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  1. I always felt the same as you always, never ever ever thought i'd get here, but tepper has forced this
  2. Hindsight being what it is you definitely take Stroud. If you could draft all players in the NFL right now Stroud would be a top 10 and maybe even top five overall pick. The trade itself wasn't bad, it never really was, it was missing. That being said for the revisionist's who never wanted to trade, you take Jalen Carter at 9. Ride the season with Matt Corral being absolutely terrible like we are right now and take Drake Maye this year
  3. Tepper doesn't give a poo about our tradition, which is ok sometimes but sometimes it turns out that having a culture actually matters
  4. fuging lol why are our only options absolute insane people
  5. I never ever thought I'd say this but I'd actually be happy if Tepper moved the team, I'd be my final nail in the coffin for cheering for this franchise and I'd feel liberated to follow a team that isn't run by a narcisstic lunatic who thinks he knows anything about professional football.
  6. Tepper may not be (but he also might be) as bad as a human being as dan snyder. But he is every single bit a bad owner as him. The league is probably furious with all these reports, they want parity they don't like it when on franchise is an absolute dumpster fire that is the punching bag.
  7. Think I might be done, I'll still watch games but my obsession I've had with this team for the past 20+ years has been beat out of me by Tepper. This article confirms my worst fears. We will NEVER improve unless tepper steps away or sells the team (can't see either happening bc he's a narcissistic lunatic). Congrats Tepper you've officially lost one of your biggest supporters.
  8. I truly can't imagine a more toxic relationship that Harbaugh and Tepper. I think they would grow to despise each other. I just can't see that dynamic working out, and I fully blame Tepper for that. That being said, I don't want any coach w/ full control. It just doesn't work in the modern NFL, there is too much homework and scouting that needs to be done by the scouts and GM, both in and out of season. \ To me what makes the most sense is first hiring a GM with a strong background in scouting and a proven track record. Then you let the GM pick the coach that fufills the vision they have for a team. That way your GM is feeding players to a coach that will use them properly. It's simplistic but the Eagles have pretty much perfected this.
  9. This season. I didn't think we'd be great but I think I had our ceiling at 9-8 and our floor at 5-12. Thought we would be very similar to what I've seen from Houston this year.
  10. Yea I actually don't but the whole *Tepper is impatient bit*. If anything he kept Ron, Hurney and Rhule all one year too long. I think actual NFL people probably see that but the media has become such a what has happened in the last five min type of reporting. Which makes why firing Reich so quickly actually surprised me and why my conspiracy theory is that Reich wanted to be fired.
  11. wait.....are you guys serious or trolling about drafting a QB? If you truly think that a.) we would give up on bryce after one year after giving up that much capital or b.) a second round rookie would look better in this offense as currently constructed please direct your attention to some pepper because you took way too much To answer your question OP, I'd go BPA at WR, OG, OT
  12. @TheBigKat Excellent write up and I lol'd at the walking around a belk department store bit. I feel very similarly to you as of late, aside from the whole J Rich part. The last 5 years have sucked my interest from this franchise with each year getting progressively worse and worse. I would love for David Tepper to know that until he stops meddling with football operations the Panthers will never again be a mediocre much less a competent franchise. I beg you, please clean house this offseaon, get a hiring firm and sit the fug out of it. I promise you, that if and when we start winning in the future and you come out and basically say "Yea guys I was too hands on now I trust Adam Peters and Ben Johnson to do their thing.." People will forgive and forget. Winning cures all and we will never win with you trying to captain this ship.
  13. This has been heavily speculated since Tepper bought the team and while he has made a mess of just about everything since arriving, there is zero actual evidence he's interested in moving the team, whereas there is a bunch of evidence he wants to keep the Panthers here
  14. You know the more I think about it the more I actually buy the conspiracy that Reich really wanted Stroud or Richardson all along, and maybe to prove his point stubbornly refused to change his offense to suit Bryce's needs despite evidence that he needed to. Here's my evidence: 1- Tepper admitted that for a long time the Panthers actually planned to trade to 2 to get Stroud, aka during the hiring process of Reich this was likely 'the plan' 2-Despite trading up to one, Stroud was the overwhelming favorite to go to the Panthers for *months* it took up until a week or two before draft week once the leaks started the Bryce became the favorite. Now Vegas does NOT intentionally lose money. Plus there are a ton of reporters who say the talk around the league was that Reich loved Stroud 3- Now here's where it gets tricky. I think they traded up to one and never really thought about it until it finally happened. Well when it did Fitterer, Tepper and likely a lot of other people in the building had Bryce as QB 1 which was not a preposterous take at all. But I think Reich never *really* got on board. He said all the right things because he realized the ship was already in motion but I think he still really wanted Stroud 4- Cut to this year, Bryce is obviously struggling in our offense while Stroud looks incredible. This is obviously not all Bryce's fault and there are multiple systemic issues that would make it impossible for damn near anyone to overcome but I think it secrely made Reich a little annoyed. So instead of changing himself for Bryce he said you know what fug you guys. I wanted Stroud, that's what I signed on for and then you made me draft a guy I didn't want, no I won't change. Cut to starting1-10 with the worst offense I've ever seen... Here's a final thought: Everyone talks about how impatient Tepper is but it could be argued he kept Hurney, Rivera and Rhule all one year too long. Reich he definitely didn't wait too long, why? Because Reich basically wanted to get fired.
  15. I wouldn't want Bill the GM but Bill the HC for sure. He could instill a culture we desperately need here. Also he would have absolutely no problem telling Tepper to fug right the fug off lol
  16. Frank Reich just being extremely burnt out at his job is the most relatable I've ever felt to an NFL coach lmao
  17. i'm growing very very tired of tepper but this article actually doesn't paint him in a terrible light which makes me believe there's a lot more to the story here
  18. I truly believe all three wanted Bryce: tepper, Fitt and Reich Look I was a Stroud guy but almost every single analyst and scout in the league viewed Bryce as the number one prospect outside of his height. It's not hard to believe all three of them liked him.
  19. good post I would be ecstatic with Ben Johnson, he's the guy I wanted last year
  20. I read this more as the Panthers really wanted Young, the Texans did too but the Bears were holding them up for way more than trading up one pick was worth. But oh man would could have been bc despite what Texans fans say I know they would have taken Young with the number one overall pick
  21. I've said this a few times but not only is this the worst position this franchise has ever been in terms of talent but we're kinda fuged with coaching too. What awesome coach is going to want to join this team? I know no one wants to hear this but I could see Reich getting another year esp if there is minimal improvement over the next few games. It's not the way I would play it but I can see that happening. Also if we do fire Reich we need to fire Fitterer too and completely start over
  22. oh I totally agree, I'm more than tired of meddling tepper
  23. Fixed us without giving up next year's first
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