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Really into David Lynch films lately... Extremely unique director/writer, strange stories that are up for interpretation and some of the best cinematography and directing I've ever seen. If you've seen the original Twin Peaks series then "the Return" is a must and I consider it a long film, not a tv series despite being 18 "episodes" on showtime. His other films I've seen in order, all of which I'd highly recommend:

1. Mulholland Drive (one of my favorite movies ever, have watched it like 5+ times in the last year; not a simple watch, a lot going on and a lot to think about and digest but well worth it)

2. Blue Velvet (also a great one that is worth multiple viewings, easier to understand but some strange aspects for sure)

3. The Elephant Man (may be a bit slow for some people, I've watched it twice with no plans to watch again soon but a really good film and a true story that is quite uplifting)

4. The Straight Story (similar to the Elephant Man)

5. Lost Highway (strangest of all the Lynch stuff I've seen, I saw it once and have no idea what I think about it. Will probably revisit at some point but definitely my least favorite so far. Still worth a watch in case you happen to be into it.


note: I think Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is an outstanding movie, but it's more a part of the whole Twin Peaks world and can't be watched as a standalone film unless you've already seen the first 2 Twin Peaks seasons.

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