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  1. wasn't hindsight for me, I wanted SGA that night and likely have the posts on here to prove it
  2. 7 first round picks for Mitchell is lunacy
  3. I think the biggest thing Tepper needs to learn is that when you make a mistake you don't keep double and tripling down on it trying to salvage it, you admit it was a mistake and a sunk cost and move on. There are MUTLIPLE examples of this. Rhule still being a coach this year is one of them. The biggest one though is not just admitting we were going to suck ass Rhule's first year. We should have never cut Cam and signed Teddy. You could have trotted Cam out for one more season. When Cam was still injured you amicably move on at the end of his contract and tank our way to Trevor with Will Grier at the helm. Instead we swung and missed mediocrity with Teddy being barely better than average. But did they learn their lesson and restart with a young franchise guy like Justin Fields, no they swung and missed again with Darnold. Now they're swinging with Matt and Baker again. We keep doing half measures to try to get us out of hole of slightly better than the worst team in the league he has dug.
  4. He's not a bust but the moment he was drafted in the top 10 he was never going to justify a top 10 pick. Aaron Donald is literally 1 of 1. He may be the best football player of all time.
  5. The huddle is like thanos at the end of infinity war right now, smiling on a greatful universe after years of meticulous planning (read 10k shitty threads black helmets ?!)
  6. Moral around here isn't much higher right now but welcome!
  7. We're definitely better than we were last year just by subtracting the worst QB and possibly the worst LT in football. The problem is not that we aren't going to be better. It's that this team, seemingly, doesn't have any plan or direction. We're like a kid with no attention span who just keeps changing channels
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/13/jordan-cameron-a-lot-of-us-in-the-nfl-dont-love-football/
  9. There's been a lot of Pro Bowl caliber players over the years that don't have that. Will CJ be a HOF player? No likely not. But he could be an EXCELLENT #2 CB behind Jaycee for years to come which is worth it in the modern NFL
  10. The premise is not wrong but man I do NOT want Tannehill
  11. If it nets us a top 5 or even a top 3 pick that would be so worth it Stroud Anderson Young All three are top one overall pick type players (Anderson might be a generational prospect) and two of them are QBs
  12. the mishandling of Brady Christensen sums up perfectly why I think Matt Rhule has not fuging idea what he is doing. You draft a lifetime LT and immediately say he projects better as a Guard. Then you spend the entirety of his rookie offseason with him playing at RT. A position a.) he has never played before and b.) the only solidfied position on our Oline. Now instead of getting to see a full season of him at LT, you draft the best LT prospect in the draft and you want to try Brady at LT NOW ??? fug off Rhule
  13. I mean my main goal is CJ Stroud or bust next year. It would be incredible if Matty Cobra panned out but I don't have high hopes of that
  14. I agree we have a great young core. The problem is we don't have the most important position in football figured out and soon that great young core is going to need to get paid. Also Matt Rhule will never be a superbowl winning coach so we are wasting time with him
  15. I think my new pipe dream is Lamar Jackson leaving the Ravens to come to CAR
  16. My starting lineup is probably Offense WR 1 DJ WR 2 Teddy Ginn WR 3 Robbie TE Olsen LT Oher (unless Ikcey is just silly his first year, def a possibility) LG Norwell C Kalil RG Turner RT Moton QB Cam RB CMAC RB 2 Stew FB Tolbert DEFENSE 4-3 RE Charles Johnson UT KK Short NT Star LE Brian Burns WLB Thomas Davis MLB Luke Kuechly SLB Shaq Thompson (2022 version) CB 1 Josh Norman CB 2 Charles Tillman NB Jaycee Horn FS Kurt Coleman SS Jeremy Chinn Mostly 2015 about a 2:1 ratio IMO
  17. I mean if you watch him, Haynes can play ball. Is he going to be the Pro Bowl caliber play Reddick had last year? Likely not. But he's earned the chance to prove himself a starter in the league
  18. Here's my bold prediction: We start the season 1-7 and after a crushing loss to the awful Falcons in week 8, Matt Rhule is fired and Ben McAdoo is promoted to HC despite the offense being awful.
  19. they drafted an OT in round 1 lol
  20. Disagree, reading between the lines they were thrilled when they knew one of the top 3 OT's was going to be there at 6. Had Neal and Ickey gone 4-5 I guarantee Cross would have been picked at 6
  21. yea Fitt didn't seem thrilled about even giving up a future 3rd
  22. The most telling thing about this entire documentary was the relief/excitement when Houston took Stingley at three. They almost seem happier than when Ickey was available at 6. They must have sweating the scenario for months of Hou- Ickey NYJ- Neal NYG- Cross
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