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  1. Well, this year but I guess that wasn't really "true hype" more blind hype as I wasn't a fan of our coaching hire or choice of QB. So I'd say 2018. 2017 was a very good year and we got rid of what we thought was our biggest weakness at the time (Shula) and replaced him with a very highly regarded (as OC anyways) Norv Turner. Also would've easily beaten the Aints in the playoffs with better WRs and guess what, we go out and draft a legit WR in DJ and CMC was moving into clear every down back role. I was so damn pumped for 2018 and especially when we started the season 6-2. Then that fuging disaster of a Thursday night game vs the Steelers and Cam's shoulder injury ruined all our hopes and dreams. Man what a brutal brutal turn of events. After that game we lost 5 straight 1 score games that we easily would've won with a fully healthy Cam. That should've been a 12 win season. With Cam's health in question after that I haven't been truly hyped about this team since then.
  2. That 70th stat is a bit skewed by wingers who have small sample sizes. Among players with 100+ faceoffs taken this year Aho is 38th, which considering everything else he contributes, is very solid. Interestingly, Trocheck is absolutely dominating the dot and is first in the league at 64.1%, a career high for him. He was very good here but that is a crazy jump. I do miss him to a degree but still think it was the right call to let him walk and add KK. https://www.nhl.com/stats/skaters?report=faceoffpercentages&reportType=season&seasonFrom=20232024&seasonTo=20232024&gameType=2&filter=totalFaceoffs,gte,100&sort=faceoffWinPct&page=0&pageSize=50
  3. lol what?? Aho is at 53.6%, Drury 54.5%. Kotkaniemi has been bad in the dot but not the others. It was a rough game, but not really indicative of our centers' faceoffs abilities.
  4. Such a disgrace. Hire a competent GM that well respected long time NFL advisors recommend and then let that GM hire the HC.
  5. Burns was good last year, trash this year. I’d try to tag and trade him
  6. Donte was honestly incredible. Some really really nice PBUs
  7. Agree with him. I wasn’t a fan of Reich in the first place but to only give him 11 games is completely ridiculous. Also Tepper preached a 5 year plan with Rhule and didn’t even give him 3 years. It takes time to build something but Tepper expect it to happen overnight which is indeed lunacy
  8. He didn't "pull himself from consideration" with the teams he did interview with until it was clear they were hiring other guys. Maybe something changes this year but I don't think he has any interest in coming here.
  9. Well the big difference is Al Davis was a football guy, was a moderately successful HC well before being an owner and was also a successful GM before owning the Raiders. In his older age he got pretty crazy and bad as a GM but much of his career as GM/owner he was actually pretty good. Brought the team 3 Super Bowls with 2 difference HCs...
  10. In hindsight we gave Mike Shula too much poo as he’s easily been the best OC in team history and I’d gladly take him back over what we have right now. But that’s still not saying much and yeah to get the most of Cam’s time here we really needed an offensive minded HC. Imagine him in place of Hurts on this current Eagles team. Hurts is solid but man Cam would be absolutely unstoppable and probably have multiple MVPs in that offense.
  11. Goff has a much better arm, I don’t think McVay could even win with Bryce
  12. Tepper is gonna force the next staff to be all in on Bryce which will set us back multiple extra years. Probably won’t have a winning season in the next 4-5 years at least
  13. Hopefully this will be like the report the day before Frank got fired that he was safe
  14. No reason to pick Payton over Harbaugh given the choice between the 2, we didn't want to go that route and Tepper hired the "safe" and "stable" choice in Reich which obviously was a disaster. But if we were gonna go the route of high risk/high upside with big character/ego HC it would've been Harbaugh not SP. Especially because we would've had to give up a ton of draft capital for SP and none for Harbaugh.
  15. He played like 2 full seasons after his last concussion, I don't really think that had a ton to do with his retiring. A factor sure, but the main reason, doubtful. I think he's just like Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders and didn't want to play super long and wanted to move on to different things. Luke is a huge outdoorsman, he was at the grind for so long and football season interfered with hunting season. He only lasted 1 year as a pro scout for us because he didn't even want that level of commitment, and that's way less than required from a player especially one who works himself so hard to be the absolute best in the league. I don't blame him for retiring. A bummer as a huge football fan who got so much joy out of watching him play and would've loved to see him get a ring, but it's his decision to make
  16. Yeah really. His NFL track record with subpar QBs speaks for itself. Dude can win in the NFL
  17. I'm no fan of Josh McDaniels, was absolutely thrilled we didn't hire him back in 2020. But I'll give him some credit for his work with Mac Jones. I felt going into that draft that Jones would never come close to being a franchise QB and would be a disaster for whatever team took him. Well that wound up being true, but McDaniels got 1 pretty damn good rookie year out of him while making the playoffs and then when he left Jones has gotten worse every single year. There are other variables but that is pretty notable. All that said, I do not want McDaniels or any of the other Pats guys here in any capacity.
  18. Wishful thinking. Kraft and York “early years” included several playoff seasons and a SB appearance… Tepper 6 years in already has yet to even come close to a single .500 season, and almost certainly won’t in year 7, and probably won’t in year 8.
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