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  1. Hindsight stuff but McAdoo was allegedly in love with Mahomes pre-2017 draft and "begged" Jerry Reese to trade up for him. Decent sign for his QB eval abilities. https://phenommedia.net/what-if-the-giants-traded-up-for-patrick-mahomes-in-the-2017-nfl-draft/
  2. The interview question from Rhule that sealed the deal for this hire: Matt - What were your thoughts on us benching Cam Newton for Sam Darnold late in the year? Ben - Genius.
  3. Some interesting thoughts from the Cowboys board: https://cowboyszone.com/threads/panthers-hire-ben-mcadoo-as-oc.492719/page-2 He seems to have been the primary candidate to replace Kellen Moore as their OC if Moore gets a HC job, so either that wasn't really the case, McAdoo didn't want to risk waiting and losing an offer in hand from Carolina, or Dallas is confident Moore is sticking around.
  4. FWIW he was Jags QB coach while Minshew was starter for a year, could see him being brought in.
  5. Much preferred Jay Gruden. But ultimately it didn't matter, Rhule is still here
  6. Agree. You either go draft or wait. Anything else will just be a continuation of the Teddy/Darnold disaster train.
  7. He'll likely be cheaper and he's a lot younger so it actually does make sense. I'd honestly actually lean towards letting both walk for various reasons though. We still have a lot of talent at CB and could better spend that money elsewhere and take the comp picks.
  8. Can’t say this excites me but one thing that I like about his background is he was a WRs coach for the Steelers during a time period where they had some absurdly good WRs getting churned out and developed. And I don’t know how much credit he deserves but that kid Taylor in Indy last year was incredible. Does that mean he can coordinate an offense? Absolutely not. But his track record does have some positives.
  9. I went to this game, what a treat it was. Hate Boston fans, they were trickling out starting in the 2nd period
  10. Well deserved. Cam is a legend in the Carolinas and forever will be.
  11. If they take Sam in the trade and we don't give up much else then sure why not.
  12. Watching Eli and Peyton while I workout. Go Rams, they will beat the Bucs if they win tonight
  13. This is the douche who benched a Hall of Fame QB with an active ironman streak for fuging Geno Smith, not even a promising rookie or something but an absolute scrub known entity backup. Please just fire Rhule now for even considering adding this guy to his staff
  14. Agreed. I loved the NFL being unique in having so few team make the playoffs so pretty much all the games were competitive at least on paper (especially having 4 teams with first round byes). It's turning into the NBA now where there are just stupid mismatches in the first round, and that's not a good thing at all. 14/32 is still better than 16/30 in the NBA but it really should be 12 teams not 14.
  15. Mahomes had like nothing in the 1st quarter now has nearly 250 yards and 3 TDs.... holy poo this guy is ridiculous when he's on. I think Chiefs get back to the SB again. Hopefully vs. Packers
  16. especially since there was no chance they were gonna beat the Bucs in TB in the next round. Rams/Cardinals will have a decent shot (most likely LAR)
  17. Lol dude fumbled twice on the same play
  18. Games like this show why the NFL is stupid as fug for expanding the playoffs. Money over integrity of the game though. Eagles don't belong here, and with 14 playoff teams every year there will be more and more poo teams making the playoffs and putting a horrible product on the field
  19. oh my. Wonder what the biggest playoff loss Belichick had before tonight, can’t imagine it was more than 10-14ish
  20. Daboll is gonna be a great head coach. We should’ve fired Rhule to snatch him up
  21. You missed my point. Teams coming off an all time great season who barely came short of winning it all don’t fire the GM/coach. That is completely ridiculous and if that happened a fanbase would run their owner out of town. You have the benefit of hindsight. At the time it would be regarded as the stupidest decision ever. And McD hasn’t exactly accomplished any more in Buffalo than Rivera did here...
  22. Has there ever been a draft without a future pro bowl QB in it? I don’t think there has been... and yes I know pro bowl isn’t an amazing qualifier but point is no matter how bad a draft may seem at QB there will always still be at least 1-2 guys who wind up being solid starters at worst
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