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  1. I really don't get the hate on DJ? He's getting better and better each year. He's always a threat when the ball is in his hands, but last year when his number was called, he answered. Now it doesn't help when Teddy wasn't throwing the ball over five yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Is he a top 10 WR? Maybe? Is he worth a 2nd contract? Yes. He's a very talented WR. I kind of am over the whole "top 10" listicles non sense. I think if we get a QB who is willing to give play makers a chance, we'll start to see more from him next season.
  2. Ok, so I've been a little meh over the game. I've been playing it on game pass, and I love it!!! It's just fun. The gameplay is actually fun. The story is appropriately cheesy, and knows it! I regret ever thinking anything bad about the game!
  3. Got to love the poo posting here. I do think some posters here will never be happy, even if we win a Super Bowl... Now with Darnold? Who knows. It's a gamble. He was the #3 pick over all three years ago. He's got talent. He's made some nice looking plays. We all know the Jets were a dumpster fire. We also know that about half the first round QBs don't pan out historically. Giving up a 6th rounder and next years 2nd and 4th rounder will be a good deal if he's even able to be a top 15 QB. We also don't know enough about our new GM and the draft to know if he's going to make tho
  4. I was a little meh about this episode. I hated Sam's disguise, and the fact he left his phone on...rookie move! Sharon Carter was cool and all, but the episode didn't seem to solve a lot of issues other than killing of the scientist who re-made the super soldier formula. Though seeing Walker lose his poo with "Do you know who I am?" was pretty awesome for his character set up. It didn't seem really tied together. Like instead of written this way, it was edited into this episode. Personally, I was hoping that we'd see Sam start to assume the mantle of Captain America more and more
  5. Honestly, who knows. You never believe anything you hear in draft season? Right? I'd love to have the excitement of a young QB. I'd also love to have a franchise LT or a shutdown CB. If there's a top end run on QBs, like 1-5, we're guaranteed to have a really good foundational piece. As far as QB? You'll have to find them elsewhere. It's probably not going to be a draft pick unless we get lucky. Is that a trade for Darnold? Again, who knows. This could also be the big QB hype, but teams are going to go and get their guys. QB or otherwise. We'll just have to see and enj
  6. While Aristotle had a major point that plot was the most important aspect of a dramatic work, we've kind of hit a point where a lot of stories are just samey. I love a fun sci-fi story. It's good ole comfort food. Riddick's movies where silly and over the top. Space Opera? Yeah, not for everyone, but if you are into that, they hit the spot. The Expanse really hit the mark on a crew based show of some outlaws that I've missed since Firefly was canceled. I love this kind of niche genre based stuff. It doesn't all have to be billion dollar disney stuff.
  7. Me either. I just fell down a wiki rabbit hole trying to learn more about the world of The Expanse! And the first Pacific Rim is a classic. Straight cheese! But just so wonderful and filling. I love watching that movie, warts and all! Makes me want to fire it up tomorrow. Except I'll be checking out the new Kaiju movie
  8. I'm not sure either one of those would cost a 1st rounder though. I mean, at the end of the day, we have lots of options. If we want a QB, I think someone will be there. If we got for a vet and build the OL or D, we'll have options as well.
  9. I love the smoke screens that happen during the draft season! If Lane is there at 8, I'm pretty sure we're sprinting up there to take him. If we don't, there are some other incredible talents at OT and CB which would greatly improve our franchise. I'm good either way. Unless they draft a RB or something...
  10. Oh yeah, I couldn't get enough of the show! After the end of the last episode, my HOPE is that they are able to continue to story. I want to see where the rest of the Marco's plot goes. How closely it does follow the books.
  11. He's the owner. Not the GM, not the coach. I think we're kinda stuck with him until he sells the team. I appreciate the Huddle really making my Friday afternoon hilarious!
  12. I think getting an elite LT in the first, and then let's look at a guy like Kellan Mond in the 2nd Our LT position has been pretty bad with a few outliers since Jordan Gross retired. =(
  13. Today's episode was enjoyable in my opinion. I won't spoil anything, but we saw some very interesting character development for everyone, including John Walker. Look forward talking with the rest of y'all about it this week
  14. In the top 10, I think you're looking for the blue chip-corner stone type players. These are players you are trying to draft to make sure you aren't a top 10 team again. Parsons? Is he a franchise altering kind of player? How much better will he make the defense? How many games will he win us? I don't know. My preference would be for a LT or CB (Farley anyone?) who can lock down a premium position if QB is out. Parsons can be a great LB, but he needs the system around him to really help us win games. Luke was so deadly when he has the pieces to protect him. Like he and
  15. Right now, I'm in the "ok, we'll see" mode with Fitterer and Rhule to a degree. This is a very different team from years past, and I'm curious to see how it grows. Rhule does have an awful lot of control and influence. It certainly doesn't hurt he remembers recruits a lot of these younger players. Is it a model for long term success? I don't know. Last season was tough for many reasons. There were some signs of life later on, and I think that the team is generally moving in the right direction. I am cautiously optimistic about 2021.
  16. Ahh, the age old tearing down of guys. Keep it up NFL types! Break down Trey more and more. Make him stick around to 8 so we can snag him Trey isn't ready to jump in feet first. Instead, let him sit behind Bridgewater for a half a season or more. Then let's get the machine rolling! Nothing mentioned is KILLER. All these QBs have flaws that need to be fixed.
  17. I'm really curious to see how the show evolves. I was interested after episode 1, but worried. I love Mackie. Is Falcon enough to carry the show? Now that's the much bigger question. Mackie is a good, charming actor, but Falcon is terribly underdeveloped. That's on the writers to pick that up. Bucky on the flip side is way more compelling. How does he deal with his sins? I am really looking forward to seeing where that goes. I can't wait to see how Sam is able to get the shield and "mantle" back from the new Captain America. That story and how Fake CA loses it will be cool
  18. Have the Panthers come out and said anything? Right now, most of our info comes from "inside sources." It could be the Panthers would still love Watson if he is proven criminally innocent, but they aren't going to do anything with the this cloud over his head. It would be HORRIBLE PR. Now as a poor lay person, I'd assume the rich and powerful would have "fixers" who would make these kinds of things go away as a cost of doing business. If the Texans did not "fix" this situation, they have shot themselves in the foot, feet, legs, hands, crotch, etc. They alienated their Franc
  19. DJ Moore has gotten better and better each year. I get that sometimes players fly under the radar, but Moore has been handicapped by poor qb play. When the ball is thrown his way, he generally is making those contester catches. He does make big plays. I'd say you keep him because replacing him would be more expensive or volatile with a draft pick.
  20. This is such a horrific situation. If Watson did in fact commit a crime and is found guilty, then he should be punished in accordance of the law. If he's innocent criminally, and found guilty in civil court, then this is a very expensive stupid tax. The threshold for guilt is much lower in civil court. The reality is Watson should have done a better job protecting himself from these kinds of accusations. Filming the event, making sure a witness is present, etc. A whole lot of poo is going to come from this, no matter the out come.
  21. OL or elite CB. There are some really good OTs at the top. The top two CBs would also be in play. Honestly, if we can't get a franchise QB, let's get a foundational player who we can build around.
  22. I saw that last night. I guess the Texans are going to be trading Watson sooner rather than later. Though with a lot of vet QB moves, it's going to be interesting to see where he ends up. I'd love him here, I just don't want to give up half the team to get him.
  23. Aaaannnnddd, Now it's on GamePass for Xbox Consoles! Good thing I didn't pre-order lol.
  24. Well, classically, no? Ish? This is almost a challenge for the coaches. Here's guys with good traits. Now whip them into shape and make them play well.
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