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  1. I wanted CJ. I said It EVERYWHERE! I am not that worried about BY9 though. Frank needs to give up the play book or he needs to go. Promoting Evero and giving the playbook over to TB sounds really good already.
  2. why does it matter? Sports are entertainment just like WWE. A bunch of you need to get lives. No ones gonna talk about the time and energy you wasted on this team when you're in your casket. Go outside and live.
  3. I'm not trippin, I do think Frank should let Thomas start calling plays though. We only lost by three and we played like dog water on offense. I'm a little flabbergasted at how bad Miles Sanders has been. We definitely need a power back in the stable. Definitely a rebuilding year.
  4. that funny cause the Hunt Brothers specifically created the NFL to be rigged. That's documented fact, not even "Conspiracy Theory. Yes the same Hunt's who have ties to the Chiefs.
  5. must say, NEVER saw that comin.
  6. based on what I have been reading. Sounds like Mike is now mad that he doesn't have more money. So he's trying to recoup royalties he declined from the beginning, by suing. The Tuohys seem to have always been transparent with him. The whole time he was here is attitude was moderately negative about the movie.
  7. I see what you're saying, but I still think its worth the risk.
  8. this is a no brainer, get it done.
  9. don't expect a full season from this dude. Take the rose colored glasses off. He hasn't been healthy sense day 1. Dude on some Kawhi Leonard poo.
  10. we speak of this man as if it never happened. TY
  11. Time to move this dude. The best ability is availability.
  12. as an LAFC fan I can tell you that supports sections are apart of soccer and the MLS. Its an entire culture and they take it very seriously.
  13. My ex wife's family took me to this game. Going home with them speechless was amazing.
  14. "Nephewtism" Rashad from PNP fixed*
  15. I'm a fan of PNP and Smitty. Win
  16. I mean, now that you mentioned it.
  17. I bench more than this kid's whole body.
  18. The NFL is basically madden now anyway. So you guys better hope and pray they keep him protected. Wasn't my first choice, but he's the man now and it feels good to have our own QB1 again.
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