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Destiny 2 - Lightfall 2/28/23


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10 hours ago, d-dave said:

I know right?  Some one in the draft thread on reddit said the same thing lol.

Have you been encountering a TON of annoying bugs?  I got a new puppy so I've been a BIT behind the past two weeks.  Last night I tried to run some of the seasonal jailbreak heists - it seemed even worse than it was when the season started!  My god.  My jumps were floating, floors bounced us, and snipers still suck (not a bug, but a feature!).

I've kind of been let down pretty hard this season with D2.  The main lightfall campaign was fun, but had some major holes.  The seasonal story had some moments, but playing the heroic activities is such a PAIN.  I still haven't gotten an undying one.  I know I'm not some hardcore pro player, but I know mechanics, how to synergize my builds, and I've played for 10 years.  I think I should be better at these...

Hopefully season of the Deep is better....



definitely have. I've been pretty frustrated by how hard it is to craft weapons from Neomuna. It's basically pure fuging luck 

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Because I timed out of the edit:

There's the silver purchase stuff, like the armor set loos nice.  The scout rifle is OK, more Mida less Hung Jury.  There are some interesting perk combos, but it's not a huge deal if I don't get it.

Now Supremacy...  What a poo show.  It's a straight Connection Based Match Making (CBMM).  My first game I ran into a fully grouped bunch of unbrokens with adept Immortals.  Without a mercy rule, we got rolled 150 something to 30...  It was that way all Saturday when I played six games.  I still need to collect another 20 crest but I'm not sure I care enough.  It's just not fun when my team is of guardian rank 2s versus 10s and 11s...  Heck, I'm still a 6 because I haven't put in the time to level the other stuff because of life!

So needless to say, I'm not thrilled with the state of D2 right now.  Heck, I was just trying to do some "chill" weekly strikes and I kept getting booted each strike.  Weaseled...I was at least able to pop back in but WTF guys.

I've got other games I want to play much more right now.

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23 hours ago, SOJA said:

haven't really gotten the chance to dive into season of the deep (ha!) but I'm hearing not great things 

Likely won't be able to get into it until late july anyway due to work stuff

Honestly, I like it better than Defiance 😃  Going back to Titan is fun.  I like the underwater mechanic.  Story wise, it's OK.  Help the macguffin by killing dudes each week.  Drifter does have some good lines.  The deep diving suit aesthetic is pretty cool in my book.

My issue with Defiance was the season activity was too hard.  Getting blitzed by snipers made each run 30-40 minutes with blueberries.  The new Deep ones are much more casual and fun as opposed to punishing.  I'd rather have to try hard in Nightfalls and Crucible (this week is Iron Banana) than the seasonal event.  That's just me though, I know some people love the hardcore seasonal activity.

The autorifle is pretty cool, blinding targets around a kill.  Pretty fun.  Honestly, we're all just waiting until The Final Shape at this point.  So here's to hoping that's better than Lightfall!


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