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  1. Wish me luck. Its our first and inductions can take a while. Blood pressure issues lead us to being induced at 37 weeks as a precaution. Gunna have to hang in there for the long haul. Will need to put my needs and worries away for now and be rock solid for the whole process Any advice for Dads during Labor? Shes going to have all the meds, epidural, laughing gas.. all that stuff. Hopefully that smooths things over. Wish me luck. Not worried about me, just worried about her pain, sleep, and complications.
  2. i dont care how much hes working, hes going to miss when matters because he is a choke.
  3. a 2nd round pick is not a significant bet.. pretty light compared to what the 9ers just did.
  4. wiping ass is easy.. just take your time.. now beating off is a different story. thats hard. no pun intended.
  5. I hope you live to a grand old age and you make the huddle a better place. im sure you will still have the highest post count a decade after you kick the bucket.
  6. or we just drafted his replacement id rather bet on that
  7. 6th round picks don't bust
  8. I've always been a big fan and wish him nothing but the best. I would love to see him bounce back.
  9. gunna get rolling full steam ahead full force when we take on Brady for the division title
  10. speaking of fan capacity, how many fans will be let into the stadium this year % wise?
  11. its not a coincidence teddy criticized something that could excuse him from what he sucked at the most. which was putting the ball into the end zone and winning we dumped teddy, not the other way around
  12. right. he knew that cause he was the guy to pry at rhule to get a fugin comment he could twist into a story. fug that guy seriously
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