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  1. Who do I want? I want a perennial pro bowler at 8.
  2. Stephen A lost all credibility when he said "now he's got an offensive line."
  3. I would point out that the reason Seattle constantly trades down is they are picking the 20s. There are only so many players you have a 1st round grade on each year, and its always less than 32. Most years it tops out at about 16. Trading from the 20s to the 40s, you're still going to get a player you had a similar grade on. If the Panthers do trade down, I expect them to stay in that top 16 range. However many players they have a first round grade on is the lowest they would go.
  4. The season is over four months away. I choose to be optimistic regardless of what happens. That's too long to be pessimistic.
  5. New England is coming to Bank of America this season. You'll see it up close and personal.
  6. While no where near as talented, Gio has a very similar game to CMC. Would make a great backup if he'd take the role.
  7. Robby said he was "definitely not expecting" Darnold in Carolina. How do you not talk to the one guy on your team most familiar with Darnold before pulling the trigger on the trade? If they did talk to Robby, why would Robby said he wasn't expecting it?
  8. Bringing up his trade value now is irrelevant to your original premise. Your stated premise was that Brady had no influence Bridgewater or Burrow. Bridgewater had the best year statistically of his career much like how Burrow had his best year under Brady. I submit this is strong evidence that Brady did have a similar positive influences on him like he did on Burrow, and your original premise was flawed.
  9. Teddy Bridgewater had career highs in TDs, yards, completions, completion percentage, yards per game, and QBR in 2020. I'd say Brady had a pretty good influence on Teddy.
  10. Our playbook was kind of theirs to begin with. Brady and Teddy brought it here from New Orleans.
  11. If you're interested in a QB, how do you not at least talk to his former #1 WR? Either Robby is playing coy here for unknown reason or we really didn't consult the one person on our roster with the most experienced playing with Sam Darnold.
  12. Good thread of plays by Edgar Salmingo on Twitter. I'd highlight this one in particular. Easy flick of the wrist to launch the ball downfield. That's an NFL arm.
  13. Brady got a ton of interviews off after we went 5-11. If he had had a little more NFL experience, he'd already be gone. Any sort of marginal success in 2021 and he'll be a hot name again. I'd like to think Rhule is already planning on to lose Brady after 2021.
  14. I always look at these types of questions with the mindset of what is most likely to happen. Of the options presented, a Teddy 2.0 outcome (career highs in TD/Yards but still clearly a marginal NFL QB) that makes us competitive) and a Jake outcome (not an elite QB but shows he can make us competitive) are quite similar. Darnold's most likely outcome in probably in that range. Gets beaten out as starter(rookie/Teddy/etc) - 5% chance He is who we thought he was(same inconsistent player - bust) - 20% chance Teddy 2.0(career highs in TD/Yards but still clearly a marginal NFL QB
  15. https://twitter.com/PanthersBill/status/1379162689235152899?s=19
  16. Though the metric can be flawed, I look at comebacks and game-winning drives as an indicator of how clutch a player is. Data : Sam Darnold has led 3 comebacks, and had 4 game-winning drives in his 38 career starts. Teddy Bridgewater has led 5 comebacks, and ahd 6 game-winning drives in 49 career starts.
  17. Whether 15-1 or 1-15, the Carolina Panthers will always be my team.

  18. Not in the sports world, but think about a guy like RDJ and where he was in 2003 (going to jail if you don't remember) versus where he is now (pretty much beloved and doing some awesome things). Watson should pay the civil judgments, and do his suspension (I'm not aware of any criminal charges). Hopefully, Watson learns from this experience, and has a nice bounce back story. Hunt, Hill and Brown were all culpable in their cases. All are still playing football. Even our former DE got a second chance with Dallas. Big Ben was accused of some pretty heinous things. He's got rings too. I
  19. It's not that I'd want our leadership to sit around and wait a year on something that might not happen. It's more that right now, our options aren't looking great. The top QBs in the draft are likely going to be gone before we pick, and the FAs and retreads aren't exactly exciting either. We could have just as good or a better record next year and again be on the outside looking in at the best draftable QBs. What I'm saying is that in a year, Watson might have served his time on the Commissioner's List or whatever, and he'd still only 26 years old, probably with a year a minimal wea
  20. I don't question Jeremiah's evaluation (I find him generally quite good). However; you can't look at this in a vacuum and not consider Darnold's contract situation. Minshew is much cheaper and just as good. I'd rather roll the dice on the 'Stash.
  21. Apologies if this was already said. Kareem Hunt is still playing in the league. Tyreek Hill won a Super Bowl. So did Antonio Brown.
  22. Anyone that steps onto the football field can get injured. Lance could get injured, too, and you're still out the trade up assets and have no QB to show for it. Bengals dealt with that (but without the trade up part). Lance could be great, or he could bust. Any of the rooks could. In a trade up, you're spending your assets to find out. Watson is known to be a top 10 QB in the league. You're spending your assets on a known quantity. Now, if you want to sit at 8 and hope Lance falls, that's a viable strategy, but one that has its own built in risks.
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