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  1. what does this say about our defense, if this was in the play book in preseason, why didn't our defense pick up on it? I suspect it really isnt a huge deal, it needs to cleaned up but in the end its about the QB having happy feet due to batted balls and constant 3rd and long that killing us. TL;DR Bakers balls are batted
  2. Is there a worse coach than Rhule this season? did the Bills lose to a team that had more than a 10 point line? Bills had 2 interceptions and a fumble at a -14 spread against the Jags and lost. Is it impossible to see the Panthers take advantage of a QB that has a bad wheel and relies on the run to escape pressure? This is the kind of win the young Panthers can point to next year, so I think its worth pulling for the guys. If we allow the Bills to complete their usual season ending fade and we do not throw a pick 6 or some other stupidity, why not take our pals Up North for a little walk to the Anchor bar and sink their hopes for a great season. With all the Western NY immigrants that have moved to (or just ran out of gas on their way to Myrtle Beach) the Triangle, the Triad or the Coast, its a amazing they can fill the Murph or where ever they play now. But I hear they have great bread up there. Thinking of you @SCP... Panthers 20 Wingnuts 16
  3. Looking at Cams career and the fact he doesn't want to QB2, I wouldn't be surprised if he retires after this year. NE was his best bet to comeback and be relevant again but the NFL spoke with no takers after he was let go. He's back home and can retire as a Panther, we owe him for those great years, years that probably shorten his career. I hope I'm wrong but it may be time for Cam to protect himself and start raising his kids. It sounded like he enjoyed the downtime this season with his family and this team is too green for a vet like him. Luke knew when it was time to go and I hope Cam will know too. It going to be a couple of years to sort out this team and build a above average O line.
  4. I honestly dont know why Cam was starting, the opposing D knows he only has X amount of plays. PJ should have started both games and bring in Cam when needed. Today the Fins where daring him to pass and Rivera knew how to D him up. He does look rusty or maybe its the shoulder, either way we should have waited until he had the reps and had him start after the bye. Its a lot to ask of Cam to come in here and suddenly be a hero after being out half the season and walk on with half a playbook under his belt. Now that CMC is banged up again, where back to Sam/PJ/Chuba. If we are going to rebuild, peel the band aid and take losses, trying to force Cam to carry the team without having the reps and waste CMC doing it is just insane. Chuba was doing fine and then we go full CMC and hes hurt...with all the talk of Cam, how about CMC? is he done? how about that cap hit? I hate it for him, but there are signs that hes not a full time RB. Stay with the rebuilding plan, beef up an O line and QB in the draft and lets get on with it. No one guy is going to save this season.
  5. I'm sure this has been posted before but as far as the Smith conversation, I think it gives a pretty good reason why he was so intense, as a kid he witnessed domestic violence and endured abject poverty. Here's a couple of quotes: "Later, Smith was describing his love for his adopted hometown of Charlotte and how it differs from the poverty-stricken neighborhood where he grew up in Los Angeles. “Charlotte is a nice, smiley-face city,” Smith said. “I’m a sweatpants, pack-a-pistol kind of dude.” “The best athletic quarterback I played with is Cam Newton. The best quarterback I played with — the guy I grew up with, the guy I got paid with — (is Jake Delhomme). “Cam is an excellent athlete. However, I didn’t learn from Cam and make mistakes with Cam. I grew up with Jake.... (My kids) and Jake’s kids grew up together. Invited each other to birthday parties. “When Cam came along, I was (32 years old). When Jake and I played, we were two blind dogs in the meat house. And when you grow with people like that, it’s a different place in your heart than someone who’s just athletic and really gifted.” “I played ball for one reason — to beat the man in front of me. That’s really it. And if that man happened to be on my same team, I did not get that memo.... https://www.wbtv.com/2020/02/08/steve-smith-who-was-his-favorite-panthers-qb-cam-newton-or-jake-delhomme-more/
  6. Cam was the only answer after Sam went down, what other QBs could we have got? Nevertheless, its a huge upgrade and its was a right call for many reasons. PJ has a shot to be QB2 after the Cards game which is surprising too. Seemed like the last three days have turned things around, the D is elite, special teams doing well and well rested Cam is back. It was the right move for the team and the fans.
