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  1. If we been watching…. tell me how Luvu does not become a franchise priority over Burns?
  2. Straight up let them go.. unless we can get them to sign on a good price.. Allowing us to add to our team additional players who will help turn things around. They are not what a “franchise” player is. I always have assumed a franchise player is a guy who can by them-self make play after play that effects the game.. Luvu is close , Brown is as well, but Burns, He is not the guy that can just take the game into his hands and effect the out come of a game.
  3. This hire hopefully surprises me.. I just don’t see it.. This probably, is not going to be good. Was we the only one of 8 that was interested in him?
  4. Let him go... Absolutely No on the tag.. with his stats this year.. I doubt anyone will match a tag price.. I can’t see anyone that would go over that price either.. Then we stuck with his lazy play at a high price
  5. Totally agree.. no one should be safe..
  6. Fumble… par for course we can’t do nothing right
  7. His last two tenures has ended with the head coach being fired. I think will probably hold him back from a head coach position. I’m sure he will have no issue getting a job, possibly could stay here as a defensive coordinator.
  8. lol, Kurt word is gold.. Someone ever look at them stats? Lookup Kurt Warner stats compare them to Cam. They are very close till you add a game changing thing…like a Qb rushing for 75TD’s
  9. Hey watch this… 4th and 1 shotgun and empty backfield..
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