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  1. I've conceded that while I was wrong on Monk being the second coming of Devin Booker, he IS a player that is an important part of a championship team. He is the irrational confidence guard that can light another team up for 30 on any given night. Many championship teams in the past have had this player. Jason Terry, Eddie House etc.
  2. that would be an ideal no trade draft for me. Didn't address guard or center, but might be able to some diamond in the rough UDFA for one of those
  3. Leatherwood scares me, could see him falling deep down draft boards too. There is always a bama player the national media overrates.
  4. honestly whatever, Miami always made the most sense for Watson anyway. I really like both Fields and Lance will be very happy if we walk away with either.
  5. you just offered a fourth rounder for a guy they are going to cut lol
  6. I was totally with you until I thought this through and realized this doesn't benefit us at all
  7. Yea realllllllly concerning so concerning he should definitely just fall to the eighth overall pick for the inevitable that miss it, this is sarcasm. I'm not worried about his ability to read a field
  8. Bears, Steelers, Patriots and 9ers are all looking for a QB. They won't all get one this offseason.
  9. thank you! this has literally what I've been saying all year. Nick Foles got a fourth round pick last year on a horrible contract. Teddy is a serviceable QB, he isn't great and doesn't elevate your team but he's better than some of this other trash out here
  10. cool idea, don't think it would happen but I also think Fitts is going to be a trade down kind of guy in general. Would not be mad picking up extra picks this year with how well rhule knows a lot of these players
  11. the more I think about it the more I think we're going to go all in on FA this year. It makes so much sense even if we go the draft route. we have a fug ton of cap starting next year
  12. This is great, we could be major players in FA this year, make our team much more attractive a destination for either Watson or well built for a rookie QB
  13. Despite what half of the idiots on this board tell you there is still a very real chance all four QBs are gone by pick 4-5 due to trade ups. Panthers almost certainly HAVE to trade up to guarantee getting a QB now.
  14. someone send this to hurndog so he trades a third for him
  15. Richie Grant in the third please
  16. they can't unless they trade him, his dead cap hit is a sight to behold
  17. Chase, Pitts, and Smith all have top 8 potential. maybe Micah Parsons
  18. Our best hope for Samuel is that the market cools off after all the #1 WR money drys up. There are a TON of good WR on the market this year. Maybe we can convince Samuel into a three year deal that's back loaded so he could double dip in a few years
  19. How is it ridiculous? Samuel is a better route runner than DJ. DJ is probably better overall but it's not ridiculous to compare the two.
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