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  1. dude it must be brutal for these NBA players to play out a typical schedule.
  2. the fact that you noticed that, means you are fat in real life and are self conscious. psychology 101 show me some side tit pics bro
  3. someone who isnt paid to speak a narrative by an executive to make money for the company.
  4. god forbid someone shows optimism on the internet, my bad guys please delete.
  5. how would you know? you replied 8 minutes into a 15 minute video
  6. all good youve been wrong before edit: point of the vid is.. For a 2nd round pick its well worth the risk. How many times have our 2nds busted? Instead of trading like 4x the draft capital for a question mark in a rookie, lets trade a fraction of that for a dude with ability and give him an actual chance. he sucks? ight we have a first next year. Id rather roll the dice with Sam and still have draft capital, than have NO draft capital and have a bust rookie.
  7. other than being a boss? idk id guess being baller.
  8. you literally replied before the video was over. no worries youl be happy about it in due time.
  9. If you don't listen/watch this guy you are missing out!
  10. @Leotiger did you catch that reference? I put that out there like a fishing line and was disappointed with the bites
  11. someone has to produce content..
  12. Darnold is very easy to root for. He has been humbled, and would be a great story. Everyone needs a Sam.
  13. i know i miss their old ones. i picked out rookie darnold to help my post
  14. his arm is done he may start ok, but that dude's shoulder falls off half way through the season hes done. he will never be half of wgat he was im sorry, and it pains me to say that. hes a noodle arm.
  15. Fitterer is doubling down on a cheap franchise QBs, just like he doubled down on chins..
  16. . . . . . . . . . is Fitterer pulling a Seattle, finding us a Franchise QB for a low cost?? SB winning move... my .02 also... this is not just a coincidence .. .. and this is a quality post.
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