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  1. Glad to hear it, hope he takes a bit of a discount too considering the legal situation we stuck with him through. Miles is an important piece for this team's future, if we are to have any.
  2. stupid simplistic way of looking at things. belichick is a cheater and an asshole but he's also easily one of the top football minds ever and it was him who developed brady from nobody to star. they won 4 championships where brady didn't contribute significantly. the game passed belichick by and his being an asshole started to rub people the wrong way in NE causing disfunction across the board. brady went to a stacked team with a great HC and weaseled another ring (i.e. pulled a LeBron) in a weird covid year. HC is responsible for winning and should be the only one (well and GM/front office) judged by team results. QB is responsible for his play and should be judged by his play alone (stats to a degree, but moreso the eye test), not team results. brady was a very good quarterback who was in great situations his entire career. belichick created those great situations for nearly 2 decades before becoming washed up in old age and with a changing landscape in the NFL
  3. citing a google search and random lists, lol. It's significantly harder for a smaller market team in the NBA and MLB to win than for any team in the NHL to win, that is pretty much undeniable. Easier for a wealthier team in a bigger market though. NFL and NHL no difference, both equally difficult for all teams.
  4. I mean that's just not true lol, it's no harder to win than the NFL. Just not easier. NBA/MLB if they had 32 teams and a hard cap would be just as hard too. Depending on what teams you're comparing to, NBA and MLB could actually be significantly harder to win than NHL.
  5. I wish Dundon owned the Panthers. No championship quite yet but 6 straight playoff appearances all winning at least 1 round (pending this season but should win round 1 at least this year), and with a very young core with good contracts/cap situation and a highly rated prospect pool. Just the definition of sustained long term success and consistency. Basically the polar opposite of the tepper Panthers.
  6. Nice! Hurney’s final 1st rounder was a nice parting gift
  7. They could tag him. And honestly regardless of how he plays this year I’m not sure he’ll get more than he had on that contract anyways. Weird that he accepted that.
  8. Not sure it's pure scouting vs. developing the guys after they draft them. But yes I'd be looking at who the Steelers are interested in too.
  9. At least they put it to a vote. Plenty of politicians have taken it upon themselves to give tax dollars to billionaires for stadiums before
  10. Diggs was not good last year. And he's a problem child on a massive contract. Bills have a hole at WR but this really was a necessary move for them.
  11. as expected, and necessary. hopefully his role in the front office isn't all that significant. good dude but I don't really want him having any real impact on our team going forward.
  12. I think we can win 5+ and if I were a betting man I'd put money on that. Before last year the last time we won less than 5 games was 2010. Even under Tepper every year except last year we've won 5+, and that included some years where there were only 16 games. Looks like easy money to me. New coaching staff, upgraded roster, Bryce hopefully developing at least a little bit in year 2 (I mean he was a highly rated prospect for a reason). I don't really have any optimism left about this team under Tepper, last year dried it all up, but I'd be pretty shocked if we don't win at least 5 games.
  13. probably better, only because I don't see how it could possibly be worse than last year
  14. I'll never not enjoy laughing at the falcons but man I wish it was a different afc team that beat them. fug the patriots
  15. fuging stupid. the average starting field position with this set up will be like the 35 or 40 yard line.
  16. This happens all the time across the NFL, not hard to imagine whatsoever.
  17. lol no, Harbaugh took that job because of Herbert. he'll retool the weapons within a couple years. probably going to prioritize OL first
  18. I'd consider trading up 1-2 picks just to get the 5th year option on a player if we really like someone around there. Don't really want to trade down.
  19. We were bitten before recently by Corbett, I’m gonna wait to see how it plays out with these 2 guys. Also still need a center
  20. I loved me some Donte (unpopular opinion here) but this is a great trade especially considering we were probably going to cut him anyways.
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