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A club dedicated to true movie lovers. Discussions, favorite clips, sleepers.
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  2. Yo, I checked this out yesterday and I was thoroughly impressed. Visuals were dope, kept your attention the whole time, exciting and funny. They definitely will be doing more of these.
  3. Watched this with my boys last night. Really silly but cool movie. Definitely worth a watch.
  4. Overall the movie was meh, and if you skipped it initially, like I did, you aren't missing much. But this shot was amazing: I genuinely got creeped out when I watched this scene the first time. It's mostly Joel Kinnaman's acting; you really believe he's seeing himself being taken apart chunk by chunk and realizing how little of himself is left. How unnatural that it is that he's alive. And what it means to actually be "alive." Great scene. Blah movie.
  5. Best scene in the movie. One of the best scenes in ANY sports movie. He's the anti-Marty.
  6. That arrow going through him was the 2nd worse poking in that movie.
  7. Michael Lewis, who wrote the book it's based on, is one of my favorite writers. He also wrote The Blind Side and The Big Short, both excellent films and books. I really enjoyed Moneyball despite not being a baseball fan. I do like baseball movies because they tend to boil baseball down to the bits where something interesting happens. That someone could make a good movie about baseball statistics is mind boggling. Adam McCay is a genius.
  8. It’s on my list but I haven’t seen it yet. Definitely need to soon
  9. One of my all time favorite sports movies, even though there's almost no sports in the entire film. But man, do those scenes with the daughter draaaaaaaag. I've re-watched it about 3 times and forward through those parts every time, and it's about a half hour shorter, which is perfect.
  10. Anyone seen MoneyBall. When it came out I liked it. Recently I revisited and man does it hold up, especially now with analytics taking over all sports.
  11. I LOVE this movie. Burt Reynolds is dreamy. Lots of redneck rape. Two thumbs up.
  12. Arthur Smith being mentioned as a possible Head Coach candidate for the Georgia (Atlanta) Falcons led me down this rabbit hole. The movie and song are classics. Thanks in part to local celebrity, Arthur Smith. He used to produce his Country Music Show in a studio on the corner of Monroe Road and N. Sharon Amity during the 1970s.

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