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  1. Well now. This is quite interesting. At least it gives us something to talk about (36 pages in 4 hours, nice!). Will we be better? Who knows. Really. Total crapshoot here. But it will be something to watch, that's for sure. Either Baker comes in and plays well and is able to rehab his image and career, or Rhule gets fired. Not the worst outcome.
  2. I am having a hat issue. I have some fitted hats with the elastic band that has gone all wonky. I do sweat a lot, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do to prevent this in the future or fix my current hats. I've attached an image of my issue. Any tips or ideas?
  3. I think it's the human element. When we think about giving machines more and more responsibility in our day to day lives (consider how much they already run things), we need to be careful. I ended up learning a fair amount about these kinds of jets as I've learned what I can about that thing in Europe. An Air Force works like a big organism with a lot of moving parts that do very specific jobs. Like you wouldn't ask a bomber to win a dog fight. Or a fighter to attack ground based radar targets. Each of these multi-million dollar machines has a very specific job description. From an attack stand point, a fighter jet is going to attack anything in the air. From bombers, to radar craft, to other fighters, escorts, whatever. That's their job. Why not just use drones? I think it comes down to a few things: situational awareness, latency, and overall investment. As awesome and advanced as our computer systems are, our brains are just better at filtering data and making better decisions. I mean, look at Tesla's Auto Drive system.. Even with a person behind a joystick, looking at data and projections and cameras, it won't be the same as the butt in the seat. Also, think about latency. That's the time it takes for a command to go from an input to an action. Like in playing an online video game - your latency affects everyone else's game experience. So modern gaming displays can translate input in 10-30 milliseconds. And you're usually within a few feet of your display. Change that to hundreds if not thousands of miles... I just don't think that works. Why is the US Air Force the best in the world? 'Cuz 'Murica? Or because we spend so much money on not only the best tech, but the best possible training. Putting the best tools in the hands of our best pilots is going to give you the best outcomes, even accounting for human error. That's what tends to happen in any career or task - give the best trained/most skilled person the best tools for the job, and they will do an incredible job. Sorry for the long treatise. I'm not a pilot or military guy. I'm just a dude who thinks too much, and tries to learn as much as I can. Folks in the know are more than welcome to correct my idiotic mistakes and mischaracterizations!
  4. I'm really loving Pike. Just the whole show is fun. I love how the Vintage Style has been updated with the JJ Abrams look. Just a pretty show to me. There are some CGI issues with the space combat, but it's a weekly TV show, and as I'm learning, good CGI is expensive and hard. I'm with you on Spock. I'm just not getting much from him. The show hasn't really given him much to do though so that is part of it. You get his brilliance, but he's not as much of a check on Pike as he was on Kirk. That could also be because this is set before James T Kirk is born, and Spock is much younger, more rigidly Vulcan. I really appreciate how the show is leaning into what made Star Trek great which were those loosely connected episodic formats. Each episode is connected, but also carries it's own story very well. Instead of trying to make a multi-episode film like Disney+, or Discovery, it's very much about the problem of the day with the connections in the background until they are needed. I like how brash Pike is, which makes me want to put him above Picard, but Picard was so consistently excellent. Got to see how it continues, but I hope it does for a while! Pike is a close #2. Regarding Kirk - I'm torn. I love the character from TOS. Even Chris Pine has been fun in the role. But the OG Kirk was a man from the 60s - which works in a lot of ways, and not so many others now. He's just not cool in the same way to me that Pike and Picard are.
  5. d-dave


    Yesh, I haven't been disappointed with TCL TVs. Had one in the playroom, and my inlaws bought a 625 a few years ago. The only thing that got me was the motion/color performance. That's just a me thing though. I was considering the 648 (the Google TV with mini-LED back lighting), but I didn't want to spend a $1200+ on what is still an unknown commodity for me. I don't blame anyone for making their choices. Just be happy That's the biggest thing when buying a TV, just be happy with your purchase and don't stress afterwards with FOMO.
  6. I saw my sister do that to both of her kids. My nephew in basketball (because he's like 6,10 at age 21) and my niece in softball. It's so crazy. Both of her kids told her when they grew up how they wanted to just be normal. So she stopped it. Now my nephew only plays basketball for fun, and my niece is only on her school team with her friends. The reality is there are so many parents that way, who want to force their kids into sports or activities because they fugged it up when they were kids. My son has dabbled in sports and activities, and will continue to do so. He's 10 so he's still figuring out what he wants to do, and who he wants to be. There's nothing wrong with that. We're going to see what sport he wants to try in the fall. Hopefully something that's not too expensive lol.
  7. d-dave


