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  1. This is a fantastic theory and I chose to believe because I want to
  2. The most exciting thing about Rhule coming back is we have a legit shot at the #1 overall draft pick
  3. I don't think it would happen but the Jets are frisky lately. I actually have less faith in the Giants
  4. yea this would be incredible, could still land a top tier tackle
  5. Did he or did Matt Rhule force his hand? I don't think we can confidently answer that question
  6. baker has the most int's amongst guys since 2018....he's better but not by much than what we already have
  7. I have watched every game (not always live) since I was ~ 12 years old. I'm 31 now. That's close to 20 years of dedicated game watching. I obviously post here. I watch preseason games. I'd consider myself in the upper echelon of Panthers fandom. Probably 98%. That being said, if we keep Rhule next year, my interest is going to be lower than ever and not be a close margin. I normally, even in 2010, am very invested. Next year I will not be invested, emotionally or financially. I will likely break my 20 year streak and not watch some of the games. Already this year I find myself scrolling my phone more than ever, when normally I am glued every play. Idk if David Tepper is reading this but if you are know that keeping Rhule will not only have an impact next year, but for years to come as he desperately tries to save his job with decisions that hurt the future, further I don't know if a single fan matters but you're on the verge of losing one of your biggest ones.
  8. yea for sure there will also be some guy no one is predicting. I.e. the Baker Mayfields, Kenny Picketts, Joe Burrow's of the world
  9. 1- Pickett (round 1 picks 10-20) 2-Corall (round 1 picks 10-20) 3-Willis (late round 1) 4-Riddler (late round 1) 5-Howell (Early round 2) 6-Strong (early round 2) None of these guys are Lawrence, Luck, Newton type prospects. I don't think any of them are top ten picks in any other year, but due to scarcity and resource positional value one or two may end up in the top ten. I'm a UNC fan so I've watched a ton of Sam Howell. He has a great deep ball but I seriously worry about his processing and his running is going to get him hurt in the league. He also is not a good fit for us right now because he has struggled mightily this year behind a bad UNC o line I think the guy that can make the highest leap is Carson Strong. He's got a great arm.
  10. Unless you are 99.999% sure you a sitting on a franchise QB we almost have to trade down. We have so few picks in the top 100 and so many needs still
  11. I'm just saying but I think Rhule wants out too. He might be happy that he's getting fired
  12. My counterargument to this is: Tepper fired Rivera midseason last time. He REALLY doesn't want to become the Browns. We wants to become the Steelers. Steelers a.) rarely fire and hire new coaches and B.) he doesn't want a reputation of a middling team that fires it's coach mid year also think about it, bears, vikings , raiders and maybe the giants are all going to fire their coaches. they haven't yet, why not? Jags only fired urban bc they had to
  13. I mean the social media team always takes the brunt of fans disgruntlement during tough times, but they were kinda asking for that response with that lead in
  14. Reddick has to be a priority, outside of Shaq he's been our best defensive player I think Gilmore will be more affordable than Donte weirdly.
  15. Reddick- what a fuging stud, enough said CMC- also what a fuging stud, he is truly a game changer when he's available Zane- cold as ice recently Shaq- continues to ball the hell out in #7. PJ- didn't throw any mind numbingly bad INTs. which is a win Cam- fuging seriously? two TDs. I literally died
  16. A special package for PJ is fine, but let's not kid ourselves PJ is not leading us to the playoffs. Cam at full strength could take us further than just a wildcard game
  17. I'll admit I was wrong about him, he's been great, better yet is coming out of college he was very highly rated just didn't catch on with I believe Arizona. Might have found a diamond in the rough
  18. dude it's entirely too early to say this, it's been a few weeks since we traded for him and he was dealing with an injury upon arrival.
  19. my general hope for the panthers is pretty much at an all time low right now
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