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  1. Football is ALWAYS about execution. Why did Miami beat App State? Execution. App has a bad snap on punt team that goes for a safety. App throws an interception inside their own 10 yard line. App's QB overthrows the TE in the endzone and has to settle for a field goal. App missed a two-point conversion on their final touchdown due to a fumbled snap. The game was decided by 2 points. Execution friends, is what decides football games that are close. Anyone who immedietely turns to blame coaches without breaking down the plays that they disagree with don't know football. Part of that is why I left the Huddle for a couple of years. Andddd it's still the same.
  2. Well yeah, because the only way that score happens now is if its snowing or something. Good defensive battle. You have to love them.
  3. The most important takeaway and the only reason I come to the huddle anymore.
  4. Who is weakened? Jameis in New Orleans should be better than New Orleans with Brees for the past two or three years. Tom Brady is still here, Atlanta is still very talented. The entire NFC South is better than people thing. Small market problems. They think the Cowboys are super bowl contenders and that the Saints will fall off a cliff because they upgraded at quarterback...
  5. What would it take to get Tunsil? I'm thinking it would be Smith or another Dallas linebacker that can move inside.
  6. Anyone can be hurt on any play. It's a miracle that Burrow wasn't hurt before that single incident. Let's describe their mis-placed anger as a microcosm of the culture of the United States right now. Everyone is looking for a scapegoat and ignoring context. Burrow was the most sacked QB up until that point and reality may show it was due to scheme rather than lack of ability. I mean, who drops the most sacked QB back 50 times a game? A rookie? That's my "COME ON MANNNNN" TM
  7. Or bad because our Veterans we cut were that bad. Hopefully Rhule isn't treating this like college where salary cap isn't a concern (yet).
  8. I mean, technically Grier was laid off due to downsizing. Could he go get unemployment?
  9. I like you. But this is the type of B.S. response to a serious issue that goes on here. Stereotyping issues go both ways (or any infinite numbers of ways).
  10. poo. Is owning an F-150 a problem now? I'm in a middle class neighborhood and am one of probably three or four white families while the other 85% are POC. There are at least seven or eight F-150 owners in my neighborhood and I'm the only white guy that owns one. Guess we are all racist... For owning a truck...to pick up sticks and move things and stuff...
  11. The offensive coordinator would know, as well, right?
  12. If I post full lyrics to some choice rap songs on here, will mods remove them? If I post Elvis, Nat King Cole, or Chuck Berry lyrics will my post be removed? If disliking the vulgarity of rap music and the culture that some sub-categories within rap props up, I guess I may be racist. But I'm here to tell you, this doesn't fit the definition of racism, bigotry, or even discrimination. Is it possible that Cam could be distracted in practice while listening to music, which is why it seems like he has issues throwing guys open and anticipating routes in games? Unlikely considering the noise level at games would be similar to what you'd have with headphones. Does saying "rap" music make dude racist? No. What would make him racist is if he thought that listening to a genre typically associated with white people wouldn't be a problem.
  13. Want to know who? Our red headed step child from the Saints, that's who. In literally a single minute of a preseason game his offense allowed Sam to look better than I ever saw him look in New York for a string of plays in crunch time. Sam got to play within the offense and execute the play call; in New York he was constantly forced to improvise and that was his highlight reel. Even if it was one half in a preseason game, Sam Darnold looks like a first round pick AND he is less than two years older than Justin Fields (whom everyone hob knobs). Based on timing, you would think that he was four years older than Trevor Lawrence but guess what, he's only two years and four months older than Lawrence. This is a massive advantage for us should it work out as if Darnold were a first round pick just last season. I haven't been this excited about a Panthers team since probably 2013.
  14. Is the audible surprising? Who did Marshall play for at LSU for a year? Also, Darnolds throws in this game looked better than any single game I saw with the Jets. Even these preseason play calls make Adam Gase look like he should be the QB Coach for the UNC Tar Heels or something. Seriously, Sam didn't have to improvise to be good on Friday. It always seemed that his highlights in NY were improvisation.
  15. Then...he will be leading all the rookies? I guess. The Panthers will go as the offensive line goes. Darnold will be what everyone thought he would be when he came out of USC.
  16. Steve Smith is quite possibly the most iconic Panther of all time, good or bad. I'd say you do away with the play by play guy and just sit Kuechly and Smith up there.
  17. How many people are members here who have yet to get the PhillyB experience? This is what I came here for 10 years ago; the PhillyB ESPECIAL! Now, we need our weekly Thursday or Friday post back Philly. Also, that was the smoothest I've seen a Panthers QB look since Steve Burlein.
  18. I've never heard of him. I admittedly didn't watch as much NFL football in 2020 as I did in previous years. In all honesty, I'm for signing or trading for anyone that can help the team. If you believe McGovern can do it, and his cost is reasonable, I'd say go for it. For me, I just love the speed and length of Smith. He's almost a Kam Chancellor type of talent if used properly due to his measurables. With Chinn and Smith you'd almost have a Thomas/Chancellor dynamic. However we would be in a better position on the boundary with Horn than Seattle was with Sherman, in my opinion. Of course neither option will happen. And I don't believe that Snow is a Bradley or the other DC (forgot his name).
  19. He has a Panther shirt on. So, it doesn't matter.
  20. Neither Smith nor Vanderesch will be starting. I believe Smiths length and speed is better than anything that we currently have and his cap hit fits nicely in the newly vacated spot.
  21. I mean, Lawrence is basically Jesus anyway, and I'm an App State/Panthers fan. If the Jaguars can build correctly, by Year 3 they may be stable enough to become a perennial playoff member since they play in the AFC South and have a guy with the highest ceiling since Luck.
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