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  1. you know... every once in a while Im like 'this guys not a troll, he has some decent points' ... then poo like this comes up and Im reminded what you are.
  2. Beason I dont think was under appreciated. He was #1 / #2 LB in the league for a few short years. He was a heck of a player. So fun to watch. Crazy the MLBs we had on our team Morgan-Beason-Luke.. we got spoiled.
  3. Coleman was a monster back there. Man what a fun team..
  4. As the title suggests, who is a player you feel had a big impact on the team but was under appreciated? My nomination would be Mario Addison. - Was always the 3rd or 4th best player on the d-line (played with Hard, Peppers, Allen, Star, Short, Johnson) - Played with motor, would generate pressure and get clean up sacks. - Ultra reliable - Played both DE and transitioned to OLB when Rivera changed to a 3-4 in 2019 Never a stay but a true testament of a core player you need on the team. Other considerations: - AJ Klein - Dan Connor
  5. With Horn I would gladly over pay... via the TAG. I would take his 5th year option and TAG and TAG again. Dude is a monster but I dont want to pay for a monster with as few starts as he has.
  6. I mean at 29 he could play at a high level for another 4+ years.
  7. Ok thats a fair statement and I wanting to have an honest football conversation. Im just so tired of the people here that are almost giddy to see BY fail and CJ do well just so they can post "I never wanted BY to begin with" Its getting harder and harder to have football conversations here. That said when clear fluff pieces like this come out, its fun to live in that moment.
  8. I tend to think that Moton gets under rated because he has played on some bad teams, yet he is undeniable reliable and a top RT in the league. Where does he fit on the top all time o-line players when comparing him to guys like Ryan Kalil, Gross, Jeff Mitchell, Wahle, Turner, Norwell, Wharton, etc.? I personally think he would be #2 behind Gross. At 29 years old, if he plays a few more years at this level he could be the best we ever had.
  9. This was a fun watch. I love when they produce this kind of content.
  10. Man some of you guys are just killjoy's. Like dude, we are 0-0 right now. Live life. Have some optimism, at least until the season starts.
  11. you timed that screen shot well
  12. Went to a Chiefs game last year... its an oooooooold stadium. My home town, CFL Bomber stadium is nicer.
  13. https://perchance.org/ai-text-to-image-generator my friend who is a digital artist is not happy about this.
  14. I agree with you. I also appreciate how The Franchise Guy has better perspective than probably everyone on this board as he has watched every play from every team. If he says we had the worst coaching, scheme and execution I put a lot of stock in that. Im also going into this year with a blank slate for BY. All the guy has ever done is win. I'll bet he bounces back in a big way.
  15. Hm... Im not a car guy but I kind of get what your saying. So in other words... Building an NFL player is like crafting the perfect ice cream sundae. Imagine starting with a basic vanilla scoop, representing a player with raw talent and potential. To take on the richer, more complex flavors (the elite NFL players), you begin to add layers and modifications. You might add a swirl of caramel (enhancing skills through rigorous training), sprinkle on some nuts (building physical strength and endurance), and top it with a cherry (mental fortitude and strategy). The sundae is crafted to compete with premium options like Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip, or Cookie Dough. But while your sundae may shine in its current form, those premium flavors can still be further enhanced. Rocky Road might get extra marshmallows, Mint Chocolate Chip could add chocolate fudge, and Cookie Dough might receive a drizzle of hot chocolate syrup. In the end, your vanilla-based sundae, despite its impressive modifications, is maxed out. Bryce is that vanilla sundae, perfected but limited in how much further it can go compared to the inherently richer, premium flavors.
  16. I think Tepper knows that he looks bad with moving on from so many coaches so soon. He has always said he wants the Pittsburg model. I respect that he pulled the plug on guys that made it clear they were not right. So with his desire of building his reputation back up I think he will give every benefit to Canales build something. I think that is either with BY this year or a new QB next year.
  17. So what do you want then? The vet coach? = Reich The team builder = Rhule? Im my opinion we picked up a young coach, who has a track record of helping under performing QBs. That EXACTLY what we needed. We have a sunk cost in BY right now so might as well throw everything we have to help his succeed. Given what this team has done with what they had, Im pretty happy with it.
  18. Dude, have you listened to his presser's? He KNOWS football very very well.
  19. I think BY will bounce back in a big way. We have basically done everything to put him in a spot to succeed and all this kid has ever done was win prior to coming to the poo show of a team we gave to him last year. I think he will surprise people this year.
  20. I loved the days of 'Double Trouble'. If that wins games I'll ALL for it.
  21. If they benched him after paying him $100,000,000 the GM is as good as fired.
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