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  1. Our offensive line so far has been serviceable when I expected them to be far below average
  2. this is a trap game if I've ever seen one Thursday night/short week (check) away game (check) Houston team who no one believes in but has been competitive their first two games (check) Starting a rookie QB who we don't have much film on (check) The panthers should win this game, that being said we have really left off the gas peddle in both our first two games. If we show up and do that for four quarters in Houston I could totally see Houston winning a low scoring slugfest and us all standing there scratching our nuts
  3. well what we absolutely can't do is go there and show up like we've played the last two second halves. This game should be a win but HOU has been far more competitive this year than anyone expected.
  4. fumble at the goal line is a metaphor for most panthers games
  5. why the fug would tepper do this? Such a terrible decision
  6. I mean those are pretty reasonable takes. I'm far less optimistic about chances against the Saints...Jameis looked great and Payton is probably the best coach in the league. They are also talented and established. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into a blowout. Hoping for the best, but the Panthers can not play like they did last week with wasted opportunities if they expect to compete in this game
  7. this is so reminiscent of the dude who was starting above Andrew Norwell until he got hurt Meanwhile Rivera was stubbornly playing the vet
  8. Can not believe we punted from the 33
  9. Think I'm ready to fire off this hot take: Matt Rhule is not a good in game coach
  10. Linebacker maybe I don't see Oline happening unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that there are more teams than their are good offensive lineman
  11. Odds aren't that good on bovada, believe its 35-1. However I did sprinkle a little on him being the sacks leader, him being defensive MVP, and here's a juicy one that likely won't hit TMJ offensive rookie of the year at 88-1. Yes I realize one of those QBs is probably winning it but 88 is too perfect
  12. Man I love me some Machi Becton. Really wish we had taken him instead of DB last year. Hope he gets well soon
  13. I'm 100% buying the nerf ghally and blasting my wife into oblivion when she gets home from work
  14. Love this I would honestly not be upset if 2 out of first three picks in the draft are spent on offensive lineman
  15. Fantastic deal for all involved. This will not prevent a DJ extension down the road and by 2023 TMJ is going to be a freaking stud
  16. They changed his position and he sat out of football awhile. I think we're a LONG way off from calling him a bust but he hasn't looked great so far.
  17. I mean if Darnold doesn't pan out and Fields does the writing is on the wall for Rhule
  18. Need a kicker First and second year's draft classes look like a grand slam and at least a triple respectively Darnold didn't look horrible against one of the better defenses in the NFL
  19. Well the argument was New York left him out to dry routinely and hampered his development. Panthers are trying a different approach.
  20. I just don't understand why we haven't at least given him a shot at LT, you know the position he played for four years in college
  21. great post OP I was thinking this exact same thing the other night. We absolutely nailed this draft class and last years is no slouch either. This makes me extremely optimistic for the future
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