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  1. If we get Higgins/deebo/Aiyuk then I want a stud TE
  2. If a QB falls to 33 we will get to trade back and hopefully get 4 players in rounds 2-3
  3. I wonder if he has plans to invest in a shrimping business
  4. So which Panthers WR do I draft in fantasy? Will AT still be the default who gets a lot of catches ?
  5. Burns is bad at math, do the tax rate in NY vs NC on that $30m
  6. Add in chinn, they are stacked on offense
  7. Not so simple as all the teams got $30m more, players salaries will be going up across the board. I’d strongly consider trading burns for assets(2 starters) and signing Brown long term
  8. Heck let’s offer Burns for DJ straight up. With their draft assets and this years WR class why not. would be embarrassing wouldn’t it
  9. I bet the Lions would make a trade like that, they only need defensive pieces to win Super Bowl
  10. The Lions were the better team even with the bone head decisions. 49ers got lucky again and with home field advantage
  11. Take the FG and you win this one Purdy is average at best on any other NFL roster
  12. But we got needed cap space, other ways to have done that sure
  13. Deebo is the 49ers real MVP, if he’s not really game ready the lions may win
  14. We have to double down with our current resources on OL and WR help first
  15. I would get canales and can probably get a decent pay then give Evero a big pay bump to keep him happy as DC.
  16. The 49ers didn’t look great against the Packers and Deebo is now hurt. I expect the lions to go full attack mode and on defense try to rattle Purdy and force him into mistakes and on offense the 4th downs may be difference
  17. Idea for billionaire owners: pay the best DC top tier money so they don’t leave either.
  18. And this is why they are hiring OC over DC now, probably more important in our case given Bryce investment
  19. Purdy is a game manager, and that’s not a bad thing. Lamar Jackson is a difference maker
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