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Not very realistic but i drafted a new team

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For instance Felton is a RB that can play slot WR. In my first mock, i took Carter becuae his scouting report said he'd be valuable catching the ball. 

Also, Eichenberg at Tackle doesnt fit the freaky athlete profile but is thought to be a plug and play type. If Greg Little flames out, hes a guy that can keep the qb clean at least. 

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    • Trust me, the glitz and elation of winning one does not quench the thirst. It only changes one's perspective a bit. I have been a St. Louis Blues fan since 1969.  We have suffered through good and bad seasons, been a pretty consistent playoff team, had teams that entered the playoffs as a team everyone had their eyes on, and sometimes got on a run that took us deep into the playoffs.  In 1969-70 we were in the Cup Finals, but in those days the 1967 expansion teams were guaranteed a spot in the Finals against one of the old guard.  We were the expansion division finalists for three years, with 69-70 being the last.  It was our last appearance in the Cup finals until 2019. Then on June 12, 2019 we won game 7 in Boston to skate with the Stanley Cup for the first time.  I still get a lump in my throat when I see the dying seconds of that game, when Doc Emrick (the announcer) says with 12+ seconds left "and the Blues at the bench realize they are going to be champions." I will always treasure that championship, and it brings a smile to my face to this day.  I still wanted to win it again last year, and this year, and next year.  I still have the usual ups and downs with the team's performance.  The team winning it created at least two difference:  1) I don't carry around the thought that just once before I die, I want to see them win the Cup, and 2) I know what it feels like to watch them win it, and I want that feeling again. It is no longer an abstract concept.
    • Drafting a qb at 8 will derail any hope you had in restoring Darnold.  He just left a franchise that gave up on him a a few years, drafting a qb at 8 will show Carolina has no faith and giving up on him in a few weeks before he has a chance to prove himself.  He will go through the offseason with zero confidence and thats not what you want in a franchise qb.
    • Mr. Scott typing right now...     edit: DAMN a second too late
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