take time to get the proper personnel to fit his scheme.
  7. It's simple, Wilks didn't do enough and we all know moving to an offensive minded HC was the plan. Most of you have been crying for it. Nobody wants Rivera 2.5 and that's what Wilks is going to be. Wilks is a good man but that doesn't mean he cuts the mustard as a coach.
  8. We don't really know who Corral is. He barely practiced. So it's pretty erroneous to be critiquing him at this point.
  9. this is a time Tepper pulled out and I agree with it.
  10. my question: "Who is your DC gonna be and why won't it be Gus Bradley. Thank You"
  11. Someone tell pat to do same damn pushups or something. that shirt isn't the one dog.
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