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  1. Smoked meat... I have a bunch of buddies that will smoke their meat all day with their different blends of wood chips on their fancy ass, wifi connected BBQ. The moment you add BBQ sauce, the hours and hours of smoking is useless. Meat smokers is really just an expensive hobby.
  2. this is a funny pic. Im embrassing the meme's. May as well. If you dont people will never stop making fun of it (see Arizona fans)
  3. I dont think that he will bulk up significantly. He might get to 205 in the preseason but Im sure he will slim down to 190's in the season. I dont ever see him being over 210lb - and I think thats ok (as it was talked to death) that weight is not a contributing factor to injuries. He is what he is and thats ok.
  4. I feel there is a joke here somewhere...
  5. Honestly, Baker might bounce back. Darnold might bounce back. I put ZERO stock in what I saw from players the last few years under Rhule. He was that bad.
  6. Dude is going to get a lot of sponsorships. He's clean, well spoken and humble. Easy to attach a brand to him.
  7. Yeah, I doubt he pull a "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes like -- it's funny.'' comment...
  8. I mean the PFF guy says that he has the best chance to win it because he says the Thelin and Chark are hot garbage so getting to the top of the depth chart should be easy for him and Mingo is ultra athletic.
  9. One of the guys on the PFF podcast has Mingo as his rookie of the year candidate.
  10. The good thing is that if we do lose our OC, we have an offensive HC. So we are running his scheme and (as of right now) he is still calling the plays. I dont think the drop off on the OC will be a detriment if and when that happens.
  11. Yeah thats really cool I think Tepper did a good job of getting the right people in place to try to make Young as successful as possible.
  12. CB room. IF all players play to their potential, I think Jackson, Horn and Henderson could be among the best position group in the NFL. However I also think it could potentially be the biggest weakness on our team and could be one of the weakest units in the NFL as well. But as an ever optimist, I think Henderson will finally put it together and Horn and Jackson will stay healthy. I think this group will be elite.
  13. Which position group on the team do you think could have the highest potential or the lowest floor?
  14. The write up about Tremble the other day has me excited. I think this coaching staff will know how to design plays to protect Young and get the most out of him. Im not overly worried out out defence so long as we move the chains on offense.
  15. I actually like Ryan. He was a dammed good QB for a long time. I liked his fire. Same reason we loved Cam is why we hate Ryan and vice versa. If Ryan had a ring he would be in the HOF discussion - and maybe still is.
  16. Rumor is he signed his contract March 28th.
  17. Brady can afford this now because of his divorce settlement $$ he is getting from Giselle??? ha!
  18. That's the Anthony Richardson problem.
  19. 4-2 at the bye will be a big win already. I think Detroit will be a good team tho.
  20. I cannot help but be excited about this group. LFG!!
  21. If anyone can is Shannahan. And to be honest, I hope he does. I liked Sam. He had to play with 2 shitty teams.
  22. Agreed. I feel like with guys like Cam they just assumed he could take those hits so it was not important to try to stop that - he was bigger than most guys hitting him anyway. Now we have the complete opposite and the brain trust is forced to build around that reality. Maybe that means we dont focus as much on D as we have in the past. But honestly that doesnt matter. No QB no competing. Im excited for the direction of this team
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