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  1. pretty prepared because i don't rely on the panthers to make me happy or use them as my identity to make me feel better about myself.
  2. stop putting so many eggs in a basket that you have zero control over looking to the panthers to feel better about life is a poor stradegy
  3. its annoying i gotta sift through diabetus neck beards arguing to find any actual news or updates.
  4. people who argue about this 100% of the time have diabetes
  5. thats a hell of a career tbh he wipes his ass with dolla bills
  6. @TheSpecialJuan can you write an autobiography? I want to learn more about you..
  7. i both hate and love @TheSpecialJuan's trolling tittles it pisses me off but its top level trolling
  8. no Joe buck's arrogance is disgusting
  9. @Mr. Scot first if all, the all black uniforms were what won the greatest uniform of all time.. 2nd, our current jerseys are slightly modified and arent the same jerseys we have a modern matte bullshit look now with rings on our shoulders ugly we need a whole new change these slightly changed modern jerseys suck complete ass
  10. I found this box turtle on the road behind my house. Its a busy road he could have been hit. Going to take him over to my inlaws in a very rural area and let him go. His name is DickHead...
  11. id be on edge more too if everyone was constantly taking a sshit on me
  12. giving a young player a little experience to be versatile is not a fumble. some of yall need to go outside
  13. We are in for a great season boys
  14. One of my patients has a scabies infestation so thats nice
  15. The answer is Yes I think Macadoo is gunna be huge
  16. I actually think we are pretty solid at RB Other positions need some depth a whole lot more
  17. yeah @Jeremy Igo fix it put some of that add revenue to use
  18. cant even watch it. yall meed to upload videos to youtube then paste them here cause if you dont 90% of people cant watch
  19. What you really are doing is showing off and its gross you do this every year
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