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  1. Im really hoping they continue. I hate it when they start talking "nice." Keep that trash energy going so we can stay motivated
  2. I think its super early to be doing this and we are just as likely to come back and do a follow up to this but ... Deshaun, Justin, Mac, Cam- anybody but Sam. Sam has looked much better than I expected. His confidence is growing and he's not losing us any games. Our defense is ELITE and havingthe ball for 30 mins a game will help any QB. As much as I like PJ, Im concerned should Sam get injured during this season. Again, its week 2 and we dont know what will become of Justin Fields, or any of the other QBS... but I feel a lot better today than I did. And I hope Sam Darnold keeps doing it.
  3. There's a voodoo witch in New Orleans somewhere who just received a bad survey and a request for a refund.
  4. Taunting... Unnecessary masculinity. 50 yard penalty, loss of down and possession.
  5. As much as I like Jaycee... THIS has been more impressive. Donte is not just being a willing tackler... he's flying around the field looking for somebody to hit. It really sets the tone for the rest of the DBs.
  6. Sheesh. We beat them boys into a Mask Mandate. They dont feel safe lol.
  7. Lightnin' fast big black cats, Panthers kickin' ass
  8. Im pretty confident that this team is being coached up not to look past anybody. And everyone in interviews seems to be conveying that they're taking everybody seriously. I'm really hoping to see two things on Thursday: 1.) Balance run/ pass attack - Its a long season and I'd prefer we not be without Christian. This coaching staff has to find ways to rest him and get contributions from other guys. 2.) Competent Special Teams play : I dont think Eckerson has looked bad, but dont think we're looking for him to break any big returns. But there were a few plays that really could have changed the momentum for the Saints that happened on Special Teams. (The blocked kick and the punt that hit one of our guys foot.) Our kicking woes continue, but the new guy also doesnt get the length on kick offs that JJ got us. One of the best things you can give an Elite defense is good field position.
  9. Everytime CMAC gets the ball, I'll now be hearing, "Its the cha-cha-cha."
  10. Really hope we dont get cute with Djax. If he balls, pay the man. I'm tired of starting over every few years.
  11. I came in here fully expecting to laugh at Saints.... only to find that they're making more sense than alot of Panthers fans. Conundrum.
  12. This is not a good sign as we anticipate your prediction thread.
  13. Good news considering that we expect to see a ton of pressure this week. I expect alot of dumping to CMAC. Can we just .... Not do the end around reverses?
  14. Baldy's a big Brian Burns fan. I've seen him do a couple of great breakdowns on him.
  15. I prefer to think of our oline as the quilted quicker picker upper.
  16. Those eagle eggs were a lie Stephen, A LIE!!
  17. I dont want to overreact, but the Packers looked like absolute garbage. Sad to say that I have two of their players on my fantasy offense. I dont expect Jameis to have that kind of day against us.... and I dont expect Sam Darnold to play as bad as Aaron Rodgers did. New Orleans defense looked all world against Green Bay. I expect us to get the ball out quick and for Christian McCaffrey to have 600 yards of offense on Sunday.
  18. I got Brenton Bersin vibes with him out there. Hope Shi comes back soon
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