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Draft Day 3 General Discussion

Mr. Scot

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2 hours ago, Panthers Rhule said:

Dude, they didn't draft an LB last year. 

Round 1, pick 7: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn
Round 2, pick 6 (No. 38): Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, Penn State
Round 2, pick 32 (No. 64): Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois
Round 4, pick 7 (No. 113): Troy Pride Jr., CB, Notre Dame
Round 5, pick 6 (No. 152): Kenny Robinson, S, West Virginia
Round 6, pick 5 (No. 184): Bravvion Roy, DT, Baylor
Round 7, pick 7 (No. 221): Stantley Thomas-Oliver III, CB, Florida International


5 of those 7 picks seeing significant playing time, with one almost DROY! If we get the same percentage from this years class, the Panthers are going to be fun to watch! 

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    • These betting things are usually crap. Hell, the last set of betting odds had us hiring Jim Harbaugh. This set includes odds for Ron Rivera, Dabo Swinney and even keeping Matt Rhule rule.
    • RB isn’t terrible either with CMC and Foreman. 
    • I think its important for me to make sure its clear I'm not saying that you 100% cant find a RB in the late rounds who can be a top running back. You absolutely can for any position in the league. The GOAT QB od all time was a 6th round pick, Hall of Famer Kurt Warner was undrafted. The odds of that happening just decrease exponentially. Like I said in a previous post. 68 RBs drafted in the 4th-7th rounds since 2018. 3 of them are starters. Of those 3 not one of them is coming close to touching the production and impact on an offense that CMC does.  Lets make no bones about it - you dont need a running back to win. Its a QB driven league. The chiefs won because of Mahommes, Kelce, Hill and Andy Reid. Further counter point would be that Damien Williams only filled in because Edwards-Helaire, another first round pick, got hurt week 13 and missed the playoffs. They didnt go the entire year with a UDFA leading their offense like how we do with CMC.  The 9ers have spent 3 draft picks, 2 of them 3rds on RBs trying to flush out their stable and already cut one of their 3rd round picks, Trey Sermon, after one season. This after mortgaging their future with 3 firsts for Trey Lance. They already have limited capital and are still spending premium picks trying to figure it out just proving that just because you can hit on a pick like an Aaron Jones, Austin Ekler in the later rounds, even in the 3rd theres no guarantee you hit. I'm sure with our eye for talent I can almost guarantee we'd get another Jordan Scarlett rather than an Aaron Jones.  Ravens were top 3 in rushing last year because Lamar had 800 yards and accounted for 40% of their running game while only playing in 12/17 games. Freeman played in 16 games and had 575 yards. They also struggled mightily last year and finished last in the division. They weren't signing guys off the street in a plug and play dominant ground control offense. They missed Dobbins and Hill last year.  CMC is here, hes been his normal self and as long as he stays healthy I think he continues to be here unless a team blows us away with an offer we would be foolish to refuse (something similar to what Adams and Hill went for.) I am not defending the contract - or the pick where he was taken. As CRA pointed out. Even in his dominant season, we won 5 games with Kyle Allen. I'd never spend a 1st on anything other than Olinemen, Defensive ends or a QB unless they were a generational talent but that's just me. Just saw the comment about replacing him with a late round pick and this is where we've spiraled out to lol.
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