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  1. I’d throw away Corral for Bryce Young
  2. Effective picks so far: 1)Ickey 2) Sam Darnold 3) CJ Henderson 3) Matt Corall
  3. I think smart money takes a chance on Howell or Corral in the second as worth the chance too bad the dumb money gave up it’s second to get Sam Darnold
  4. Dear David Tepper, Matt Rhule is not an NFL coach. Sincerely, everyone with an objective brain
  5. Rhule is probably angling for a Supreme Court career with this.
  6. Smart money knows to stock up next season for the QB class coming
  7. Just draft Willis or Pickett on a 5year rookie deal and hope they pan out, if not go back to drawing board. Frees up cap to address other areas of need having a cheap QB
  8. He looks like a bobble head running around on field
  9. Imagine what this place would be like had we landed Watson
  10. The players clearly didn’t play for him till the end the way they did for Rivera.
  11. If Brady had been drafted by Detroit, how many rings does he have now?
  12. May wish Atlanta or New Orleans had “won” the Watson trade in the end
  13. Browns may find themselves in a contract lawsuit to get out of that disaster in the making
  14. Seems like they have to draft QB at 6 now with Atlanta sitting their at 8 also needing a Qb
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