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  1. If the offensive line is better and we can figure out a rotation where McCaffrey can go a full year the Panthers will make the playoffs this year, book it. I don't know that we will beat the Bucs or Rams but almost everyone else is fair game. I could see 9-8 or 10-7, maybe better. Sam can be the man. He's never been protected. He reminds me of Alex Smith. How many years did he play for a terrible organization with terrible coaching and terrible line play before they finally figured it out? They rode it out with Smith because they knew, despite their losing, that he wasn't the problem. And guess what, it turns out that they were right. So let's have a little understanding of the nuance here: Darnold is not the issue here nor was he in New York.
  2. Okay guys, we are only seven minutes from THE DAY!
  3. I don't think firing Clifford was Jordan's call completely. I think bringing him back may have been.
  4. Is anyone here a lawyer? Is any of this actually an offense that can be tried, and won, in Civil Court? I can't think of any statutes covered by what is claimed to have happened in all but, I believe one of these cases.
  5. Dry towns actually help reduce crime. I grew up in one, the towns on either side of us had higher crime rates and they were largely the same socioeconomically. I don't personally drink alcohol, and I do believe it can be up to a town or county to make a decision to allow the sale of it or not. Also, you didn't hear it from me, but Bovada and Express VPN are quality.
  6. Ole Miss just posted the most wins in team history. Go look at Kiffin's offenses since his stint at Alabama. From Alabama, to FAU, and Ole Miss he has proven himself to be one of the top offensive coaches in the game of College Football, unsurprisingly. Jeff Leby just left for Oklahoma which doesn't get enough coverage. I think Oklahoma made out like bandits by taking Brent Venebles and getting Leby. Venebles is better than Grinch and Leby is better than Lincoln Riley. They may actually have a shot at a National Championship now.
  7. That would never hold up in Court. They cannot leave a punishment "open ended" and if they did, lawsuits would be filed by both Watson and the NFLPA. There are structures for suspensions and I doubt any of them say "12 games, but we will play the rest by ear". Leaving is open ended incentivizes new allegations that may not necessarily be true, either. I know false accusations occur rarely but if there was a case that would get them, it would be this.
  8. I've always been a team over individual kind of fan. So if Curry came here and shcked, that'd be on him.
  9. It's very easy when Jeff Leby is your OC and Lane Kiffin is the head coach.
  10. I'll give Clifford two years. This is far and away the best roster he will have had in Charlotte and he managed to get those other teams to the playoffs, albeit in a weaker Eastern Conference. If he doesn't Hurney (hernia?) and make the same mistakes he made his last turn, the Hornets could be a second round playoff team. I'll be interested to see what a few other guys do in Summer League (Williams and Liangelo Ball). I'd say the Hornets are nabbing a solid sharp shooter away from being solid. Perhaps Curry will want to come to Charlotte for two years to end his career and can provide that pick and roll with Ball. Side note, how sick would the Hornets be to watch with Ball and Curry?
  11. Even Snopes would rate that as false.
  12. The one that decided not to do anything about our offensive line.
  13. So what? They don't file criminal charges. Doesn't matter what they think.
  14. If you really need an answer, he seems to be the type of dude who just finishes from being touched. So if she's massaging, say, his arm, or something he could finish and yeah. Weird poo happens like this in waxing as well. Men come in with the intent of making advances on women, 99.99% of the time the women are unaware and then the wax goes on and then boom, done. He needs help.
  15. It should also improve Fox considering how Aikman just drones...and drones...and sounds like he would rather be anywhere else.
  16. McCall is quicker with a release just as fast, the ability to read the play just as fast, similar measurables, with greater accuracy and a very high drive for success which culminates in him working extremely hard day in and day out. By all accounts he hasn't taken a day off since he got to Coastal since he felt he was as good as Sam Howell; they were at rival schools in southern NC. McCall will probably end up being a 1st or 2nd round pick but I get Russell Wilson vibes from him. He would be a puzzle perfect fit in the NFL for a West Coast offense as well. For what it's worth, my QB rankings for this draft would've been: 1. Kenny Pickett - 2nd-3rd round 2. Matt Corral - 2nd-4th round 3. Bailey Zappe - 3rd-4th round 4. Sam Howell - 3rd-4th round 5. Desmond Ridder - 5th-6th round I didn't get the love fest for Malik Willis. He was one of the worst quarterbacks under pressure in all of FBS last season. Just absolutely atrocious.
  17. Howell and Corral, huh? It really has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, what didn’t have a ring—at least to the franchise’s decision makers—was either of these two titles: Carolina Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett and Carolina Panthers quarterback Malik Willis. Which is what I'd been saying since the Spring of 2021. Malik Willis will be in the USFL in 4 years. You can book it. We can cut bait with Sam after 2022, draft Grayson McCall, and have two dudes who do similar things as QB1 and QB2, though I'd rather have McCall than Corral.
  18. On the inverse, if Cam buys in he could help Matt and the locker room gel.
  19. Rivera is a good coach. He was hired because he is a good coach, not because he is a "minority", which I doubt 95% of people even think of him as. Would much rather have him with our current GM/Owner set up than Matt Rhule.
  20. Kind of hard to have timing routes when your offensive line leaks like the goddam Titanic. Then you guys blame Darnold for bailing. Fun fact, if our line issues aren't resolved and you put Matt back there, you're going to have the same issues, only worse, and you're going to ruin him. So no, let's not throw Darnold out there. I was right that Malik Willis would drop and I am right that Darnold isn't the problem the Panthers have.
  21. Darnold...is....not....the....PROBLEM. The offensive line was a bottom 3 unit last year and has been really since 2016. Hopefully this off-seasons changes will help.
  22. If Stefanski was coaching the Vikings instead of what's his face, he would still be coaching the Vikings. I'd argue Stefanksi is a top 10 coach in the league right now. You would've said the same poo about Zac Taylor at this time last season as well and look where they are.
  23. California has three teams. Don't hear you talking about their ego of which there is plenty.
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