    I agree a lot with @onmyown here. When I was shopping or my TV, I spent a long time getting reviews from as many different sources as I could. I read up a lot on Rtings before it became premium. Lots of Whipserstatus74 on youtube as well as Stop the FOMO. I like how they are true tv nuts and can cut through the marketing speak to give you solid opinions. In the age of plasma versus LCD, I helped a lot of people buy TVs (not as a store employee, but as someone just waiting for my wife at Yankee Candle). I've always been a TV nerd. In the days of 4k and different imaging engines, things have changed a LOT in the ensuing years. You have to look at your budget and room space. Some folks have the room for an 86" TV, so great! There's where they should look. My room/TV location had enough room for a 65" TV. So then I looked at what was the best TV for less than 1500. After looking at a ton of reviews, I wanted a LG C1 to replace my aging 50" Panasonic Plasma. But my wife like to keep all of the windows open during the daytime. We also have a tendency to leave the TV paused for extended periods of time (marriage problems lol). I love the look of an OLED but we didn't have the budget (they were still like 1800 at the time we bought) and our room situation wasn't great. So then we started looking at the LCDs. A couple of years ago, we bought a Samsung 43" TU7000 for the bedroom. It's been OK, not great for HDR, but find for watching Discovery+ is fine. While the TV performance was fine, the OS was annoying. We didn't like it. But we have gotten tired of the ROKU death cycle - where a Roku seems to die out of the blue only to work again in a week. So the smart TV system was important. That brough us to TCL, Hisense, and Sony. The internet smart guys said that the TCL and Hisense (whatever their top tier, FALD backlit tv was) were the best value. But color and motion are important to me. The Sony X90J meet my budget and the all important color and motion requirements I needed. Man, that was a lot of typing. So the TL/DR - figure out your budget, what features mean the most to you, look around at a variety of reviewers, and buy what you feel is best.
  8. Man, that sucks. As far as a gofundme, the reality is that children are incredibly expensive. Those children are going to need income to survive, even in a family's care. I have no problem with it. We don't know the details of their lives, and that's a much bigger issue at hand. As far as Matt's money, outside of his signing bonus, which is going to have to repay his agents and lots of post college draft prep, he's not as rich as we all think. There's also no certainty that Matt gets that big second contract. Heck, that he starts anytime this year. Yeah, losing family is horrible.
  9. It does, but I've been doing a lot more creation focused work lately. Some games, but not near enough, ha ha.
  10. Check this L33T gaming monster! i7-4790! 16gb DDR3 500gb SSD/1TB HDD, and an XFX 580 4GB powered by an external power supply. In Blender, Cycles on the GPU render does well. Gaming is pretty poor. Like I can play D2, Borderland, CyberPunk 2077 (medium 1080 is about 30 FPS). They keyboard is my son's since he's taking lessons. I need a new computer. It chugs really hard doing Houdini sims or complex math like 3D After Effects work, Unreal, etc.
  11. Oh no, we have no intention of selling. We know we could get more on the market, it's just nuts how the prices are sky rocketing.
  12. It's getting nuts. We are getting calls from opendoor and other investors offering us double what we paid for our house...Sheesh.
  13. Such a wonderful show. One of my favorite DVD box sets ever. I am of the same mind, don't try to remake it. Just let it brilliance burn forever.
  14. d-dave

    The Batman

    Because there are always too many people trying to make a name for themselves. When trying to set up a "cinematic universe" you need a ROCK SOLID plan and great leadership, which Marvel has. Though for Marvel, we've become spoiled and we need more James Gunn and Taika Waititi than "boilerplate" superheroes. In the DC world, they don't have near the same level of control and execution and vision than the MCU has. I have no problem with a Dan Reeves Batman series, but it doesn't have to connect with the Justice League. Right now DC has Aquaman and Wonder Woman as it's two reasonably successful film franchises, and it could have something with The Batman. But none of that compares to the quality of Peacemaker. Since DC and WarnerBros don't have that level of strong, expansive leadership, they need to forget about the idea of the joint universes. Don't force it. If it can be organic, great. Honestly, I actually don't mind the Monarch thing in the Godzilla/King Kong franchise. I get that they need the human element, but the films are at their best when it comes down to the monsters instead of humans. Just work on making one good story at a time.
  15. d-dave

