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  1. I don’t know that I believe a word he said..
  2. Some need to listen again. The staff and coaches picked Young. He could have vetoed them but didn’t. Media is saying he meddled with them he is saying he didn’t.
  3. Well at least we get an early start for next year..
  4. Would that be called a shoe string sack?
  5. Go for the TD…. Don’t play play for a field goal..
  6. Man I can tell we have someone new calling plays….this play calling looks so much different..
  7. Was that not a time to run up middle?
  8. I saw this I didn’t research it but if it is true. It looks and sounds like the reporter hates Wilson and trying to smear his name..
  9. I don’t think I want us to trade up for any of the “top” Qb’s Draft best player available. If we have to have a Qb in this draft like most are suggesting. I wanted Hooker based on his specs, and he is from Greensboro. I know I’m being a homer.. (I just can’t stand Alabama or Ohio State and hope they loose every year.) Since most scouts always assume a QB from Alabama , or Ohio State are the next great. I wanted to look at their and size comparison to others. Now we know specs don’t really say if this guy is a legend in the making. However we know most scouts have an ideal size they look for. Richardson is 6' 4" 230 Runs 4.4 Hendon Hooker 6’ 4” 222 4.7 C j Stroud. 6’2” 215 Runs 4.7 Bryce Young 5’ 10” 194 runs 4.52 compared to our Cam Newton 6’ 5” 245 ran a 4.6 compared to others Josh Allen 6’ 5” 247 ran 4.7 Patrick Mahomes 6’ 2” 225 ran 4.8 Joe Burrow 6’ 4” 220 ran 4.7 If specs were A true know it all, then we should definitely stay away from Young..
  10. I don’t see how he could say anything but thank you. I know he wanted the HC job. However when he accepted the interim he was told exactly what they wanted to do moving forward. He was also told he would be considered if he did a great job blah blah … don’t remember exactly how it was said.. They interviewed him and waited to the very end to go the way the owner and FO said they originally wanted to go.
  11. I’m excited, and hopeful. He wasn’t my 1st choice but overall I think it will be good. I do think we have a good coach. As one mentioned, probably the best Coach in our conference.
  12. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/01/25/report-panthers-interview-eagles-oc-shane-steichen-didnt-go-as-hoped/
  13. Reich was still passing footballs at 34.. he actually was the QB for our Carolina Panthers at 34..
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