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  1. The Panthers have been through plenty of bad QBs over the years and even with all the upgrades from a well run draft, it will depend on the QB this year. I like that we are returning to aggressive defense, it's our thing and last year was not Panthers football. As many have pointed out, this division has a couple of good offensive teams...and they need to stopped in the fourth quarter. The question is what do we do when we have the ball with 2 minutes left. The only comparison I can see is when Jake came in, screwed by the Saints and is still pissed at them but played with a chip on
  2. Don't forget the hot bed of great QB's from the Amsterdam Admirals with Warner and the Raging Cajun.
  3. I think it came down to a $0.02 increase in sales tax for a stadium in K Vegas, which of course was voted down. Greensboro actually has a history with baseball, the Yankees minor league team was here when Jeter was coming up. And our old stadium was in Bull Durham for the "rain out" scene...so we had that going for us. We also had the Hurricanes here until RAL stole them.
  4. Finally a sign that we are on the road to redemption, the crapologist has returned and now I know that SCP is FIT to tied. I liked this draft, if we grade to what we needed and not just making a big splash, it an A+. Thanks SCP and welcome back home.
  5. Saints probably. get him cheap, add some leadership and get our playbook.
  6. good post Harb, Roddy's got the boys in fighting shape and they have quietly just kicked butt. It a pleasure to watch the canes on tv but cant wait to be at PNC soon. When Petr went down I thought it over, but the rook is getting better every game. This will be a test but if they win, the canes will know they belong on top, Tampa is a complete team. Canes win 4-3 and put the league on notice that they play D and are fast...
  7. I'm sure most bars will have the game on, but if you go to St peter st and Pat O'briens, they have a pretty big screen TV in the bar area ( to the left when you walk in). it will be mostly tourists and you may find other Panther fans...
  8. How about Espn http://espn.go.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/15356/2015-carolina-panthers-game-by-game-predictions 9-7? Btw, Thanks Jeremy for all the work you've done...
  9. Just a reminder of the B/R prediction in April http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2438860-week-3-v-new-orleans-saints/page/17 8-8 This is OUR time, and now the nation knows. A little Dab will do ya Panther nation- today is your day- leave nothing in the tank tonight See y'all at 3 Chris and Sherry
  10. is that your girlfriends name? algorithm? I kid MG...we win this game is the 1 st quarter
  11. Question, it sounds like he and the union are going to appeal the suspension. is it possible they can delay the suspension until after the MN game?
  12. Hey, keep an eye out for my car...it was dud and stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. Hoping for Shaq and Cap to announce their arrival today and our D line to get three more sacks. close at the half but Panthers pull it off 34-21
  13. Points for GinnBomb... Panthers rush for 14, GinnBomb for 7 and Cotch 7 Panthers 28 Eagles 10
  14. it's the best scenario for this year and the future. remember it was the same moves that saved our season last year. unlike others here, I'll take speed in the receiver core over experience, getting open downfield helps Cam and the running game. and we have Ricky to improve technique. you can't teach speed.... 10-6 if our D can score some points.
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