  7. I think the point is that Cam is not in game shape yet, doesn't know the playbook and we have an O line that can let a DL attach the QB's blind side. Nothing about if Cam is the QB1, of course he is. I have know idea what Rhule is thinking by announcing the QB on Monday...I hope he's being deceptive. Chuba would be out if Cam was in, I like him a bunch but his blocking is still at rookie level. So it would be the Cam/ CMC show, neither need a bunch a reps against a WFT that our D may just destroy anyway. Do think Shaq may know their QB? It makes sense to use Cam when needed but PJ know the playbook is mobile and most important...expendable. Not starting Cam for a full game is about giving him the best chance to go full speed in three weeks, if he gets hurt this weekend, we are back to square one and then it will be PJ and Morgan for the most of the season.
  8. for the trifecta, add the 11-2 Hurricanes who beat the blues on Sat. Honestly one of the best weekends for Carolina sports in a long while.
  9. Agreed and throw in a NFL level OC that can utilize our RBs/TEs for protection and create a rushing attack that gives the D a rest.
  10. We've dug a hole that will take more than a season to dig out of, Sam is here for another season and PJ isn't a backup option. Without reviewing the obvious shortcomings what can we do now? The offense has to stay on the field longer or the D will eventually just give up and the D is the closest to being above average on this team. The Pats did us a favor, we can't pretend anymore that we can't run through our passing deficiencies. Brady has proven he doesn't know how to read pro defenses, rarely are they fooled by his schemes and he thinks QB has more time than they do. Is there a reason we can't have two RBs on a play? Let Brady and Walker go, find a OC that can run the ball with CMC/Hubbard/Abdullah and create more protection with Tremble and others. We need first downs and time of possession to increase. I wish we could bring Cam, I really do, but I just don't see him having the patience and ability to mentor others. So we need to get a vet that is up for a tough year but will lead the team that will be run oriented. If Sam can be a backup for a season, its possible he may improve next year. It's a deep hole, no doubt, but we are (for now) better than 6 other NFC teams and if somehow we get a WC, yes we would screw the draft but playoff experience is worth it.
  11. What about the guy from Green Bay? no not the head case, this Morgan fella. We will have 2 QBs dressed for Sunday, won't we? He's not from Baylor or Temple but he was a Jet...
  12. to be honest, I didn't read the entire thread, its like the huddle has PTSD and we are just running over the same old ground here. The staff picked defense to fix first and thought the could scheme an offense that wouldn't expose the O line or Sam. As I wrote before, Horn will be something else but we brought in more secondary help and so maybe they should have drafted a QB. But Horn will be here for a couple of seasons and our defense was terrible last year. You got to like the of Gilmore move to add some veteran moxie. so here's my take on the game, if our defense gets three turnovers from the rookie QB. its a win for the coaching staff. Defense will lose games like last year and that is hard to watch too. If we fly around and take BB out of his game, it could be something to see. As opposed we had a rookie QB and they stuffed him. it sucks the we dont have a decent offense but the rookies we did get are playing hard and we just have to wait for the rest of pieces to be put in place. Imagine an all offense draft next year and have a balanced team that keeps MF pounding for a couple of years.
  13. Hey, I ran into Vinny Testaverde yesterday...Vinny Jr is available
  14. I think defense was the natural place to start the rebuild, but it was at the expense of the offense. My only criticism on the draft with this staff is it could have been better balanced, now that the secondary is nearly built, you have to wonder about the Horn pick. No doubt he can be a shut down but we could have added an important piece to this offense. But we didn't and Sam is most likely mistake but they had to try something. so we run and play solid D for now and maybe we can scheme our way to a better passing game. I feel better this year than last when we couldn't stop other offenses or score in the late quarters. Sure, its hard to watch- that's what rebuilding means, but we are heading in the right direction. Hubbard and Tremble have done well as rookies and Marshall and Smith will start to contribute soon. And except for some depth issues, the D is looking good. we'll be better than 5-11 this year.
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