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  1. I actually think that he left most of the evaluation to his coordinators... I might be wrong but it seems like he has a mostly hands off approach, trusting his people. I could be wrong there but thats what Ive gathers from the interviews.
  2. I would disagree with that. And I should make myself clear here. I respect your opinion, your a good contributor on this forum - one of the less reactive ones which i appreciate. Honestly I dont think the QB's were the biggest problem I think it was the teams expectations that were the problem and put them in these situations. Teddy was brought in to be a bridge and was released because he could not take us the the next level. Darnold was brought in on a 'moderate risk, high reward'. He didnt pan out this year. Im ok with both of those moves at QB. When you dont have a guy I think you need to do everything possible to find that guy. I think the biggest issue is Rhules expectation went from 'team building' to 'win now'. I think that changed the focus of the team, and not for the better. I used to think maybe it was Tepper that forced that on him but given that Rhule was not fired I dont think thats the case.
  3. It is luck. Its an 'educated' luck mind you but it does come down to that. Thats why the prevailing theory is that trading down is a smart team building move because it gives you more shots (more chances). I hate the 'well the patriots drafted Brady in the later rounds' argument. Nobody, not even the patriots knew he would be that good. It just happened. Team building is done in a lot of ways. There is no 1 way to do it. Pretending like you have all the answers with this makes people look silly - which is what @Mageis trying to say.
  4. Teddy was a good idea that just didnt turn out. I would have supported us carrying him as our QB this year. Darnold... well when you dont have a QB you need to keep swinging for one. So I dont mind us taking a shot on him but I disagree with what we traded for him....that said.... had he finished as a top 15 QB this year we would be singing Rhuhles and Bradys praises. Im an optimist my nature and I do think that with a better line and a decent OC there is a 'chance' that Darnold could turn the page...
  5. Also positional value is a factor as well... The best pick you can do on paper is draft a QB in the 1st round every year. Every year. Cause their value is so much more important than any other position. Even if that player doesnt pan out, most former 1st round QB's trade for an equivalent value. Obviously no one will do that but if we are talking in theory here, thats that smartest move.
  6. I think your using hindsight to justify us being dumb and other being smart. The draft is not a guarantee. A prospect is just that. JaMarcus Russell was evaluated by Payton Manning's QB coach who has said on record many times that Russell has the best arm he had ever seen. Ever. Sometimes teams look 'smart' only because that player fell to them eliminating their other top options before them.
  7. I think this maybe one of the most important and under appreciated points. Reading this post OP was a breath of fresh air on this page recently. I appreciate the thought you put into it.
  8. I appreciate the post OP. I do disagree with the trading players portion of it. Those players will end up costing us more than their return value. CMC, Brown and Anderson are all players at positions that we need and all can be significant. The problem is the oline. We need to go hard in free agency and bolster that in the draft. Im resigned to the fact we have Rhule, but now that no change has been made, Im ready to look forward and hope that he can redeem this team. I love this team but its depressing shitting on its coaches and players. So Im still on the band wagon and looking forward to how we look to address these challenges.
  9. This is it for me. It just feels like we have no direction. I dont think we are far off from being a decent team but we said that last year as well.
  10. Its sad when the direct comparable of what Carolina should have been is what the Saints are currently. I was always giddy with excitement as to how the Saints would become a complete disaster when they cap finally caught up to them. Instead, they ride through the season with terrible QB's but stay competitive to the final game. Now they are a QB away from dominating again.
  11. this is going to be a LONG offseason.. .
  12. If we keep him, we should split his reps 50/50 are RB and WR.
  13. But counter to your point, didnt Richardson hire a search firm to find our next GM and that was Gettleman. That was a disaster for 2 teams now. So while I agree owners should stay in their lane, there is also no perfect solution.
  14. One concern I have is there are several teams that have multiple 1st round picks that may not go QB. If they dont then we need to either take to the number one pick in 2023 or find a way to be able to get enough capital to move up. If the Eagles stay with Hurtz and Miami with Tua then we are in a rough position assuming that dont trade those picks.
  15. This. We need to go into next year with the mindset that its the year to fix the oline and 2023 is the year to get the QB. So lets not trade more picks away. Stick and pick or trade back for draft capital.
  16. With Fitt I think thats always in play. The biggest concern I have is that if we go into this next season with Rhule knowing he is on the hot seat then he wont care for future picks and trade backs are out of the question - if anything trading up will be looked at.
  17. @Mr. Scottell us how you really feel.
  18. Im glad for some perspective. yeah I remember 2010 being bad but I think the 'suck for Luck' made the season exciting to the finish.
  19. please, no more retread QB's. 2022 just put out Darnold, let that 5th year option burn away and draft a QB in 2023 with a new coach.
  20. Yes, cause Im sure Tepper has just been waiting for anonyms people from the internet to advise him on how to run billion dollar organizations.
  21. This season is gross. But I mean so was 2010. Im trying to figure out which season was worse - without recency bias and honestly I think its this one. At least during the season we knew we were bad and could at least cheer for losses because we knew it was a strong draft class. Then at the conclusion of 2010 that was Fox's last year and we went into the new year with a new coach and the #1 overall pick. The new era of Rivera and Newton began. In 2021, it feels like we are still trying to 'build' something that is falling apart around us. To make things worse, we are in a bad draft position and very little to look forward to for next year. Feels like we are going into 2022 with a coach that is on the hot seat and hoping that he doesn't mortgage the future to save his job.
  22. I think thats a little disingenuous. Obviously he knows football. I think his problem has been 'rebuilding' vs 'win now'. The 2 require a completely different strategy and I think he wanted to do both at the same time which is why our team has looked so out of sorts this past year.
  23. I had high hopes for him when he came out. We forget that Rhule was a sought after coach and hot coaching candidate when we picked him up. I liked the message he preached about rebuilding. So along with that comes patience as to build it up, as he has before takes a few seasons. I was willing to give him 3 or 4 seasons to be playoff ready. However the issue that I see is the confusion between WIN now and rebuilding. He started doing one, then changed to the other. I HATE moving on from coaches this quick but I think at this point we do need a refresh. Rhule is not the guy.
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