    The Batman

    Balance is an important aspect of storytelling. In the case of the Avengers, they leaned into the fact they were a comic book brought to life so humor is expected. Also, a lot of the Marvel movies (not all), lean into the JOY of the story. The Batman did not. Everything was grimdark without even the slightest sign of hope. 90% of the movie happens in the rain for the love of pete! In previous Batman films, Bruce Wayne tended to be much more comedic. Robin was added for some youthful levity. In a story that centers around Bruce Wayne discovering who his father was, there were plenty of character who could have been much funnier. Sadly it was all lost for a meandering revenge/discovery story. One day, it might be fun to take a digital version of the film and cut it to pieces and re-edit it...But that will take a LONG TIME.
  16. d-dave

    The Batman

    Man, I really wanted to like it. My students raved about it. I thought Robert Pattenson would be a cool change up for the Batman character. I had major issues with the second half of the film. It was was so boring! Laborious! Painful! I really liked the Riddler character and the themes about extremism. But there was exactly ZERO joy in the film. It was three hours of negative emotions. Also, Andy Serkis was criminally underserved. He's a fun actor, and they didn't use him enough to really push the heart of Bruce. That's not to say it was a waste of screen for me. The use of light and shadow was amazing. I loved so many of the shots. There were some great looking images created out of the film. Despite the whole batmobile "thing." When it punched through that concrete, that was a great looking shot. I really loved the production design on the film. At the end, the final reveal about Daddy Wayne felt so weak. There wasn't catharsis at all. I hope that Reeves learned something for his next film. I actually like Pattenson, and I think he's an interesting Bruce Wayne.
  17. Honestly, I have no idea if Corral will live up to our expectations, but he's a Panther now so I'm hoping he's able to have a long and successful career for us. Simms has had a pretty good eye for QBs for the past few years. Again, I'm hoping so much that he plays well. I can't wait to see rookie camp in the next few days, and train camp after. It's going to be interesting to see how well they coaches are able to prep Corral as well as Darnold because that comparison is going to be what everyone is talking about.
  18. As much love as I have for Cam Newton, even though he often puts his foot in his mouth when talking about women (that's generous, I'd love to see someone slap the poo out of him for what he said recently); I'm good if he moves on as a backup to a contender as he chases a ring. I love the energy, the fun, and the celebrations Cam brings, but I there's that old saying "you can't go home." Things change, and so have the Panthers. I wish him nothing but the best, and a little humbling. The Panthers need to find a new QB. Thanks for all the love and memories Cam, but we both need to move on from this relationship.
  19. I don't think so because what are they trading to move up that high? Our 4th rounder is a comp pick, so it's right there at the end of the 4th. We'll have to start moving future draft assets and players. I'm not sure we're ready to pull that trigger unless someone wants to eat a big fat contract like Sam's or CMC's (who I am against trading). Nah, we made our bed with the trades for Sam and for the talented yet unproven CB. Let's try to actually keep next year's draft intact as much as possible. We can still find good value players in the 4-6 rounds this year due to the COVID push. While it's not fun as a fan, it's the right thing to do.
  20. I was legit worried... Thank God I can sleep tonight!!!
  21. Did this happen before the draft? Read as smokescreen!!! Right??? While we all can and should talk as much smack about Tepper and what he's done to the Panthers since he's insulated by his billions. The reality is Tepper is a way better business person that I will ever be. And if the team sucks and fans leave, he's going to make changes until it gets right. Rhule has to show real improvement this season, even with Sam as his QB1. It doesn't matter. All Tepper did was give some sound bites to the media. He's the same guy who bought the mansion of someone who pissed him off and razed it for him to build a mega palace over it. He's not sentimental. Tepper wants to win, and if the foundation doesn't play out, Rhule won't last the season.
  22. I keep up with the news of it. It's interesting, but it's just like the XFL and AAF. Basically the same players and same level of play. It's entertaining, which is good for me! Will it last? Who knows? I know they are doing what they can to cut costs by playing in Birmingham this season. I'd love to see it be a place where NFL talent can develop and move up and down as necessary. Or even become it's own niche spring league.
  23. How dare they not have my immediate investment! I'm a 21st Century Digital Boy! I have no time for patience! =P Really, I just very interested to see how the characters develop. I really dig most of the effects, but it gets really funny when they start running low on budget/time.
  24. Man, that was my freshman year of college... But I always enjoyed Halo more. Cooler story/universe, and the shooting experience was lightyears better than Golden Eye. And warthogs
  25. I guess a better question might be if BC has the ability/trajectory to be an elite LG? Or will he be a good enough tackle? If he's looks like he'll be the same value as an OT or OG, then I still think you pick the better OL. I don't think you can hurt yourself as much if you pick the best LT prospect at 6. If you WHIFF on a QB.... not only have you missed an elite LT, but you've also screwed up the QB position, again!
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