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  1. xTOASTEDREVOLTx I love Halo. Been grinding Apex, but I did see the new season of MCC has some pretty cool stuff. Are the servers and shot regs still trash?
  2. Fuuug, this is the first I've heard about Kroegs getting canned. I really liked Chris, since way back then. I remember being stoked for him when he got that PxP job. I used to listen to WFNZ everyday back in the QCB days. I haven't listened to it regularly in years. The morning show is my least favorite.
  3. SIIIKKEEE, Q is a CIA psychological operation to make people telling the truth look crazy and to poo on the constitution and eventually get communist normys to deem people telling the truth as terrorists. The majority of you on this board have proven it to be correct. It takes a lot of talent to see what have seen and turn it into the complete opposite of what you know you have seen. Keep gettin played by the 1 percent who are smarter than you because they give you all of your thoughts and opinions.
  4. Sports have always been rigged. You are fooling yourself if you say other wise. It's bread and circuses and the plebs eat it up. They could have at least made it a good game.
  5. The product being fielded by the NFL now, is trash and we all know it.
  6. I've been her for most of it. I miss the Sammie Jo years.
  7. I did see that DWill was on the amazing race only because he posted something on social media, I dont watch tv. I don't think I saw Gary and if I did, I didn't recognize him.
  8. Not sure how everyone is taking this as a statement. He totally deflected from the question. He clearly didn't want to make a statement either way. These dudes know how to play the media.
  9. shoulda kept The Hurn. #FeelTheHurn
  10. just like Payton, Brady isn't going out on an L. The NFL will never have it. Simple.
  11. Did you know you can save lots of money on your insurance by switching to Geico?
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