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  1. Hes old, expensive, and a headache i disagree its "great value"
  2. you telling me aliens and psychedelics arent down your alley?
  3. I like Aaron Rodgers. Used to get annoyed by him. but with podcasts in recent years i've come to find out that we have many mutual interests and viewpoints
  4. i wish him nothing but the best. seems like his mental health got int he way. i still believe he could be successful in the NFL.
  5. man he would have looked awesome in a Panthers sweat suit on the sideline damn
  6. I agree on this everywhere but QB and WR/TE on defense unless you got a HOF player i'd rather have a bunch of hungry dudes capable of getting after it than 2-3 fed dudes surrounded by a bunch of scrubs cause thats all we could afford.
  7. I'd really rather not. If he didn't catch on in Dallas then I'd rather get someone else.
  8. is there a ballpark? do these players see half that money in real cash?
  9. random question: lets say a player signs a 1 year 10mil deal how much of that is taxed? how much of the "10mil" is the player actually getting? take home pay
  10. poor attempt to be funny OP that, or you are a sucker. either is unfortunate.
  11. the next QB wont be for another 15 years. These OL players will all have their knee replacements by then.
  12. idgaf if we win a game or have 500 points a game scored on us I wana see us support Young and I want to see him have success and get some confidence and respect. I wana see points on the board. So far I like what I see. I think OL could be a strength.
  13. often hurt, but if you NEED a catch to move the chains this is your guy. Hes elite in those scenarios.
  14. nah fug this poo. that died with fitterer. bad mojo
  15. the teppers can suck an expensive dick
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