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Trent Dilfer's Speech To Hood Hargett Club About Cam Newton

Mar 26 2012 03:24 PM fieryprophet Carolina Panthers

It's about 15 minutes, and he starts talking specifically about Cam at the 6 minute mark, but it's a fantastic talk:

Dilfer talks about Cam's ability to transform into an elite QB at an extreme rate, his leadership skills and his road to greatness. He also mentions Cam's incredible work ethic and that he is one of the very few truly special players in the game, and Trent belives Cam will revolutinize the game.



:: before

He says it whenever he gets the opportunity, but he was right;

He was one of the very few, especially early on in the draft process, to say that Cam was by far and away the best QB in the draft, and was going to be very special in the league.
Dude was saying it months before anybody else.

They always say, those that can't do, teach.
He might not have been the best QB in-game, but he sure as hell knows what he's talking about when it comes to the position.
Man crush engaged
That video TOTALLY and unequivocally changed my entire perception of who Trent Dilfer really is. Not just because of his kind words on Cam and the priceless inside info that he divulged, but because of what he said and the conviction with which he said it!

I'm a HUGE Dilfer fan now, and will respect his opinion before anybody's on TV.

But I'm an even BIGGER Cam Newton fan!!!!!!

He was wrong about one thing though... Super Bowl will come sooner than "4 or 5 years"

Go PANTHERS! I can't wait til Freaking August!!!!!
Btw, ZOD or any Mod, this should be pinned to the Front page Forever!
Calm down
Watch the video before you start talking out the side of your neck bro. I have every right to be excited after hearing that. Any and all Panthers' fans should....

As you were...
fug ESPN

I love DIlfer!

ESPN Blows!

Dilfer Rocks!
At least somebody knows the real deal. <-----see what I did there? Am I doing it right?
So he is basically saying what everyone else is saying? I'm following.
Hell, he might like Cam Newton more than us. :blink:
That was awesome! We are really lucky to have Cam! I hope we put all the pieces in place to get to where we want to go.
18 inch needles before game day, that was insane, what Trent went through I never knew. I watched the whole video, and came away impressed with Trent and even more impressed with Cam.
He offers some words of wisdom that every dedicated pro athlete could benefit from. There's a small window of opportunity to excel beyond the superior natural talent. Waste that time and players spend all their energy trying to maintain a physical edge. Most don't realize this until they are in decline.

They should play the video of this speech at mini-camp.
Dilfer is so naive, doesn't he know Cam is at strip clubs dropping $100k a night?
Gotta give Dilfer credit. He is one of the only analysts that said from the start that Cam was going to be great and he hasn't waivered one ounce.
This is what will make Cam the MJ of the NFL... the thing that made MJ unique was his combination of talent AND work ethic, it's very rare to find an athlete with such elite, god-like athletic talent that's willing to put the work in. Cam obsesses on football like Jordan obsessed on basketball. We have ourselves a great one in the making.
King Taharqa
Mar 26 2012 09:13 PM

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Dilfer is the man. Thats my guy right there.
louis ck is a motivational speaker now? fffffff
Great video, great speech by Dilfer. +rep to Dilfer and OP.
Love it..
Herbert The Love Bug
Mar 27 2012 03:54 AM
I weeped. That's my quarterback
Trent knows his stuff! He's a great follow on Twitter.