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  1. Your not wrong, and this is how bad teams are made. IF Tepper is honest, then we ride the season with Darnold/Corral and see where things lie. If they suck we draft a QB. IF they play good then we are in a good position. I think 2 things can be true this season. We could have good/great QB play from Darnold AND still lose most games. We need Fitt to be able to evaluate both.
  2. huh - ok then my whole perception is off...
  3. I voted yes.. But it's more complicated than a simple yes or no. I think Rhule took a bad team that needed to be blown up and had to try to create culture during 2 years of covid all the while not having a QB that could compete. I can also appreciate Rhule's coaching style, where he allows his coaches to coach - but that means he needs to hire GOOD coaches. I really like this years coaching staff. I also think that Tepper needs to establish himself as an NFL owner and 'wants' to do things the Pittsburg way - which is not cycling through coaches. That being said this is the year. Rhule needs to make this team competitive every week and during the ENTIRE game. Record aside, if the team is not fighting every single sunday and keeping it close, Rhule is gone. New coach gets to draft a new QB.
  4. Not sure if you guys have watched this but it is phenomenal. Gives a totally different perspective on Brady. You can see why he is the GOAT. Great series. Highly recommend.
  5. Good for him. He was a good player.
  6. It was mentioned in a press conference. I would love to see DJ get more touches like how Deebo was used last year. Ideally thats how we should have used Curtis.
  7. I always liked Brees. Dont get we wrong, I hate the Saints but most of those feels belong to Sean Payton. That said, I think Payton is similar to how people viewed Cam Newton. You loved him on your team, but everyone else hated him.
  8. Given the Bitcoin fiasco, he might be wanting to play ball again... https://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/seahawks/former-seattle-seahawk-russell-okung-puts-half-salary-bitcoin-considered-highest
  9. His productions could bring him there... problem is that he play for a small market team.
  10. Good guest! I'll have to check it out!
  11. Don't know how I missed that one. Tommy would have been my #1 choice for break out player this year but we resigned Thomas.
  12. The obvious answer is Horn as he has such high upside.. I said in a different post that his draft grade was equal and higher than the top 2 CB's draft in this past draft. Now he has another year behind him to learn, I think he will ball out. That said I'm most hopeful that Terrace Marshall will come into his own. 6'3" His draft grade would have made him a top 5 WR in this years draft (in comparison) we just need decent QB play. But I REALLY like his potential.
  13. Carolina Panthers 2021 Draft Picks: Round 1, pick 8 – Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina Round 2, pick 59 (from CLE) – Terrace Marshall Jr., WR, LSU Round 3, pick 70 (from PHI) – Brady Christensen, OT, BYU Round 4: No. 126 (from TEN) – Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State Round 5: No. 158 (from From NE through HOU) – Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa Round 5: No. 166 (from TEN) – Keith Taylor, CB, Washington Round 6, pick 193 – Deonte Brown, OG, Alabama Round 6, pick 204 (from CHI) – Shi Smith, WR, South Carolina Round 6, pick 222 – Thomas Fletcher, LS, Alabama Round 7: No. 232 – Phil Hoskins, DT, Kentucky
  14. Woof.. heavy read. Good reminder how athletes are still humans.
  15. What I find crazy is that we all know that about him, but he was still considered a 1st round WR but everyone. It not like we drafted an unknown player - the entire world missed on KB.
  16. If Im a GM and drafting them for their career its Ray. But you cannot be disappointed with anyone on that list. Man Luke 'should' still be playing.. this defense would be lights out.
  17. Kelvin Benjamin 3.49...................
  18. That seems like the dumbest of ideas.... its not like its a billion dollar organization or anything...
  19. Question about our draft room... Looks like its in a hallway... How does this compare to other teams draft rooms... our looks cheap?
  20. Skill wise its a no brainer that Watson would help us win more games then the 2 rookies. We would instantly become a contender with Watson. That said there is ALL the other stuff that comes along with him. Im happy it didnt work out. I would have been conflicted about the team had we signed him.
  21. Yeah its an awkward situation. I mean the Rooney Rule is an awkward rule to begin with. I can understand the reason for it but the method seems to create these sham interviews.
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