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NFL Draft…my story


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I have been tracking NFL Draft prospect since I was in college.  I mean like every single  thing you can track.  Height, weight, speed…everything 

True story…right out of college I was hired by a consultant working for a large bank.  Back then we all sat around trying to look like we cared.  My boss also loved the draft. He came to me and asked me to build something that would tell us who would be the best player in the draft.   Sounds crazy now but it happened 

I was green as grass but I took that on as a challenge.  

So…I build a database with every players stats and performance against like opponents Etc.  All the important ones…and I capped it at 300 players.

This was the 1998 draft and after all the stats and code it came up with a list…

#1 best player in the draft was…

Randy Moss


Ryan Leaf

Charles Woodson

Andre Wadsworth

Peyton Manning

and I will stop here…Keith Brooking

Just pointing out the injuries, personality mean something 

I will add that my personal perspective probably played a role in the rankings.  

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On 12/30/2021 at 10:02 PM, Shocker said:

Putting together guys I thought would be great…but didn’t happen…

Andre Wadsworth

Ryan Leaf

Dan Morgan

Justin Blackmon

Lawrence Phillips

Ricky Williams

Brian Bosworth

And my favorite is Jeff George…the best arm football has ever seen


Dan Morgan was great, injuries just derailed him. Ricky Williams was great, he just loved weed more than football.

Agreed on Justin Blackmon. I thought that dude was gonna be a stud. He was basically Keary Colbert though. Decent rookie season then... basically nothing. I think he was a really bad alcoholic or something along those lines.

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