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  1. Holy shit that Spin move by Tepper.
  2. Yeah, Im not saying I would blame him - I would do the same thing, but it feels inevitable that he will go. While with Snow it 'feels' like we can settle into him being here long term.
  3. I like that Snow seems like the guy that will stay with Rhule despite his success. Brady seems like the guy that will jump at first opportunity.
  4. Horn is as advertised. I tried to cut the coverage he had on the TD play. He was all over him. You couldn't ask him to play it any differently.
  5. We have one of the top edge rushers in the game and your complaining.... Sacks can be random. Pressure is not.
  6. The Huddle, Huddles....
  7. I dont watch college football. I just literally googled top QB prospect lol I personally think Rhule is in the clear this year but next year will be they year they need to start making playoff pushes.
  8. If we lose to the Jets at the easy part of the season.... Suck for Howell?
  9. Also, I need the points for my fantasy team!
  10. Both those teams are loaded with WR's and the defenses have poor secondary's. I can see why they chose to throw.
  11. I get what you are saying but I don't think you can judge a draft on who you didn't draft. Far too many variables to consider to even give that a fair evaluation. Fields for example might bust for the Bears but might have been a stud for us. Or vise versa. And you can make that argument for literally EVERY player in the draft.
  12. ... cause you know we keep talking about how we passed on Tom Brady right? fuging idiots in management!!! move on dude or get a job in the league
  13. As the title says, who guy buried in the depth chart are you excited for this year? Offence Tommy Tremble: Can he be the guy we all want him to be? That melt your facemask off blocking and vertical threat TE? Chuba Hubbard: Can he be good enough to take meaningful snaps and spell CMC? Defense YGM: Can he sneak into the the starting spot. He has flashes... Keith Tayor: Big bodied CB that can run.. if he can be solid we have a very good and young secondary.
  14. Looking at the facts... your account in MONTHS old.. @kungfoodude account on the other hand is over a decade old..
  15. Yeah my buddy has a pretty cool opportunity to interview these guys. I mean I know these are all pretty standard answers but still pretty cool
  16. JEREMY_CMC_INT.mp4 Google drive link to video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DXVuzdnxa4AeNyh-JhBDLKjZvbobgyG1/view?usp=sharing JEREMY_CMC_INT.mp4
  17. Well....I suppose I asked for this. A FEW decent questions in here... Let's see what happens
  18. As the title says, my buddy is interviewing CMC tomorrow and is looking for question ideas. Send me what you got. I'll link to the interview when it's posted.
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