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  1. I hope he does, we have been foolish. Seriously who really thinks Sam is the guy over Baker? Neither is a Tom Brady, or some elite qb but Baker showed the most potential, between the two. M Carrol right now, is a hope so. So if we are seriously considering M Carrol as our guy, then we were smart.
  2. I wished it was over already... It's like, watching you buddy ask a girl on a prom date and she is waiting for better offers.
  3. I'm a reader.. I seldom post but I will take the gamble you can save my post. There is no way Rhule will have us in the playoffs. If we even came back with Rhule playing as Dom Capers, in the cool Dodge adds, from the early days.. I wouldnt buy into the Rhule dream. Now the old Rocket burger might get me excited... Na the ship has sailed. Glory days are gone, we have to start over. It stinks but we are better off to cut bait and take it on the chin.. I'm for a fresh start all the way around.
  4. I would be in it this.. for the Head Coach. I would be surprised if he came as a OC If we do let Rhule go or he walks.. We have hired 1st timers 3 in a row, let's try with an experienced head coach.
  5. I hate how we do this every year we play safe mode.. it either works or it dont for those teams that go all in.. Either way at least they tried.. I would be so stoked to be a NE fan right now..
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