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  1. he also wasn't in the schedule release video...just saying man signs are there. It's a conspiracy for a reason though
  2. agree with your post. My point is that I think there has been a directive from the top for the social media team to intentionally not overly broadcast Bryce like a team normally would with a franchise QB
  3. I will just say this, they did it with Cam, the offseason he was cut we all knew something was up as he was noticeably missing from a lot of the promotional material. Then the whole rhule debacle happened with him releasing the video saying they wanted him back before they realized they were going to be able to sign Teddy
  4. After watching these i have a conspiracy. I think the Panthers are very seriously considering moving on from Bryce after this season if things go poorly. Particularly in episode two Bryce is not shown a lot nor is mentioned much. It's all about "building the team and the culture". Nothing we have done this offseason would preclude us from dropping another rookie or a veteran in next year. If next year is a trainwreck and we have the number one overall pick again, why would Morgan/Canales stake their jobs on a guy they ultimately both didn't hand select?
  5. I have heard conflicting reports on the following: Can this money be used towards the lightrail/public transportation or not? In one report I read it can not because that doesn't fall under "tourism" another I read that it can. I feel like that would be the biggest argument against the city giving tepper 650 million. Lightrail needs more stops including one to the airport (which admittedly I have heard is a logistical nightmare) I've kind of made my peace if Tepper ends up moving the team. I likely won't root for the Panthers anymore it would be nice to just watch the NFL and enjoy it without having a team that makes boneheaded moves after boneheaded moves and continously ruin my sunday
  6. great article and probably the fairest critique I've seen from bryce from the national media. Very interested to see how this year goes with him.
  7. I completely agree on the Ben Allbright stuff and it being very weird that all signs were pointing to us drafting Stroud and suddenly it flipped.
  8. Going to laugh my ass off when Drake Maye is the best QB from this class like I've been saying all along
  9. it is the only way people will stop talking about it. Then the narrative should be: "Chicago could have just drafted CJ stroud"
  10. Elite talent, unlucky injury history. I truly think he is just as good as PS2 but one has been an iron man.
  11. When you listen to him it's easy to get excited but truly the only that matters is winning if he doesn't do that it won't matter how good the vibes are
  12. there are many many things to blame for the Panthers going from a competent organization to literally the worst in the league, but our talent evaluation has been AWFUL for years now
  13. If we leave the ACC lol. We would get destroyed in the SEC or Big 10 in football and basketball it would ruin the best rivalry in sports (UNC alumni)
  14. I see 3-4 wins as a realistic outcome. I truly can not see us winning more than 6 games. 7 I would be absolutely shocked.
  15. I noticed this as well. Nico Collins is a legit weapon. Tank Dell is great too
  16. thanks for posting OP those stroud highlights are fuging amazing. he's so smooth. crazy to think his predraft knock was that he wasn't able to create plays and was just a pocket passer. He's incredible at navigating the pocket, changing his arm angle and has a pretty damn good arm in a draft in which all the players in the league are available I think i'd take him third overall
  17. I was a CJ stroud guy predraft so I admit I am biased But I don't think we can evaluate him fully yet after last year. It was just a giant clusterfug from ownership, to the GM, to coaching to personnel both offensive line and WR/TE That being said I feel like Bryce has a very narrow band in which he can become a top 10 NFL QB. It's not impossible, but things have to be pretty much perfect around him. I say this because he is never going to be a QB that can elude or escape NFL pass rushers outside of maybe once a game AND his arm strength is average to below average.
  18. good summary. Further we had a rookie QB who needed a strong system around him to succeed. He is not a Cam or Anthony Richardson type player that could make things happen with his legs when the offense was a clusterfug
  19. I actually did not think highly of Ewers watching his tape this year. Also that's concerning to hear about Sanders, he's an athlete with a terrible RAS?
  20. where are you going ? Been to berlin and munich before but looking to schedule another trip to germany with my wife in the future
  21. very glad we get chicago early while they are still working out their kinks because by seasons end that team might be dangerous
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