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  1. please step away from the keyboard.
  2. So we are just going to skip over the fact that the offensive line was complete and utter trash Sunday?!? They couldn't get any push in the run game and they could not hold a block on drop backs for majority of the game. There is only so much a coordinator can do when the players suck at executing. Then you have Mingo and Chark with drive killing drops. I did not have a problem with the playcalling Sunday but the execution from our players left a sour taste.
  3. I would trade burns for Davante and a pick today. Davante is the only WR worth taking a chance on in a trade right now. No to Jeudy. No to higgins.
  4. I think Panthers win this game and I think Bryce outplays CJ.
  5. bro why are there four routes running right into the middle of the field..christ Reich
  6. I’m more concerned with the line actually opening some holes and the playcalling not being so predictable. Sanders is a perfectly capable back as is Hubbard. But they need help to do their jobs effectively. The RB’s are the least of this teams worries.
  7. I don’t buy any of this AR or Bryce young talk. I think stroud has been there guy. I expect stroud to be the pick would be shocked if it’s not him.
  8. I've never understood this legal tampering period why not just start free agency today if players and teams can work verbal deals. Hopefully we can get a WR.
  9. I think this one is a certified L. I know the Bucs aren't playing well but I think we surprised them the first time we played and that won't be the case here. I'd love to win but I just cannot see it happening.
  10. I can't tell if the niners are just cautiously holding him back for playoffs or what but man what a terrible trade for them if he really is already breaking down.
  11. Wilks may seriously be trying to win this job but the fact he really has his hands tied to Mcadoo calling his offense with the likes of Walker, Darnold, and Mayfield playing QB is going to make it near impossible.
  12. bunch of biatches in here. CMC will play sunday and go for over 100yds again.
  13. I genuinely don't know that you can find one serious defender. We've seen three years worth of Matt Rhule football it's just not working.
  14. No. I believe Rhule has the full season. I'm not even sure Tepper has plans to consider firing him until after next season.
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